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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Early December ...

Did you ever care about the weather before owning your horse? I swear, I'm like a make shift obsessed weather girl now. 
"What's the precipitation today?!!?" 
"Is it freezing rain or just rain??!!!"
It's all for the good of my ponyboy

At any rate, it's been relatively mild so far, I think. High to mid 30's
Hell, I'll take anything above 20 with a SMILE!!!

Yesterday afternoon I was able to sneak in time for a fun schooling session.
I haven't done much of this lately do to some hoof re-sectioning that we've been working on (more of that to come as I get more length of time in between for our dramatic results!! All great so far though!)

Laz was definitely wanting/needing some play/mind work
This is when I asked him for a canter on the line...uphill much? 
Major zoomies but he was funny and great. He needed a release.
I also had my baby shower at 36 wks..the time is near.
Holy. Shit.

Lucky to have these friends...not a one a horse girl, can you believe it?! Don't worry...I try to bribe all their children to ask for ponies, mwaa haaa haaaa!

Lots of temporary changes coming up.
Winter. Baby. Work. Easing into changes, etc.
I have no idea of how to really plan for it....all I know is no matter what, I hope my animal kids stay safe while I may be busy (and on the days I can't see Laz--ugh boarding an hour away can really be hard), and will be loved by us for life.
I look so forward to riding again. I dream of it often but nuzzling his sweet fuzzy face is a great source of happiness too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chilly & Warm November

So, it snowed in November. 
No mas! Not a fan of snow pre December (or Christmas if I'm being honest)
We got a few inches and it was chilly con carne!
Fatty likes the snow though. He is just such an outdoorsy horse. I rarely find him in his stall unless it's really frigid, or HOT---he's in his stall more in the summer than ever.

 I brought Mason out...my sweet boy isn't able to join me on every visit like his earlier years. He gets too sore, even just from the car ride. His left hind ACL is threatening to blow so I'm being so careful with him yet trying to give him the best quality of life too. I try to take him 1x a week now (vs before it was up to 4x a week---senior pets, it tugs your heart strings!!!)

Then it warmed up, all the snow was gone, it rained for three days but felt balmy. YES.
Laz watching deer and turkey out in the field
Back to cold again currently...
The barn owners put up this adorable wreath on the barn.

Norman Rockwell eat your heart out

Sneak peek of our family photo session
Our gray faced angel boys...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

fat land

"cooook eezz?"
 crunch crunch slurp wap crunch gulp

All is well in Laz land. 
He is in total (temporary) pasture pet mode. Getting fat, fuzzy and enjoying new hay delivery
Hoof photos to follow soon, waiting on some time to get a good before, mid, after shots.

Monday, November 3, 2014

6 year anniversary

Nov 3, 2008--official purchase of my Lycius Two, aka Lazarus
Age 7

My sweet boy today, six years later
A happy, calm, goofy but spirited boy
Age 13
We celebrated by taking family photos all together last evening...can't wait to see how they turned out.
It's no easy task; Husband, Pregnant at 7.5 months, a Frenchie, a Chocolate Lab and Laz (who was the easiest out of all)

Mason also had his yearly play date with his real brother (littermate) Baker 
It's crazy that one year later, they still recognized each other and played like young pups.
He's sore today, at age 11.5 yr old, but that is to be expected
Mason is the one without a collar

Enjoying the last of Fall days...hating the daylight savings
Who made that rule up anyway??!! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sunny Sunday. I went for a typical visit/groom session and wouldn't you know it but the warm sun, the Fall colors and my snoozy puppy dog of a pony lured me into a quick ride.
It was like "Uh, OK stars are aligned...I'm doing this"
I had promised to not ride when alone but I just couldn't pass it up. With Fall in Michigan, it goes from glorious to wet/cold in a day, so I carpe diem'ed that shit and did it!
I just told Laz, "Pony...take care of us" and thought good thoughts. But more so, he gave me the vibes that all was going to be well. 
 I threw on his bitless and his bareback pad and hopped on.
At 29 weeks, (7 mths) my hop is a little heftier but my stoic pony just STOOD there....love this fraggle rocked maned of  a horse. Damn.
I'll tell you the dismount is MUCH harder to slide off when there is a hard belly in the way. Sorry baby that I smushed your face, but I think you enjoyed the ride too.
 We just walked around. Ambled really, it was lovely.
It felt good for me, and he seemed to enjoy his little job as well.
Jump, one day...in our future...one day....
 It was so quiet and peaceful during our ride. You can hear the squirrels running about, and the leaves gently falling, and Laz's big happy exhales
 #yesifilteredthecrapoutofthis #so
 I swear, I am the pregnant one....
Focus on the pretty leaves in his fat shadow instead
 Pokertown pony. My favorite....
 It's amazing how a ride, no matter if an amble or a trail ride, can just lighten my soul up
This may be my last ride until birth (early Jan??)....I don't know, but I thoroughly enjoyed it
 My sweets waiting after untacking for his cookies for his Rolex performance
I'm smitten for him. 
The obsession just doesn't quit...Le Sigh

On Monday, Laz got floated
He goes along so well, doesn't hardly move and all without sedation.
Thanks for Miles's Mom for giving us this Equine Dentist's name years ago! He's the best
During his jaw breaks, Laz was walk towards me like "uh saves me....??" it was quite funny.

More positive hoof changes took place but I'm going to allow a bit of time to pass before posting so I can hopefully show some dramatic growth changes
Keep your fingers crossed for us

Monday, October 13, 2014

whittle whittle whittle at a time....

These are from yesterday (sunday)
 There is still a lot of wedge in the toe area but my goal is to rasp it enough just so it doesn't hit ground when he trots.
I rasped, lunged him (he is sound sound sound right now!!) and trimmed a bit more...

 I'll be so happy when the heel backs up to support the back of his foot.
I rasped the heel wall to allow the tubules to try to stand up vs being crushed/under run...
we'll see if it works.

Saturday morning
This sleepy fluff head stands for 40 minutes like an ANGEL so I can Clean Trax his hoof
Worth his weight in gold
So, what do you do for 40 minutes?!

 You can sheaths (I'll spare you any photographic evidence)...
You trim Tina Turner manes 
PS I'm keeping it long for winter protection 
 A bit cleaner and oh SO nerdy

 "Bored, I'z bored"
Don't let him fool you, he is quite used to and loves his 'spa treatments' and to be doted on 
Such a clown

Friday, October 10, 2014

The definition of insanity

So on 9/24 Laz showed signs of an abscess..but shockingly enough in his LH, which is typically his good hoof
Well, why not change up the drama a bit?
He wouldn't walk on it, his leg was swollen from hoof to hock. I had the vet out the next day just to make sure it wasn't a torn tendon. It wasn't.
It took about a week (should have taken less but I finally broke down despite being told not to do it, and did my abscess pulling trick; soak hoof, dry, slather on ichthammol, put a plastic baggie on, and boot for 24 hrs)
Oh, and I also removed bar. Like a ton of bar.
 Abscess popped after booting. Minor swelling lasted another 24 hours (cold hose, yes why not?) and there were two exit points. One at coronary/hair line (see below) and one on lateral quarter where he was jammed.
I made a decision to start trimming him on my own for a while. There are things that I think he likes/needs and I'm going to buck up and do them.
Bars; very conversational but Laz's seem to impact/fold quickly and then cause issues. I am doing to ramp them to encourage proper height/placement. With him being on grassy/sand pasture he can't really wear them down on his own. I've left them and they cause issues. 
Take this hoof for example; his LF (splat foot being his RF is a club)
When I don't take out bars/ramp to sit up...he lands more toe forward. He had in fact 2 weeks of a slightly swollen tendon. After removing bar slowly over a few days, he stood more square and swelling went away. Hmmmm
Balance; he has seemed out of balance to me as of late. Toes too long, medially to lateral balance off, so being that I see angles as a career, I'm going to tackle this on my own to see if I can get him in a better spot. We'll see how this goes

 Sometimes, like Pudgie shows below...you just have to stop and think...

This is why I'm here:
I'm amazing what going back and looking at old photos does.
This was his RH back in 2012

To me, a much better/healthier hoof to what was in August, below
My last trimmer and I saw most things eye to eye (removing dead tissue/aggressive bar, keep toes backed up, etc) and so I'm doing back to her route of thought/practice
I'm not happy with his hoof especially after the last cast which basically girdled his hoof. 

So, by removing the hoof wall and dead/damaged laminae I'm hoping to get a better/new growth and connection
Saturday below:
Wed, sprayed with Thrush spray (keep in mind he is on turnout so it's impossible to keep 100% clean but I'm chasing it)
 Saturday below, compared to...
 To Wednesday...see that hairline?? GROWTH? Already a better angle?
We'll see....
I'm watching toe/heel balance, everything...I know more toe can go but I'm trying to give him days to adjust to things that I'm doing vs all at once. 
 Wed sole shot
He is showing no signs of lameness or issue..in fact he's happy to roam and munch
He will be having many soaks coming up to keep bacteria at bay and encourage new growth

Wish us luck!