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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paparazzi Racing Ponee!!!

Last week, Miles's Momma had an awesome photo up of him racing.
I was all "What...how'd you get those photos, I wannnnt some of Lazarus!!"
and through our conversation we also discovered that Miles and Laz are COUSINS!!
Cuteness and duh, they are super handsome boys so of course they are related (through Mr. Prospector)
I definitely see a resemblance of them both in Mr. P (below)
and Laz below...pretty cool
and Miles below
Seems they are all "STARS"...or at least have them ;)

Ok, let's get to the goods!
I contacted a couple of the race tracks that Laz won at and got the photos below in just a matter of days

This was Laz's first win!
He was 2 (yikes bambino) and it was July 6th, 2003 at the Calder Race Course in Florida, near Miami-Dade

That is some major determination in that eye and whoa, look at him THROW his legs out eating up that turf.
Babyyyyy boy go!

Below is from Sept 19, 2005
So he was a 4 yr old
Nice booty horse power shot
....and it's so random to see strangers with MY horse, lol
But I'm curious...was he loved? Did they see something special in him?
Who is that adorable man with the cane?
 And from July 16th, 2005
I googled their names and stable name and got nada
I would love to email whoever did love him (because how could you not?) and tell them, he's in a good home for LIFE.

This young man below...I assume would be his groomer?
Was he sweet to Laz?
I have noticed, swear, that Laz seems to understand some Spanish words
I tell him "Bueno" a lot 
I hope he did too

Track conditions; FAST
Bay OTTB conditions: FASTER
All four off the ground!
Fly baby!

Oh, Laz!
I see so much of his fighting spirit everyday but just so very differently
What a good man this horse is...
if only he could talk!

**Photo credits go to Jean Raftery Photos and JJ Zamaiko Photography, Inc


  1. Awesome! That's super cool. Jetta's related too! She has Mr. Prospector in her pedigree as a great grandsire I believe.

  2. Man, you got a lot of cool racing shots! WoW! I guess, I should have checked into my 2 racers when I had them. One horse I gave away(I am not sure what happened to him)? My other racer passed away. Either way, very, very, cool to see!!!Janine

  3. That's neat that you have all those photos! I have none of Dawn - she only raced three times and bled all three, I believe, so didn't place. Even though she was 3, she was a tiny thing - she was only 14.3 when we got her at 4 - she has a June birthday.

  4. Awesome pictures. I still have pictures from when my aunt had standardbreds and I was listed as the groom with the horse when it won.

  5. I love this! How exciting that you were able to track down some of his history. AND, he and Miles are related?? Too cool!!

  6. I have two of Piney's race pictures that I got by contacting his trainer that I found on FB. I agree that it is so weird seeing my horse surrounded by strangers.
    I was also lucky enough to get in contact with his breeders/origional owners and we still keep in contact. They have invited me to visit the farm where Piney was born and raised if I'm ever out in Arizona! His owner told me that she would kiss him every night on the nose and that I should make sure to do the same. She also told me that he was a barn favorite because he was so sweet. I love knowing a little about my monsters previous life and the people that loved him.

  7. P.S. Piney has Mr. Prospector on his papers too :-)

  8. He looks great!! Cool to have pictures of his early life.

  9. You were holding out...SO many amazing pictures of Laz!
    We HAVE to get our boys together some day now that we know they're cousins:) I thought the same thing about Miles' groom too when I saw the picture of him after the race...did he realize how amazing this horse was?? It makes me a little sad that there was no owner/trainer picture either with him:( Oh well, I hope his life now (and the ridiculous number of pictures I take) make up for it.
    I didn't know Laz was so good at racing life! Love those boys:)

  10. What a fantastic find!!! Gotta love our boys heart and your are right if only they could talk. All the places they have been all the people they have met. I absolutely LOVE the history in our horses and I think until you own an OTTB you cannot truely understand the depth of that, I know I never did.

  11. Love the pedigrees of these guys - our OTTB Cheers goes back to War Admiral and Man O'War. Our Hennessy is a grandson of Seattle Slew. Henny never raced, but Cheers did for 3 years. I have never tracked down race photos, but have looked up and found old racing videos.

    Thanks for sharing the great pics of Laz!

  12. Love the photos! Laz is just amazing but you know that. He looks so great and strong. He was a big winner. My poor boys only won twice between them and Pie didn't race. Pie has Mr. Prospector too pretty recent and the brothers have him further back.

    I am so happy you got those pictures - especially with those people/owners(?) there too. I never thought about speaking Spanish to the brothers. I will try tomorrow!

  13. Whhoooooo, look at that gorgeous boy GO!! Awesome!

    Hey, I moved down here in Sept 2003--Laz and I were probably within...I dunno, maybe 20 miles of eachother then (??). I've never gone to Calder, though, so no chance that I could have seen him. Oh well, still cool! :-D

  14. Wow!! It's cool that you could make that discovery. They do look pretty similar.

  15. THAT IS SO COOL!!! Can you even believe what you are seeing??! It is so exciting to see all that power and determination!!! I wonder what Laz thinks of it all? This post has really got me whipped up into a frenzy! I think it is so exciting to see that history.

  16. Kristen - guess what?! I found some of my OTTB-boy's races online, and found Tricky Summer's races for Stacey...and just found some of Laz too!
    Go to www.calracing.com On the top left, there's a pull-down menu that says 'racing information'. Click 'race replays'. You have to register, but it's quick & easy & they don't spam you.
    Then click on 'horse' & type in his name...there' 4 races from Mountaineer Park on there.


  17. Thanks everyone! It is VERY cool having a piece of his history, no doubt. What is strange, is in the end, he raced only twice in 2007 and in 2008 (almost a year to the day) wonder why??? Or if he did some 'backyard' racing that was unrecorded.

    @Davsgirl-those 4 videos you talk of, YES, I've seen them and he placed 6th, 9th, 6th, and 9th poor guy I think was OVER it.

    I think, Laz seems to like his new speed, SLOW. :)

    Career Racing Summary:
    Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds Earnings
    49 7 8 9 $ 105,195

  18. Oooh...oops, I didn't realize you had already seen them! :)
    I wish I could get a hold of some photos of my boy - I should take a chance and call the track!

  19. @davsgirl-No, sorry :) Thanks for the inside tip nonetheless !! So, who is your OTTB? I love me some Tricky, what a cutie pie.

  20. Tricky was adorable - what a personality on that boy!
    My guy is Beyond Challenge....otherwise known as 'the red horse' or 'monkey'. :)

    He's here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1425096841294.2052724.1648963333&type=1#!/photo.php?fbid=1425103481460&set=a.1425096841294.2052724.1648963333&type=1&theater

    [If that even works!]

    SO interesting to find out their history - I'm loving this!

  21. AWESOME shots!!!! I wish I knew something...anything about Penny's history. Maybe someday I'll find out....

    But all that aside, your Laz boy is gorgeous. And obviously very much loved :)

  22. Those pictures are so amazing! How lucky to have so much from his past. Absolute treasure!

  23. That is so awesome!! I'm glad you found the pictures. :D Looking at them brought tears to my eyes. Laz is so amazing. I'm glad he ended up with you after working his heart out on the race track.