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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We are having some beautiful warm Fall weather with cool nights that have sparked hair growth on Laz!
I hope his winter coat is even thicker this year, as it was pretty great last year.
 This is the image of Laz as of late; face down in grass
The BO has started also feeding out hay which is great as the grass isn't surging like it was
 By my thumb shows the 'soft spot' that was uncovered in his last trim, on his right rear.
Because of this, I've only walked him in the riding pasture, and trotted when he wanted to, or for about 10 minutes.  It's still soft, nothing has popped or leaked open, but it hasn't hardened either.
 Our ride;
Walking by the OTTB eating lawn mower lol
 Working while the neighbors mowed their lawn as well.
I was happy to see Laz act calm and not react to too much stimulation
 Neighbors walking by with their kids, going on a walk/hike
They asked if they could come back later to feed him carrots, and of course I said "YES!" but only a few ;)
You never know...I've seen people feed out insane amounts
 After our ride, I turned Laz back out with his buddy Scout
 Leaving the barn, Mason and I saw 5 deer running by...so beautiful
 Mason decided he was tired from trotting around with Laz and I, and it was time to cuddle with Pudge
 Saturday; I received a call from my BO saying Laz's eye was a bit goopy.  
Hmmm, I noticed while still at our old facility that his left eye was draining. I would wipe the tracks clear and it seemed ok...but for some reason, it seemed to really flare up Friday/Sat.  I came out and cleaned him up.
I decided to not ride him and just treat him to a body massage, grooming and love.
I obviously came during nap time...
Here is his left eye after I wiped it clean.
Still goobers within the eye.
He isn't blinking rapidly, squinting, no swelling and allows me to wipe clean with a damp cloth and water.
I don't know if it's viral, bacterial, or an injury...but his left is now a little drippy too.
 Resting on his RR (great) and taking a little standing nap after I cleaned him up
I just sat by the barn and stayed with him.
I wanted to watch him...make sure he was OK.
He ate his hay, grass...went in stall, gulped down water.
Came out, rolled in his dirt spots....

 And went back to eating.
 I'll take that as good.
Mason and I played for a bit while we hung with Laz and Scout
 I love this photo...this 8 yr old Lab LOVES his life!
 Taking a moment to let it in ;)
 Laz and Scout have really made their own herd.
Laz is definitely more dominant than baby Scout who is 4.
Laz doesn't beat up on him but pins his ears at him to move him back when he wants to
 Which isn't often...  :)
Driving home, I stopped by this farmers market stand just 1/4 mile down the road from where we now board
 AMAZING!!!! Fresh local fruit and veggies, for super cheap and YUMMMM!
So happy to have found this little gem!

Today, Sunday, his eye was a little better. Still leaking goo but not as much.
I cleaned it up again but couldn't get the goo in his back corner to budge and obviously I'm not going to dig at his eye.
The photo below was mid blink opening, there is no swelling or light discomfort shown
I'm hoping to get our new Vet out there on Tuesday to check him out
Of course I made the mistake of googling eye issues and UGH, had to stop. 
I read everything from moon blindness to allergies to ulcers. 
The Vet will help me figure it out

Oh Laz!
Hopefully it's a nothing issue...or a very easy to fix and get back to normal, issue.
He continues to act 100% normal which is always encouraging but I don't want to mess around with an eye injury or issue, so I'm being proactive about it.


  1. contact solution is great to have on hand to flush eyes. :)

  2. It could be an allergy to something... Lilly's eyes get goopy like that during certain times of the year and it's never both eyes at the same time. It seems to alternate... I use the horsey version of Clear Eyes (which is also called Clear Eyes, made by Farnam) and I squirt it in her eye to flush out the goop.

    Looks like he's loving life at his new home! :)

  3. Wonderful posts from you abound! Great ride and pasture photos. Sorry about Laz's eye, but it looks better already. Honey Crisp is the new favorite apple of horses and Brian's and Maizie's in our house/barn.

  4. Poppy just had goopy eyes too. She got them flushed out. They went up through her nose & it came out her eye! ha! The vet just told me they sometimes get dust up in there and just keep watering trying to flush it themselves. I'm sure its no biggie!!!

  5. You're such a good horse mama! You could put him in a fly mask too to keep out as much dirt and bugs as possible, but I'm sure it's nothing. He sure does keep you on your toes though.

    That picture of Mason LEAPING in joy is just precious!

  6. Oh I wish this stuff would have been around years ago I have cleared up 5 eye infections (3 horses one dog and one cat) with vetericyn http://vetericyn.com/

  7. @Sydney-great b/c I JUST purchased some Vetericyn eye drops, so funny! BUT, I'm still having vet out to make sure it isn't something more...and being we are switching vets; I'd like to meet her, etc and go over other things.
    @Sarah-I thought about putting fly mask on him but wondered if he would rub at it more, so opted to not. We'll see...

  8. Hi Kristen,

    I have been following your blog as I too have an OTTB who constantly likes to provide me with medical challanges/experiences, but who is, like your Laz, the love of my life! My boy Jake sometimes gets goopy eyes and I have found it to be from the tiny gnats that come around sometimes. I use a fly mask made by Absorbine that is really soft and baggy so it does not rub his eyes at all. Once I clean out his eyes and put the mask on for a few days (only when turned out) his eye seems to clear itself out. Good luck! I admire your dedication and "natural" approach with Laz! Your blog is pleasure to read!



  9. Poor Lazaroo with his goopy eye! Fingers crossed that it's just something minor, like a piece of dust/debris lodged in there.

    Oh, and just FYI, Veterycin is just water, salt, and bleach. I know people rave about it, but I just don't get it. (???)
    (Sodium Hypochlorite = bleach
    hypochlorous acid = a bleach and deodorizer, used in swimming pools
    sodium chloride = salt)

  10. Love the photos :) Hope Laz's eye and hoof get better quickly.