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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best sister EVER!

So, my younger sister's creative talent is amazing.  These are just a few of the shots (she took like 400 so far) of Laz and I, she took with her camera and killer skills!
She loves his eye and thinks he makes a great muse.

Love his wet neck from being hosed off in this picture.

He was awesome for the photo shoot...so relaxed and I think enjoying being center of attention.  He is after all, an ex race horse and used to the paparazzi
Yea Mason!
He was really being ham that day, and she said she finally saw that goofy personality.
Ya think?
So far, this one below is in my top 10...I mean what a handsome boy-it's almost unfair!!! ;)

And back to regular cell phone pictures...boo.
Laz's hoof is looking funktastic but Cliff came out last night to check on a flare/crack that I texted to him and trim him on the spot. Cliff simply CARES and wants Laz to succeed. It's such tremendous support.
Laz is actually walking great and acting like that dead hoof that was trimmed off is not an issue and almost seems more comfortable. I'm off to NYC until Tuesday with my sister so the BO is going to keep her eye on him but we suspect he'll be just fine.  If he's gimpy limpy more, Cliff will hoof cast him to aid him through.
It looks like a saw went thru his hoof, doesn't it? The new growth though is good and strong.
We just have a while before this dead hoof pushes off and Cliff wants Laz to determine when it comes off slowly.
So due to another rain storm, Laz got a new awesome hair cut via me begging the BO to roach it!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think he looks like a British Sport TB and he loves it!
I know, a lot of you with horses that rub off their manes are probably gasping...but with his THICK mane, and manly good looks, I think a summer mohawk totally rocks on this brown boy.

And now for some videos....I thought since I'm taking a 5-6 day hiatus, I'd leave you with PLENTY of Laz, lol!!

Video of BO "C" walking him to see if we could tell if he was more lame since yesterday, after the 'emergency' trim of his hoof from last night. Well, it was NOT an emergency..just unexpected, sort of.  He seems to be doing great, still! Whew!

Last year, Lazarus had these odd sores on his hock areas, but actually like inside this cove where his hock and ankle are (I think that's his ankle?? back knee?) and I had thought they were from laying down, but now I think they are just itchy spots that he must dig at.  I found that out today while scraping off his dirty scabs to put medicine on it...you'll see what I mean when you watch the video:

This video is just me running with him being he was in such a fun mood today!
He feels good, little British Sporthorse!
Obviously he still limps, but with a few more Chiro adjustments and letting his hoof continue to grow and watching his diet, I hope to get Lazarus back to a healthy boy....well, healthier, because he is happy and healthy now considering!


  1. The new hoof growth looks fantastic! Those itchy spots on the back legs - Noble gets those really badly too - I think it's just a minor skin thing when the weather's hot and humid - I use Listerine and just rub his legs down with that and it seems to help with the "cruddies". Love the photos!

  2. Your sister does amazing work! Those are great shots!

    So glad to hear that he is healing to well! Fantastic news!

  3. The hock is technically the ankle on us. :) It's interesting to know that we have the same joints and such as our horses/dogs/cats/etc, just different bone lengths! :3

    He looks so funny when you're scratching him. "OOooohhh that feels gooooooddddd!!"

  4. Aw, his poor feetsies! Really though, that new growth looks great-it's just not everyday you see a hoof like that.
    I think he looks GREAT with his new hairdo! I admit I wouldn't have the guts to do it but Laz has a great neck and it looks kick ass on him:)
    Your sister is very talented! Great pictures and a great post!

  5. His feet look crazy! But in a good way! I LOVE the video of his face when you're scratching his hock! So adorable! Denali gets that face when I clean her girly parts off, but I won't video that ;0)

    Have fun in NYC and don't sweat to death!

  6. Awww, so cute! Have a great time in NYC. I recently found a shampoo that does amazing things... totally takes care of all the crud. It's called Lucky Braids, and its a treatree oil shampoo. I'll never go back to anything else!

  7. 400 pictures!!?? How cool is that?!

    Laz really is the cutest horse ever (I know I say this EVERY time), he just is! I absolutely love his eyes and cute little head :-).

  8. OMG!!! Laz is sooooo funny. Now you know what spot to scratch when he is nervous lol!!
    Good job on handling him when he was kicking out in excitement. I love watching your videos!

  9. Your sister really took wonderful photos of your boy. He is just adorable. Have a great time in NYC. I hope it cools down a little for you.
    I have been reading all your posts...sorry no comments...I keep trying but they don't publish. The accident post was scary - so glad the people were ok.
    Great videos!

  10. K- I love the pics! My faves (besides all of them!) are numbers 1,2,3. The eye, the eye, always the eye. I have a framed shot of Jackson's eye in two spots in my tiny house! So expressive, showing you the pureness of their soul, much more so then ours EVER could. #2--Incredibly sweet pic of you and Laz, totally should be framed. #3--Mason. Ah Mason. Need we expound on how perfect that pic is? My two friends dogs just died tragically last Sat.---really, really bad--and I cry just thinking of her pain... FRAME those three for sure and the cute one of Laz and his tongue and of course that cute one (#5) as well! But the first three had me as soon as I saw them. Does sis wanna see Tx (if I don't get the HECK outtal here!!) or FL on her next visit? :) Always welcome. Not all horses can pull off the roach and Laz does it well! Have fun in NYC, I am from Philly so I have hit those streets a ton! My friend lives there too, so I always have a free bed! You won my blog giveaway--the tack cleaner--(sorry, random drawing)so send me your address at pinkcurlytail@yahoo.com
    I sell the shoes through a high scale store downtown on the Riverwalk, and the owner can't even keep 'em in stock, so if you really want one, all you have to do is do a little cabinentry work for me....ha ha! JK. No, that aside, we can come up with a price that is reasonable (all depends on what you want!).... I can't belive what this lady gets for them, but I tend to do really detailed work for her, my most expensive selling shoe EVER was $75! Those stones get costly for those though! I can do one (didn't you like the blue?) like that on a pony shoe for $15 plus the priority mail which is like 4 somethin'. Of course, I should make it now, even if you don't want one,I am in the middle of a move.... If you want it on one of Laz' old shoes, it wont cost more, but if you want LARGE horse size they run a little more, again it all depends! Get your orders in now, especially for xmas! God, I sound LIKE an advertisement, but Megan over at WetReins bought some for Xmas last year and loved them! (And can you tell, that I do this when the mood hits? Creativity has to strike, not be a JOB!) I won't have time to make any for the downtown store due to this darn move, but I make exceptions for my blog buds! MAJOR monetary exceptions! :)
    Loved the vids! I decided to go with EasyBoot Gloves as soon as I heard how simple they are to put on, and they have NO HARDWARE! The Epics (from reviews) said they could take up to 10 min to put on! OH LORD. I don't have that much patience when I go to ride! I need ON MY HORSE NOW! :) Easy Gloves, less than 3 minutes! And you can rent a fitting kit for only s*h to get your fit right! SWEET AS!
    SO get me your address, and you can pop in a good movie and clean some tack! I am a nerd. I put on a movie and just clean away...I think that may be the only time I don't have my nose in a book! I have recently switched to Effax LederBalsam. OMG! So German wonderful!
    But leather CPR is great too!
    Cheers, sorry for the book! :)

  11. Aaaaww, Laz is rockin' that 'hawk!! Too cute! Should be much cooler for these muggy summer days.
    The photos are awesome -- LOVE the one with Laz making a big yawn-y mule face, lol. And, wow, your sis must have one hell of a camera!
    Every time you put up a pic of Laz's founder-foot, it looks better and better. That new growth is strong and healthy and tight. That yucky ugly stuff will be gone in no time! Woooohoooo!

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  13. Yeah for the mohawk, woohooo!!!!

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