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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Travels with horses-Part 1

So first off, these images are from Feb of 2009. It was before I was blogging, so I decided to share some of these past images, as my sister and I talk of her wedding and these images keep popping up in my head, as her wedding will be in SA in 2012 (hoooorah!)
A trip to visit my sister who had been (still is) living in Cape Town, South Africa.
On our way, my Dad and I (we planned the trip together) stopped in London. One of our favorite places to visit.  Great to break up the looooong air travel and great to visit London, because we adore it.
Now, this is what Macy's and Nordstrom is missing...Harrod's boasts an Equestrian section. 
Actually, it's their sports section labeled as RIDING. 
It took all I had to not crawl up this horse mannequin and start clucking
I bought a brush and a soft rubber curry comb which is still my everyday most used item.  
It was worth the price.
 Outside of London, we visited the Cotswolds, which are a cluster neighborhoods built in the 18th-19th century.  So peaceful and can you imagine a cuter place to visit and have a pony in?

 Then, we were off to South Africa.  What a scene change!
In fact, the whole time I was in and around Cape Town, I was trying to figure it out.  As in "Oh, this looks like California..or the desert in some area, or etc etc."
The truth is, the beauty and magic of this place is there isn't another place like it..it's incredible and I only saw a small amount in comparison of the size of the country.
 Wine country as many of you probably enjoy a good SA wine
Sick beaches...the gorgeous and rough ocean. 
Yes, there are sharks and yes I went surfing with her now, fiancĂ©e, and yes I was petrified but figured Jaws would get the better surfers before she could get me. ;)
Oh, and when I saw 'surfed', I mean I body boarded because I couldn't get up!  
2nd attempt coming up in 2012
 Downtown cosmopolitan Cape Town
 Dad, myself and Tina on our way to the southern most tip of Africa.
We teased my Dad and told him we were going to take a day cruise boat to Antarctica
 Sampling the goods.....so good.
The food was insanely amazing..I came back, no joke, 10 lbs heavier. It was worth the gorgefest

So, I digress...back to the Equines.
On our way to a private estate (a friend of their's)...see below. 
Like, really?! 
I felt like we snuck into a Celebrity's Conde Nast home...and was happy to do so!
On our drive up, we past their land FULL of protected game
One of herds were Quagga.
Yes, as in the extinct Quagga.
These are bred to try and bring the lineage back...and they were beautiful.
Notice they are different than the Zebra.  The stripes fade into a brown, then pure white toward their hind
Quagga Momma and baby foal.
Come on! I took this picture and I still can't believe it.
 On a different excursion, my sister and I wanted to go horseback riding.  
She had done research and thought that Noordhoek (about 30 minutes from where they live, if I remember correctly) would be the perfect place, as it's horse country.
Our steeds...mine was Paddy, a handsome but sensitive gelding (hmmm..seems familiar) and his breed was called a "Saddler" or a South African Saddlebred.

 Ignore the hunch back but see the smile and scenery?
 Set out on a trail of four of us; the instructor, a girl from London and Tina and I
 Oh! We are approaching the beach...
 Almost reminded me of Michigan's sand dunes and beach...
 Looking behind me at my sister, who clearly knew of the beauty of the beach when she suggested "Let's go horseback riding together in Noordhoek!"
Oh, and remember when I said it reminded me of a Michigan beach....yea, up until I saw this.
This is a sight I've never seen.  
The deepest sand beach I've ever seen.  Terrific footing for horses and welcome for horses and riders to come play in.  We even saw a commercial shoot being shot (of course) at this beach.

Is this view even possible? If I hadn't been there myself...I would doubt it. 
Pure, loud, gut ripping beauty.
Seeing this off a horse's back, made it that much more magical.
 Our trail leader on the gorgeous Blue Roan and a the gray held the lady from London
 Paddy's wide spread beautiful long ears frame the glorious site.
Seriously......the beauty....come on.  I couldn't take it all in.
I tried to capture as much as I could, and then had to put the camera away and just.be.in.the.moment.
 Little sister, who rides horses fearlessly even though she hasn't had 1 real lesson..she has a softness and heart about her that calms any pony...it's cute

This is as close to heaven as I've ever felt.  
Something about Noordhoek, totally spoke to me.
When I thought I was going to lose Laz, I had thought about sending his ashes to my sister to sprinkle here for him to enjoy too.  Thankfully, now, I can focus on finding our own water hole to play in together, alive and healthy, although it won't be as breathtaking as this beach, it will still be heaven.

So this post ends..and Part II is coming up with our return to South Africa for my sister's wedding in 2012 and what images have risen to remind me how important our steeds are in our lives, and even our most special days...

Friday, January 28, 2011

1/4 herdmate

Brrr! So I've had Laz's blanket off (actually all the horses are running around naked) and he's fairing quite well.  The temps rose up to around 30 so we figured allowing their fur to breathe is always a good thing.
Laz is happy to go sans blanket while he can.
He has his feet done yesterday and I reviewed/asked Cliff my billion questions and he told me his plans of why he does this, etc, etc.  We put Laz back on a 5 week trim, instead of stretching it out again.  He is still pleased with what he sees.  Laz, the past couple of weeks, has been trotting and cantering around better than he ever has. Crazy but I'll take it!  

 Speaking of crazy..as in crazy cute. Here's Chief.  The BO asked for me to check on him while she was gone for a few hours to make sure he didn't escape out of his pen.  I guess this little cutie pie, likes to jump fences and scoot under our electric fence.
I checked on the littlest, upon arrival and he was good

"Harrro...Iz realz cuut. Feedz mez"
 "mmnom nom, I haz purty hairz an vury thiks furz so snowz dont hurtz me!"
 Look at these littlest feet!
 After I worked Laz and we had our trim, the BO called me from her house and laughed noticing that Chief snuck out and was running with the Gelding herd.  Unfortunately, it wasn't going well.  The one Arab was chasing him, biting at him and Chief was screaming!  It was heartbreaking!!!!
We raced out and Chief went running right for the BO to be rescued. He is hilarious!
So, we chatted and thought, since he's been sleeping in the stall next to Laz for the past few nights, and they seem to get along over the rails, let's introduce them.  If they got along, Chief can stay with Laz and then won't run away again, and Laz has been wanting a herdmate, so how about a 1/4 size?
Sniff sniff
 "Sniff sniff...oh ya..you is the minimini that snores next to me at nights"
 "Minimini do you give kisses?"

 "Here Minimini, you eats my hays...I likes you"
 "can you reach minimini?"

 Be still my heart...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A happy "ooops"

Sunday morning...cool picture my BO took of the frosty morning air resting on Laz's mane
By the time I got there, it was sunny and cold, but oddly still out so tolerable.  I thought I was just going to do some Parelli games, but I did end up riding! Yea!
One of our best rides yet. Laz was very brave and free lunging in arena without pacing fence line or freaking out at deep end so I thought, "I'm riding this horse today-freezing or not!"
We rode for about 45 minutes and I was literally sweating when I was done.  He was warm too but we cooled down nicely.  
Oh, did I forget to mention....we cantered. 
Here's how it happened...swear.to.god.
We were walking towards the arena gate, about half way down the arena.  I thought to myself, "oh I miss the canter" and low and behold, I swear, I swear, I didn't lean forward or squeeze or kiss....he gave me the most soft canter for about 10 seconds and then I pulled him up (guilt) and praised the shit out of him! 
Love being able to yank off his winter blanket for a couple hours to groom him and let his skin breathe!
I spy sweet horse's breath!
Conformation shot 1
and 2

Here's a current video of him playing that I put on my FB
Doesn't he look good! 
He gets trimmed on Thurs too so hopefully, he'll keep getting better, and better!

and from Today...cold, grey but pink tongues always make me smile 
And truthfully not too cold. In fact the BO yanked her herd's blankets off so I was happy to do the same for Laz. She'll keep an eye out on him and re-blanket if necessary.  He's SO furry, I'm sure he'll be happy sans blanket for a few days now that it's 'warm' and 25-30 out. 

 ...and meet a new member of our barn family..."CHIEF" or Little Chief!
The BO is making a mini family and he's the first of her mini herd.
 Isn't he the pony of all childhood dreams?! 
He's sooooo damn cute and tinytinytiny and she was told he's 8 yr old.
What a dollface! 
He's a little ear shy but his temperament is very sweet.  He slept in the stall next to Laz's run-in. I would have paid money to see that reaction when they first met. 
 Elfkin ears and a Keebler face!
He's adorable!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wow thanks!
And to think, we are considered "stylish" when long johns, and five layers of clothing puff us out, and knit hats with runny noses is our daily look.  
We'll take it! 
There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
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The thank you:
Denali's Mom was the first to give us this award, so thanks girls!!! :)  
D's Mom and I have grown to be friends through the blogging community, or as I can it, our virtual barn.  She's given me such great advice and support and that midnight email almost a year ago that basically saved Laz's life.  No joke.  Are we indebted...most certainly.   She rocks. Her Pony rocks.  And somehow our beasts keep testing our heart's strength and humor...and sanity.  It's always nice to know that someone knows EXACTLY how you feel. 
So 7 things about myself that you don’t already know…
1.  I love food. I'm a self proclaimed foodie! I try to eat 98% Vegan but will occasionally cheat for the right meal.  I would eat anything/everything and could totally win any eating contest on Survivor or Amazing Race.
2. I want to do, be on the Amazing Race.  The thing that stops me is the bungee jumping, or bridge walking or jumping out of planes craziness. **barf**
3.  I'm Greek.  100% and I love it and am proud of my heritage and my family (also links to my #1)
4.  I can have a sharp tongue.  My parents think it stems from me getting sent to a private all girls high school.  I think it's inherited. lol!  Mostly it comes out when I feel the need to defend someone or myself. 
5.  I have crazy spacial planning gifts.  I can look at leftovers and know what size container to put it in...perfectly.  It's odd.  It helps with my work of being a kitchen designer so I can create space for clients things
6.  I hate Bullies.  Not the animal Bulls, or Bully sticks that dogs chew (what are those anyway??) but mean people.  That is where #4 comes into play.  I like to speak up for those that dont/wont/cant and get myself in trouble defending them against a Bully.
7.  I'm a lipgloss junkie.  I have about 7 all in the same rose-ish, pinkish shade in my purse right now and about 12 more strewn around my house.  Laz likes my peppermint flavored ones!
15 blogs who are deserving: 
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Readers..I highly recommend above blogs if you don't already read them! (so many more too....ugh!)

Some pics from Sunday
Angel baby Mason
 Angel baby Laz
 My Husband said he looks like a Donkey here, lol..I love Donkeys!
 Sunday was Parelli/ground work b/c I am fighting a cold..ugh...so I didn't feel like half ass riding.
Laz was awesome and kept stopping and sneaking up behind me to nuzzle.
Ok...I gave in.
Wouldn't you?!