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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Play

I started a new label called "I (heart) Michigan"
Reason being, I was born and raised outside of Chicago on the North Shore. It's one the my favorite places and I miss it although my family still lives there so I get to visit (not as often as I would like) and we are only a 5 hour car ride away.  I've lived in Michigan since I came here for College and ended up staying on accident. It's taken me a bit of time but as of lately, I've grown to love and appreciate it.  Especially in the last couple of years when we've been so trashed on and people out of state make horrid comments of living in Detroit.  Granted, I don't live in DETROIT, but in Metro Detroit. I want to show you readers that actually, it's a beautiful place to live.

One-we have amazing public parks in my town of Royal Oak.
Friday evening, I took Mason there for some Mommy-Puppy time.
You see, before my Husband, Pudgie or Laz..it was just Mason and I 
So our alone time is important for me to give to him...or so I think :)
 Frozen solid water from melt a week ago
 And since I can't jump my horse, I have a hunter/jumper Lab...
 Such determination and bravery...  ;)
 Look at this scopey Pup!? 
7 yrs old and what form! He even flipped his velvet ears just so, held a frisbee and managed to jump in perfect form.  If Mason was a horse.....oh boy.
(I can't imagine what neighboring people were thinking if they saw me, lol)
 Cool down

On Saturday afternoon, the skies cleared up, the snow stopped falling and Laz and I had a great 45 minute ride!
Nothing beats riding the fresh pillowy snow!

 winter time rides!!!

They are so peaceful.  Laz, Mason and I enjoyed a quiet ride all together.  Mason finally decided that walk around the arena with us for almost the entire time.  It was funny. I could tell Laz liked following him and felt calmer with him there.  At one point, Laz gave a tiny hump of a buck and threw out his front legs along with a head toss at Mason.  He literally wanted to play with Mason.  Mason was thankfully clueless and just trotted along but I circled Laz and backed him up.  Although the baby buck was funny and cute that he wanted to play, he needs to remember manners during a ride and none of that is appreciated.  But it was cute!

 Is there anything better that when your rehabbing horse has happy perked ears?!
I'm so happy that Laz enjoys his work
After our ride, we did some Parelli games.  
I needed to work again on the Porcupine game which is encouraging your horse to come into your allotted space, and out of.  Laz has a tendency to crowd and it's part of his wanting to dominate.  He did great and was awarded with his slurpee.  Which when I bring him his bucket of soaked beet pulp with Aloe juice, he knickers so loudly, his whole belly shakes.  This is when the Porcupine game comes in handy too as he started to get really rude and pushy wanting his slurpee.  I now make him back up, stay out of my circle and wait with unpinned ears for it.
He learns so lightning fast that I have to keep working on manners so he doesn't develop bad ones.

And because this post isn't long enough ;)  a couple of funny dog videos 

Pudge and Mason with one of their new disgusting Xmas toys..a skinny possum that they adore


  1. LOL it does not look like that possum has much time left on this earth. :-)

  2. You have the cutest pets!!! I just want to hug Mason :)

  3. Ah I love winter rides as well. Especially bareback. You say Metro Detroit! Your literally an hour and a half drive from my place. I'm about 30 minutes outside of Windsor. We really should get together someday.

  4. Syd, I know we are SO close!!! I would love to get together! :)
    Ashley..I'll give Mason a hug from you :)
    Karen-isn't that possum gross! lol!

  5. Your new header is the very best. Finding the beauty and love with our own cities, our own states, even if we weren't born there, is a true gift, I think.

    Mason is a gorgeous boy with velvet ears. My Lab, Jet, had velvet ears too. I miss her when I ride. She was a good horse dog who rode along with me and my mare, Penny Lane for many years.

    Laz loves his rides and he is cute even though he tried to play with the puppy!

  6. You're right, Michigan is too often misunderstood. Yes, Detroit is what it is - I happen to think it has some of the most beautiful architecture of all the great US cities, but that's just me. I heart Michigan too - I mean, we have little to no major natural disasters, and are surrounded by the drop dead gorgeous Great Lakes (like the ocean with no sharks or Jelly Fish!!

  7. Mason sure knows he's bigger and stronger than poor little Pudge! He has quite the jumping form too.

    I love thoroughbred ears because they always seem so unique and expressive. Love that picture of Laz's perky happy ears on your ride.

  8. I like the heart you made out of your footprints and the videos of the dogs. Too cute. I'm glad Laz is doing so well. :)

  9. Aaaahhh, what cute, sweet boys you have!

  10. That is a really cool idea about the I heart Michigan label. I am from NW Ohio and so I've been around that area a little bit as well as around Chicago. Too cold for me in the winter. But it's cool to hear people that really do enjoy where they live.

    I love the pic of the h/j lab!!

  11. Ok, I know I tell you this all the time, but I love this post too! Especially this one:)

    I feel like I'm constantly defending our great state, especially the Lansing area. There is sooo much to love about it! Home is what you make of it, and I know, particularly in regards to horse trainers, stables and vets (hello MSU??) that we have some of the best around:)

    Also? I LOVE that Mason jumps:) I used to teach my childhood dog Jack to jump, and Lebowski, our golden, is a natural:) I should totally get some pictures of him-he's a little older now but in his prime he could jump things WAY higher than I ever would dream of doing on a horse, lol! Such a good boy:)

    I love your wintery pictures as well. Just beautiful.

  12. What a cute post! Your dogs are sure having a good time, and I love it, too, when the horses are so happy in their work. Obviously you have a very good rhythm going with Laz. Great job!!