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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your guess is as good as mine

Skin irritations.
These are not hock sores.
These are some sort of skin irritation/allergic something that Laz has dealt with every Spring.
They appear and he rub, rub, rubs them on everything to itch them.
I figured out in this post that they iiiiiiiiitched instead of hurt.

On Saturday, they took on a new look...just from Thursday. 
They went from small scabs (I thought I had them under control by putting cortisol anti itch cream on them all winter) to HUGE, pussy, hairless marks of about 6" inches long on his left hind and about half the size on his right hind and itchy.
Vet's coming Thursday to do a scrape.
It's about time I figure out what it is and treat it properly.
Any guesses??
I'm thinking possibly mites? gross...I know.
Or some allergy to seasonal changes? A fungus??
Why there? Don't know
No changes in diet, or products, etc.

The photos below are from last June..

And from this week
Before it's scrubbed clean, because Laz insists on being covered in mud from ear tip to toe
 After I clean it out
 A zoom on it
 My weapons
 He could care less when I treat the 'wounds'
He's more interested in pulling out everything in my bucket one at a time
 Far pic but look at his trot!
 And I brought these out..time to work on his belly
So....any guesses???


  1. Ew that zoom shot is pretty nasty lol. I have no idea what it could be...it just looks like something that would be super itchy though! Would love to know what the vet thinks.

  2. No real guesses here either ... it does sort of look like a fungus? Maybe something from his tail? Weird. Hope you get it figured out. It looks itchy!

  3. I'm sorry, I don't know what's on Laz either. Some sort of seasonal dermatitis or something??...

    He looks so good, I love the trot pic!!

  4. Trot looks fabulous! Look at Laz go!
    Ugh, I just haven't a clue on his sores...I swear by MTG to treat all manner of weird skin issues though:) Spring brings out the weird, that's for sure.
    I pulled Miles blanket off this morning...I love that he's naked but I know he is going to be just COVERED in mud by tomorrow, if he isn't already, sigh:)

  5. Oh! Sorry that those have gotten so big! Obviously, the snow has melted too...making a tantalizing mud pack-for your sweetie Laz.

    Wa has those too. Hers are scared over, at present. Hers are from laying down on harder surfaces.
    Usually, hers come on the worst in the height of summer, when the horses stay out 24/7-no matting system to cushionON THE HARDER GROUND.

    Maybe a fungus in your mud has made it worse (IF THAT IS BEDDING SORES) cleaning it, to much, may actually keep it from healing, crusting over.

    Pantz gets those, very deeply, on her front patterns. My sis found some"pastern wraps", that stay on and protect. I know they make "hock protectors"to do the same. Till the itchy-body syndrome goes away from spring shedding and such.
    (if that is what it is?!)

    Be well, you'll know what to do soon enough! Glad you are having your vet out -for that handsome Laz man!

  6. Eeewww, those look pretty nasty! You're right, they definitely do not look like hock sores. And they certainly aren't scratches. But since he only gets them a certain time of year, I would think it's gotta be some kind of contact dermatitis, allergies, a certain fungus or spore that's abundant this time of year...?? Personally, I would lay off the betadine because it's pretty harsh and can damage epitheleal cells (but maybe wait and see what the vet says).

  7. First time poster, here...

    Have you heard of Zephyr's Garden? They have all natural, herbal products that are really wonderful. Georgette (owner) is brilliant with herbs and their uses and could probably cousel you if you send her pics of Laz's hocks. You can find Zephyr's Garden on Facebook or Google it. Georgette is usually willing to help with specific cases and answer questions. Good luck!

  8. Thanks Megan, I'll check them out and no I hadn't heard of it.

    Friz- of course, I've been BATHING him in Betadine, lol. Jeez. I thought I read that it was great for fungusy spots.

    KK-I know, I feel that scrubbing it makes it unable to heal, however I have no choice with the MUCK that is on it. I dont want it to get infected. I dont think they are bedding sores b/c he basically has soft areas everywhere and the sores are actually indented ..so if they were sores from laying down, there are other spots that hit the ground first.

    Sarah-I almost went to get MTG but then I thought I'd wait until vet before adding another item to my tack locker ;) I've heard great things about that stuff too though

    It's so random....I know they itch and I know I want them GONE!

  9. I'm no help, but I hope Laz's wounds heal up quick! I'm sure that's no fun for either of you!

  10. Poor guy! I'll be interested to hear what the vet thinks.

  11. Could be a form of hock sores - depending on how he lies and where he puts pressure on. Maybe next time the vet visits, you could ask about them.

  12. Hmm derm stuff is not my strong point! I agree with you that it doesn't really look like a pressure related sore though.

    What is your de-worming schedule like?

  13. Jessica-he hasn't been wormed since Oct 09. I'm having another round of fecal tests on him (he was clear last time) to check. I'm nervous to worm him again due to re-triggering laminitis. His laminitis, I'm almost 10000% sure was caused by chemical due to his colic/fever, and the meds he had to be placed on. He never fared well with vaccines, etc. He reacts very strongly to certain things internally.

  14. It looks like hock sores gone wild. Maybe started as one thing and turned into another? Maybe a relative of rain rot? Wish I could help!

  15. Actually I would just leave the scab and muck on it. It's not bleeding or really open, there's probably a scab underneath the muck. I bet it would heal up underneath if left alone.

  16. You might want to check on what the fecals you have run actually check for. I thought we were getting checked for everything except tapes, but my "clean" horse began passing roundworns, lots of them. When I called the vet I found out they only check for strongyles!

  17. Hmm that almost looks like the hot spots my dog used to get. I've never heard of horses getting them though. Let us know what the vet says. I'm curious. If it is a fungus I agree with Sarah. MTG is a lifesaver.

    The trot picture is fantastic. He's moving so well!

  18. Kristen, I was just wondering if possibly those spots could have something with a parasite of some sort since it sounds like he gets them in the spring and that's when some parasites start to emerge. Sounds like your vet gave you something to try on it, I hope it works!

    I want to second what anonymous mentioned before, fecals don't check for all parasites and having a negative fecal doesn't mean that Laz is parasite free. For example, fecals can't pick up on tapeworms or encysted small strongyles. Tapeworms have been implicated in causing some colics because they love to hang out where the small intestine dumps into the cecum.

    I know you are really hesitant to give Laz any medications, but I just wanted to make sure you know not to trust a fecal 100%. Horse care is never that simple is it?

    It sounds like your farm doesn't have a lot of horses coming and going, so if they are all on good parasite control Laz should probably be pretty protected. It might be something worth bringing up with your vet.

    Also I saw on the other thread you were questioning as to if you should vaccinate Laz against EEE. That's a tough call, and as a fellow laminitic horse owner I understand being nervous about what you put into your horse. Prince doesn't get vaccinated for everything, but two of the vaccines he does get are west nile virus and EEE/WEE. I've seen first hand horses die from west nile disease (absolutely devastating), and EEE has a mortality rate of 75-90%. Very scary!!

    We (knock on wood) haven't had an EEE case in Illinois in a while, but we do have WNV commonly. Michigan (that's where you are from right?) doesn't have as many WNV cases, but last year there were 56 cases of EEE.

    I'm lucky that Prince isn't as sensitive as Laz is to things. I can only imagine trying to make the hard choices you have to make for your horse. Laz is lucky he has such a caring horse Mom. =-)

  19. I am waiting on his fecal test back and I will email to find out what it tests for. Great points Ladies!
    Regarding EEE vaccine. I just feel like I can't risk giving him something that I know he reacts poorly too....maybe taking my chances with EEE or WNV is a better chance for us.
    I wish I could bubble wrap him but I can't. If he gets a rare disease, maybe it's the chance I have to take vs. knowing he will founder again and be uncomfortable daily, or worse...
    I wish they could break up the EEE vaccine so I could give it in smaller doses but they dont.
    I am using a holistic nosode of EEE to try and help him in some form of protection. The high mortality rate is very very scary. I just try to think, what are the chances that a mosquito will bite an infected bird, and then bite my horse. I'm hoping very low to zero.
    Fingers crossed!