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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Friday, September 9, 2011

New beginnings at our new diggs

Mason and I making our drive to our old boarding facility...
Look at that lip flapping!
 I spend last night packing up all our stuff and getting ready for the haul of moving into our new barn.
We chose barn #1
 This morning, I went to a new (to me) feed store on my way to new barn, and picked up some Triple Crown L/S. The people there were SO nice and I'm going back to talk more about mineral balancing, etc
 Gave Laz a quick groom, put on his shipping boots and we were locked and loaded.
He loaded like a Champ.
 I drove ahead with Mason to our new barn....my heart followed behind me in the trailer.
 Pulling onto our new dirt road to new barn!
I can't wait to see how gorgeous it will be come Fall time colors!
 Lots of road riding to be done in our future

Schmodel Laz 
 My new BO and I had Laz out in the front pasture (also riding area) first to start slowly with getting him adjusted
 Laz walked right up to the barn, like "Ok, I likez"
This running and trotting and bucking and playing went on for about 30 minutes.
He was quite sweaty but happy, and licking and rolling.  I'll be damned if he trotted without a limp, but I know that boy, and it was all a show.  
 Checking out the open stalls (left open for the 4 boys 24/7 for water, shelter, etc) 
Love the set up
Oh, and meet Scout.
He loves Laz so far
 A lot
 "See Scout, I can Trotz reaal fasttttter than yous.  I dont has nooo bad feets"
 Laz rolling around
 Checking out gates opening out to pasture #2 and a new potential sand rolling spot
 Into pasture 2, and meeting OTTB Red and Paint/WB Justin over fence

 We left all the 4 pastures open so the boys could introduce themselves while I brought my stuff into the tack room.  I stayed for about 4 hours and made sure all was well.
(Truth be told, I could have stayed longer but alas, life calls, and Laz was totally happy)
 Biscuit, one of Mason's 2 new girlfriends
 View of pasture 4
 While I was moving my stuff in, it was beautiful and sunny and started to rain
A Monkey's wedding!!!

 Ottb Red comes in to check out the new guy
 Scout says "NO..he's MY OTTB!!!!!"
 Laz: "Wait...you sez you raced too???!"
Red: "Yup"
Laz: "Cool"
Red: "Cool"
The 'track' system leading from pasture 1,2 down to 3 and 4.

 The quiet (I think) dirt road in front of the barn. Great potential for riding here and there is a HUGE state park about 1.5 miles away.
I've been invited to join the barn girls to trail ride together so I'll see how Laz is doing and if I'm brave enough to do that in public just yet.  We would trailer over, so we'll see.  If not this time, for sure the next.
I have't even ridden Laz in a saddle this year, so not sure I should just do that for our first time out.
Track back up to barn

Pasture 3, and 4.  Laz is in 3 munching away. 
It's hard to tell here but there is a great hill so I'm hoping this will help his conditioning even more.
So much room to play!!!!!!

 Ok, Lazzieee Pooooo, I'm leaving.............
 Laz?? Lazaroo? 
Ok, Laz. As they say in Jersey; Do you.
This was sent to me about 2 hrs after I left from the new BO.
Happy horses.
Here's to new beginnings and hoping that Lazarus loves the barn I chose.
I'll be out there tomorrow and Sunday to make sure all is well.
I suspect he may be a bit sore from all the show work made up dressage he did, but hopefully not too bad.


  1. Wow talk about turnout heaven! He looks really happy there. Good choice :)

  2. Wholy crap!! Maybe I should bring my Enzo and Kaspin over!!! Looks great!! And Laz looked really happy!!! Congrats!!!!

  3. let me know if anyone leaves 'cause Lance is moving in!!! i currently pay $450

  4. Yowza, those are some nice pastures!! Salem's jealous. ;-)

    SO glad you found a good barn closer to your house where Laz will be well cared for and happy -- looks like he's got a great start on that!

  5. How gorgeous is that place!! And Laz looks right at home so quickly...that's wonderful! It definitely looks like you made the right choice...and I'm totally jealous of your board rate too. The more we're forced to ride in the crappiest of crappy sand rings (the rain has just made it unridable in certain areas) the more I think riding on a nice grass surface would be just heavenly. Congratulations to you and Lazzaroo:)

  6. This place looks fantastic!!!! And I love that Laz likes his new friends. What a great dirt road to ride on and future trail ride possibilities in the state park. Heaven!

  7. Wow that place is absolutely gorgeous!!! I bet you're both going to absolutely love it. :D I'm so glad you found it and got him there. It's so beautiful. And a huge state park 1.5 miles away! Jealous! I'm so happy for you.