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Monday, April 18, 2011

Riding in PJ's

Not literally, but these new breeches that I was so kindly given from Fuzzy Logic Equine, feel as comfy as your favorite pair of PJ's. 
No joke...

They are so comfortable that I haven't had the heart to wear them to the barn yet.
Crazy I know, but they are my nicest breeches and I just love to try them on and the soft-soft-soft interior is like fleecy butter. 
They will be my new Cold Spring/Fall/Winter riding pants (once I actually de-virginize them that is)
Best part, they are a Michigan company!
bunny fur soft interior fleece
Zippered pockets on both legs...DUH..super cool and much needed
Customizing available

Bootcut style with knee patch

The Director of Marketing assured me that I need to get them on and RIDE in them because they stand the test of time and get better with age and use.
In fact, her words were: "Don't worry about getting them muddy & nasty - they clean up quickly & easily in the washer & dryer.  Normal settings, regular laundry soap.  Nothing special needed.  They won't fade, bleed nor shrink either."


To find out where you can buy your own Fuzzy Logic Equine breeches, click HERE for local stores that carry them


  1. ROFL, I thought you were going to be riding in those Pajama Jeans, ya know the ones whose infomercial comes on at like 3 am. :-D

  2. They sound awesome. I just got Kerrits boot cut breeches and I'll never look back.

  3. These look fabulous. I always think I want a pair of breeches, but then I realize that they would be horridly uncomfortable for all my barn chores. This kind sounds like they might work.

  4. those look awesome! I hope they will ship to Canada... (going to look at their site now). I love that they will customize them a bit for us vertically challenged folks! I could really use something warm for fall riding.

  5. Thanks for your post Kristen, and I love your PJ'S!!!! XXOOX

  6. Very cool! Those do look comfortable and I love the little zipper pocket. Awesome!