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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Goals

November 2008
July 2010
our xc course ;)

In just looking at those pictures, there were many unwritten goals that I met with Laz.
(being able to handle ground work with him, bath him, pick his feet, groom successfully, ride without a saddle and live to talk about it, etc.  Seems small? It's not, it's HUGE for us)
I'm very proud of us and our growth as we learn together
Being both green (he being my first horse and he being HOT off the track) we have survived and are still building a strong foundation.  We have exceptional days and days where I want to cry with frustration
But overall, I'd say, I'm very proud of our team building and trust with one another.
We have a ways to go as partnerships do, but we are making great forward steps.
So, that being said, I do want to list some goals and strive for them for this upcoming year.

2011 Goals:

1.  I want to take him trail riding and have both he and I enjoy it.  
Our one and only trail ride, see that post here, in September 2009 was a little wonky so I hope for at least 3 trail rides this coming summer.  I want to make sure Laz is strong enough to handle a 20-30 minute trailer ride,  an hour trail ride (probably at walk, with little trot only), and trailer back to be comfortable and not make him feel weak, so I'll be working on his endurance for that.

2.  I want to take him swimming.  
It may be on a trail ride, or just a destination, but I think he will love it!!!

3.  I want to continue on our great path of hoof health and learn more about it so I feel more confident in what I see and what to look for.  As much as I pay attention now, it still evades me and is such a mystery and really, it shouldn't be.

4. I want to work on Laz's body health-muscular and skeletal to make sure he feels as strong as he can while his feet heal.  

5.  I want to continue to ride confidently and work with some more Parelli techniques for when we need a place of training, I'll have some knowledge of what to ask for from Laz.  I want to continue our relationship so Laz feels more confident in me as well. He shows me signs of trust but also times where he isn't looking to me for help and his strong flight kicks in.

6.  Be able to casually road ride on Laz alone with confidence.
Meaning hop on his back and ride down the dirt road and not fear that he'll freak out and loose his mind every time something rustles in the weeds.  We have a ways to go with this and it will start with hand walking him down the road :) Confidence, Confidence. See a pattern here?

7.  Continue to speak for my horse and follow my gut.
That pertains to so much but overall, I am his voice and I need to continue to research, learn, and do what I feel is best for my horse's life, health and happiness.  It can be so easy to only rely on others, but sometimes that is clearly not enough.  Determination, scrambling and clawing at the last second, fighting for what you feel is right, can sometimes be the best goal to meet.

**Note-these are dream goals and would only be considered if Vet/Trimmer/Laz says it's OK**

1. Canter again and work on correct leads and while I'm dreaming...flying lead changes!

2. Do a local show of showing in hand or a trail class!!! MAYBE!! This is more for me than Laz but I think we would both benefit from it. I used to show a lot in High School, where I took lessons on lease horses and never did very well and would get so nervous that it took all the fun away.  I would like to replace some of those memories with fun ones with Laz and I and maybe even get a ribbon?!  This sounds like a goal for a 9 year old but this 33 yr old wants it! Also, I'm curious to see how Laz would do. I'm thinking he could be A. anxious because he would equate it to his past racing career which when there are triggers of that, he freaks. or B. He would enjoy it if I can keep calm and give him ample exposure and time to adjust.

3.  Have an xray that screams "This horse had laminitis???? Are you sure? He looks perfect now!"  I'm debating about taking him into Dr. Bowker with Cliff and my BO to view what is going on and what our future holds.  I'm always so nervous about xrays because basically in my eyes, I pay a lot of money to just cry over them....so we'll see.  I also want to know what is going on though.  Spring is my timing on this one.

4.  Jump a X rail or a small cavalleti...please note, I would ONLY do this once I get ok from trimmer/vet/myself/Laz. It may never happen and that is just fine too.  I just wanted to put as a dream goal!!! Perhaps for year 2015 but if you think it, sometimes great things come true so I'm putting it out there :)

Us a month before laminitis...this is a great visual to keep for when Laz is ready again
And if not...that is A OK too


  1. I love that picture of you and Laz cantering along. He is such a handsome boy! It is amazing how far the two of you have come; I know that at some point, your goals will definitely be met. I hope you blog about them all too :)

  2. I love your outlook and attitude. And the picture is pretty nice too!

  3. Those seem like really good goals to me. I whole-heartedly second taking your horse for hand walks. I've done a lot of it and will continue to do a lot of it.

    Your Laz seems like a candidate for learning head lowering, check out this article: http://www.horsetraining.org/horse-training-articles/2006/02/head-down-calm-down.html. Or check out Alexandra Kurland's video on head lowering.

    I think I just fulfilled my quota for unsolicited advice there, you don't need to look into it but you might find it interesting.

  4. Good goals. I've been thinking about mine I guess I have never been one to make goals on the spot but when I think about them. I think I might write a post on this now.

  5. I understand your feeling about the x-rays but tears are not the only thing they provide. Being able to see exactly where the coffin bone is makes things so much easier for your farrier and of course, that makes things easier for Laz. The tears are an unfortunate side effect, that's for sure, but giving that added tool to your farrier is important. Remember that when you're wondering "why am I putting myself through this" and it will help keep you on track.

  6. I love your goals! Mostly because I feel like you and I are the same person :P I think your showing goal is fantastic! And as someone who used to be a nervous wreck at shows I think having an OTTB will help you (it did me) because you can't be nervous...you just are not allowed. You have to be calm for Laz, no choice allowed.

  7. Laz is beautiful!!! I don't have time to read it all right now, but definitely plan on coming back. The "follow" isn't working so I'll return and read up very soon :)

    I really love the picture of him hugging you. So sweet.....

  8. These are such sound goals, especially 1 through 7, designed to strengthen Laz, you, and your bond. He fell into golden, kind, patient hands the day you took him home. Way to go, really. And ditto what Smazourek said - I also am all for hand walks.

  9. Beautiful pics, great goals. The last picture of you two cantering almost makes me a lil' teary-eyed, I don't mind saying. Awesome post-best of luck with everything this year!

  10. I credit hand walking with the bond I have with Jackson now. When I got him, there was just nothing. I even broke my shoulder (he was very green) so I started walking. Two miles at a time walking. We trail ride constantly now, jump, take jumping and dressage lessons, and show. Build the bond, and I hope for you, that the rest falls into place...

  11. I love your attitude. I think you are a wonderful horse Mom. Your goals are all realistic and maybe some of those "dream" ones will happen! You can never underestimate what these animals are capable of doing and how they heal. Look how far he's come already! I agree with you on the X-Rays, it's hard to drop the dough for something that can potentially make you really upset. But maybe it would be good, and it would be something you would be delighted over... ? I have never been in your situation so that is a tough one!

  12. I love your goals, all of them, even the dream ones. I think with what you and Laz have been through that you can accomplish anything. You guys make a fantastic team. Keep working on the confidence. Ground work, clicker training, hand walking, etc. all help build confidence. Good luck and happy new year!!!

  13. I've always wanted to go swimming with a horse! I second what Rising Rainbow said about the xray, your farrier will be able to use that information to make sure you guys are on the right track. I totally understand being worried about getting bad news from it, sometimes it seems less painful to stay blissfully ignorant. At least this time you can look at Laz and think about how far you guys have come since his laminitis started!

  14. Yep, the rope is stiff. It isn't so stiff it will hurt him or stand up on it's own or anything like that, but it definitely gets the attention. I had a soft one years and years ago and definitely didn't like it very much. I think this one will work much better. :)