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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Thursday, September 29, 2011


 This past weekend was such a gorgeous Fall treat.
High 60's, low 70's-nice breeze and SUNNY
Just perfect riding weather and NO bugs
I rode Laz around the pasture for ooooh about 20 minutes barefoot and then we decided today, we would go on an adventure.
As in, a hand walk down the road ('trail riding') and check it out for his first time
He has adjusted so beautifully, that I figured he would enjoy getting out too
 Per my trimmer's advice, I posted on a yahoo group for used horse boots and got a great deal (what I could afford), from a very kind stranger, for an almost brand new Easy Boot Epics.
I needed a smaller size for his back hooves and they fit perfectly.
In her email back to me she simply stated "I want to help you" so she was willing to meet my price range.  So sweet.  So many great horse people out there! I thanked her again and again...and here's another virtual THANK YOU!!!!!!! 
 Rear boots on, we were ready to GO
 Walking out, we passed our neighbor.
I'm not sure if it's a gelding or a mare (I feel like it's a Mare) but she knickered soooo sweetly to Laz as we passed by.  
 Mason was ready for an adventure walk!
"LETS Goooooooooo come on come on comeONcomeOOOOON!"
 As suspected, Laz really enjoyed it

 Calmly ambled down the one way street
(our barn is 2nd to last of a dead end) which is so great for riding reasons
 It was quiet and peaceful and I allowed him to graze at certain spots to get rewarded

 "Laaa la laaa laaa laaaa, I lovs walkz"

 About a mile down is a fork in the road, to many more dirt roads but we didn't venture down there.
I won't with Mason, it's too risky being the roads are curvy and you can't always see the cars until they are THERE.  So, we stopped (SIT!) and turned around
 There is one section with a slight incline which is great for walking or trotting (but we just ambled)
Laz seemed foot sore on his front (club) foot. I'm treating it for maybe thrush, but it could be because his feet have been only on soft grass now for two weeks.  Hopefully walking on these roads weekly will help slowly toughen up his hooves.  **He's not foot sore due to eating grass, just on soft footing**
 Admiring the landscaping
 Something peeked his interest.
There are deer everywhere but we haven't come across any yet together

 Heading back into our barn
 Stopping along the way to graze
I want to encourage him to be slow and with me, upon our return and not rushing to get back to his herd, which he wasn't at all.

 Mason thinks this stick can act as a crop for his big brother Laz
 On our drive home, we passed by SO many riders heading to the state park to ride
 So Sunday, we decided to RIDE the road in which we walked the day before
I strapped on all four boots (side note; they are SOOO annoyingly hard to put on!!!) and headed out for our walk.

Just lovely
 Cars passed us, no problem.
Mason was good to listen to me and sit and wait until the car passed and Laz was great and stood still while I talked to Mason. It's funny, but he totally distinguishes when I talk to Mason and when I talk to him.
A couple times I had to yell at Mason who dawdled ahead too far for my comfort and Laz just sighed like "Come ON dogggg"

 There are so many meadows that we pass along our walk, that come winter may make for fun play areas.....I'm not sure if they are privately owned or not though.
Overall, on our ride, Laz did awesome. He was a little 'flinchy' when he thought something bothered him (ie barking chihuahua, a distant riding mower, a fence post lol!) but he never fully spooked and walked on and braved it out.  He's giving me A LOT, because I'm  not the bravest rider and I know I must translate some worry down to him. I can tell, he is braver and more comfortable when I hand walk him vs riding, so it's ME..I need to work on MY bravery.
 This is my new phone wall paper below, I love this picture!!!
 Happy campers return home
I want to walk the dirt roads as much as possible in this good weather...to prepare for THIS below:
This is Kensington Metro Park that I've been talking so much. It's for runners/walkers/bikers/canoeing/kayaking/HORSEback riding, all separated out on different trails, for all to enjoy. We are SO close to there, I want to be able to enjoy this. There are 19 miles of horse trails!  I don't know about going at it alone, it's always best to ride with someone for long trails like that...but I'm sure in our future, we can conquer it alone. Just not quite yet.
Maybe one day, the Michigan horse blogger girls can all meet up for a trail ride!! :)
I mapquested it and it shows we are about 1.5 miles away from park. 

 A typical thing for Laz. After our 'workout' he pees, almost every time.
I think this is a race horse thing?
Forest Gump shoes on all four hooves.
Hopefully I can figure out a way for them to become harder rock crunchers to be totally bare in the future.
I'm not sure living on sand, dirt or grass will create a hoof like that though.
I was very pleased with my boy.
He is my dream horse!


  1. That's great!! I'm so jealous of everyone within riding distance of real trails.

    Have fun enjoying the gorgeous fall weather with your Laz-pony!

  2. Super jealous of your weather! I love all the pictures...it makes me feel like I am reading a children's picture book :)

  3. Awesome. Leaving the arena scars me and barely phases Izzy, lol. It's good for both of us, I guess.

  4. I love Kensington Metropark. I would love to meet up there one day, but we are not close to doing trail rides, yet. . .one day though.
    Your walk/ride looks beautiful. Good job on Laz!
    Michigan falls are the best. . .now it just needs to stop raining.

  5. Thats great! At least you don't have the unholy amount of rain we do YUCK!!

  6. I'm down for a michigan blogger trail ride!!! just need someone to pick us up

  7. What a great post! I love all the pictures and it's so great that you and Laz went for a ride too! I live very close to Kensington, and though I've never actually ridden through it, I've always wanted to. I'm actually in Howell, but you know, that's close...kind of...lol.

  8. By the way, I'm down for a ride too...I just need to steal my mom's horse and a ride :) There's also a riding area called Chilson...or the Brighton Rec area that has tons of great trails too.

  9. Come over and post this blog at a newly launched Equine Blogging Network http://hay-net.co.uk. It would be great to share your news with other Equine Bloggers!

  10. Awww he did so awesome! You both did. :) I like your new barn. That's going to be so awesome for you guys to have access to the park.

    I'm still learning about hooves, but what I've read is that the boots are for transitioning. Once he's not sore while wearing the boots you should be able to walk him bare on the tougher terrains, eventually working your way to walking bare on the gravel. :)