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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wrapping up November...

Sunday I had a great ride on Laz. He was SOOOO spirited!! Squealing and arching his neck and curling up, shortening his stride and then taking off like a little race horse. He has some MAJOR zoomies to get out and it took a good 30 minute ride to get his brain back in his head. I was so happy to have my saddle that makes me feel centered and secure on him, especially out in our hilly large pasture. Why is it they always act up at the top of a hill pointing downwards?
He finally started to blow out and relax and stretch down and after I got one good, large figure 8, I ended that pasture ride and cooled off with a road ride. That and it was 22 degrees and windy
Silly pony... I wish I had video of it!!

More updated photos as I see progress in Laz's hoof with Thrush b gone
It just seems that his 'holes' are closing which is fantastic
I basically apply it to his RH after I pick it out, every 3 days now...

This white line disease has been active in there for years and must run deep into his hoof wall, so any improvement is great
Below is to compare fresh after his trim 10/30 to see how the hoof has been changing with the Thrush b Gone application

Today I just hand walked the two boys 
(I was wishing I had time to ride inside as it was a nice day with no wind)
 Photo opt of Mr. Mason. 
My grayed angel face

 And we saw like 6 wild turkeys!!! I haven't seen any in AGES and of all weeks, Thanksgiving?! 
LOL They have some nerve! 
It made me giggle as to 'oh, maybe that's why we eat Turkey...because they were out and about.'
It still shocks me to see them flap and fly away.
I know I feel thankful for so so much...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Death by Chocolate

Ok, Mason fans...get ready for the ultimate indulgence. 
Double chocolate splendor.
Mason plays with Baker, his real brother.
A few weeks ago, Baker's Mom emailed me to see if we wanted to get the boys together to play.
It's been since they were 1 yrs old since they saw each other.
No lie, in 10 seconds of reuniting, they were inseparable and played and played and played.
Mason doesn't really 'play' with other dogs any more...just not interested.  With Baker, he acted like he was a puppy again (they are both 10.5 yrs old)
 Baker on Left, Mason on Right below
 Baker on L, Mason on R below
 Mason was sooooo happy and wiggly
 Look at these two handsome boys.
Mason is a bit more gray in the face, but moved a bit better.
Get this, they both blew out their R knee within a month of each other.
So odd.
 Sideways tired tongues
 Pudgie was like "WHO IS MY BROTHER?!"
 It was a total riot
 Baker came with his black lab sister, but Mason only played with Baker..like obsessed with his brother.
We really think they either remembered each other or just connected on a deeper level. Something was more intense, it was obvious.
 Billy trying to get the boys set up for our photos
 They just wouldn't quit playing and flopping over each other
 Baker chasing Mason
 What angel boys...
 Baker and his Mom and me and Mason
So funny!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thrush B Gone-Review #3 and Riding

This past Monday evening, I visited Laz due to the two days of HIGH winds we had here in Midwest.
A couple years ago, during a storm like that, he ended up bashed on his forehead so I was nervous but thank god, he was totally fat and fine.
I groomed him, fed him, and decided to treat both his rain rot with listerine again and treat his hooves with Thrush B Gone  It typically only should take 1-2 treatments but with his aggressive white line disease they recommended dosing a few more times to help.
Here is his RH before the 3rd treatment (which you just squeeze onto a clean hoof)
 The hoof wall before treatment.
I think the results will show more as his hoof grows out and hopefully more connected
The toe was shortened a bit more at his last trim to help with heel height and overall comfort

 Now, below is his LH which is after 3rd dose. I probably didn't need to treat again, but I did!
Here is what I noticed; his central sulcus (the valley in the middle of his frog) prior was stinky and he was sore when I put my hoof pick in it. On Monday, no foul smell and he wasn't at all sensitive, and I wiggled my pick around a bit. I treated it again for safety reasons but as far as I can tell---FIXED. 
No more thrush there as well as in his club foot. I'm anxious to see how those hoof cracks grow out as well
I'm really excited about this product...the proof will be better in RH as time goes

Now, as Laz has filled out (ahem not just fat) I've been really thinking his Crosby is too narrow on him.
I feel really pitched down forward when I ride and I feel that I'm needing to pick him up to balance him.
He seems so short strided and has been super choppy in that saddle. I switched to my Barefoot treeless which seems to fit him OK, but for me, the seat is way too big and I feel sloppy in it. GRRRR
BUT...J9 had a dream saddle that I sat in that I just fell in love with last month. 
Fast forward to within two weeks I had found a STEAL for almost brand new version of what I wanted.
 I had my Parelli trainer out to fit it to Laz and it's perfect.
I got to ride in it for an hour to really test it out and it's dreammmmmmmy and I feel centered in it and Laz really moves out and stretches in it. WIN WIN!! 
and like I said, I stole it ;)
This past Saturday, it was so beautiful out that I was determined to ride.
I got to the barn and these two had other ideas
Look at sweet Pito's face and lips...aww he's like a little baby pegasunicorn
 Laz was all "Yous wantz to do whatz?? Ima seepin"
I tacked him up and we rode. Mr. Sleepyface went into a fiesty mood of "OK let's RIDESSS" and did not want to trot, but wanted to canter canter canter canter. So, instead of having to fight him, I decided "GREAT IDEA" and we cantered and circled and used transitions to bring it down to a trot, then back up and down to a walk, etc. He loved it. After about 20 minutes of that and a lot of snorting and blowing out, he was re-connected.
Here a little video--no GoPro darn it, just  my iphone in right hand while I ride with left:
and then after playing in the field for a bit, I wanted to 'reward' him with walking away from the barn area and onto the road with our steady eddie, Mason
Here's a video of that:
Love this saddle!! I felt so secure in it and Laz was offering such great strides. I really want to get it on video--I'll need to get Hubby out to the barn soon before mega winter hits.
OOFff that belly!!! I really want to lose it and build up his top line this winter if possible.

Below is our mid week workouts, usually after work or on my lunch breaks, 2x to 3x a week

I'm literally RUNNING behind him as fast as I can, lol

Both boys with their tongues hanging out
 And I'll leave you with this at IKEA
Are you kidding me?! 
A bin of starred Lazs' for sale?! YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thrush B Gone--part 2 review

Continuing on with my review for Thrush B Gone;
After Sunday's application, I came out today (Tuesday) to check on Laz
These photos are before the 2nd application that I chose to do

Front Right Club
 Front Right Club
 Front Right Club (frog at center sulcus is where I treated as well as around white line and hoof cracks)
 Left Hind
 Left Hind (frog was what I treated)
The star of the show:
Right Hind 
(Treat entire hoof and specifically in crevices) 
 RH, it's minimal BUT (and honestly this is a HUGE BUT) I do see an improvement.
It just seems less cheesy in texture (harder for sure) and a bit more sealed...
I literally squealed with the thought of improvement.
Below image is right after I applied 1st treatment for a reference photo

 Prior to 2nd application, this is the amount that I've used for 1st treatment on 3 hooves.
AMPLE dosing. The solution is very watery, like a saline solution to give you an idea.
And it didn't freeze in my unheated barn and won't change the PH to solution (bonus for cold weather states like MI)
I'll continue to do follow up photos and thoughts...

Rain rot seemed better, I followed with a spray of Original yellow Listerine (per my vet-don't think I'm crazy because I was shocked too!) but my stinky ponyface smells like a peppermint delight!
I cleaned/disinfected all tack, brushes, curries and hoof picks for preventing rain rot from spreading.
I also cleaned his man pocket (a' la sheath) GAG with just wet diaper wipes (organic of course) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

400th post

I could cry tears of joy but instead I'll smile.
400 posts in under 5 years.
All about my first horse, Lazarus
That I get to love, groom, ride and work on friendship, partnership, trust and love with.
I never knew this journey would take the turns it has but it has brought us to today.
Today I have a healthy, lovely gelding who is smart and kind.
 Today, 400 posts later, we have shared some amazing and scary adventures together.
I look forward to posting about Laz and I for years more to come.
Thanks for all my readers for hanging in with us during this journey.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Testing out a new product: THRUSH B GONE

Have you heard of "Thrush B Gone?" 
I saw it on FB and contacted them looking for another thrush product to test out.
As you may know, we've been battling Thrush/White Line Disease since Laz's laminitis a few years ago, however he does seem prone to getting thrush hooves despite his clean diet/turnout 24/7/every other day grooming.
Thrush B Gone said they would be happy to mail out a bottle of their solution for us to try, and are excited to see positive results.
I stopped all other brands and applied it today (Sunday 11/10)
I'm to wait 2 days to see a positive change and if need be, re apply.
 Most infected hoof: Right Hind
 Right Hind after I applied Thrush B Gone
 I decided to put it on his club hoof (Right Front) since these vertical cracks have split

And on the frog crack at the center sulcus 
 And to his Left Hind, that frog had just shed and had some dark spots and crevices so I thought I would soak it
Prior to application, I picked and wire brushed hooves.
Then I just squirted it at infected areas
Fingers crossed! 
You can read more about the company HERE

While I allowed the product to absorb into hoof, I washed Laz's back with his fungal shampoo, allowed that to sit for 10 minutes
 and rinsed off. He had a QUICK case of rain rot that popped up.
Laz approved of his spa day
I'll be following up about both the Thrush B Gone and what I think or what results I see, and Laz's rain rot
I'll be 100% honest as always in my review.