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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Treatment of mystery spots

Somewhat inconclusive.
Vet thinks it could be some fungal, allergy related something.
He didn't do a scrape because it said it would just show yeast, bacteria, etc and he already knew that was there. 
So, gave me a tube of this and I'm supposed to treat until it's gone.

You can read some info here regarding Animax Ointment
It's the constant struggle of "Is this OK to put on my horse?" 
"Does it trigger any complications to his laminitis?"
Per my Vet, he says it's OK to use but always watch and if I see anything different, discontinue use and call him.  So far, he's totally fine with his 1st treatment, which I'm going to put on every other day instead of everyday, which Vet ok'ed as well.  
As it progressively heals, he said to use Aloe and Vit E to repair skin tissue. 
Cool. THAT I like.

In other words, I just ordered some products from Zephyr's Garden, to see how they will work in the future.
Fly spray, healing balm, and anti itch spray. 
Couldn't resist the Free Shipping today and coupon code for $10 OFF is "Friend"
So treat yourselves too! :)
Zephyr is a beautiful barefoot Bay....hmmmm....looks sorta like someone else I know!

We'll see how our treatment goes, and how our new ZG products are (I wont mix my ZG products while using the Animax..they are for future use).
Georgette at Zephyr's did get me started with great info and was amazingly sweet to chat with via email...says a lot about a company :)

Side note, I still struggle with vaccines. My vet and I talked about the EEE vaccine again.
My gut says NO.  I worry I'm exposing Laz to too much, but on the other hand, I KNOW that he doesn't respond well to the vaccines.  
What's a horse Mom to do....
I guess...go with my gut for now and hope it's the right choice for him.
I have my holistic remedy for EEE and will do that again and hope it actually works.


  1. I hope that ointment works! I love your yellow nails :)

  2. Animax (aka Panalog) is great stuff. Gentle but effective. Hopefully it won't have any adverse effects on Laz. I thought the same thing about your nails! :)

  3. Yep, Animax can work some wonders, and hopefully it will do its magic on Laz's Icky Spots! I'm glad that it sounds like something pretty minor.

    Also, a combo of whole flax seed and Wendal's Herbs Stop Itch is the magic bullet for some horses down here in FL who have major itching problems. Certs was rubbed raw even while on steroids until his owner started that combo, so you might want to keep it in mind. (I believe the anti-inflammatory properties of the Omega 3 fatty acids in the flax really help calm itching.)

    And I'll have to go check out Zephyr's Garden, thanks for the link. :-)

  4. I was going to also suggest flax seed... Willie always gets seasonal allergies and itchiness, and has been prone to skin cruddies in the past. Flax works wonders for him, and I'm pretty sure I feed much less than the "recommended" amount, too.

    Hopefully Laz heals up quickly!

  5. I hope you get his situation healed with as little medication as possible. What a worry these babies cause!

  6. I'm glad the vet didn't think it was a big deal. I'm sure the medicine will take care of it. It is strange that it comes back every year though. I bet it's allergy related.

    I'm going to check out the link. Thanks for the coupon code. :)

  7. the poor baby!!! Weird little injuries! as I was reading your post I was reminded of how valuable a good vet is. Can you imagine even being a vet? That would be so stressful, having to care for everyone's animals! I think about vaccines too. I have insurance for my mare and they require a few vaccines that I otherwise would never do. harumph! I will be reading to see how the ointment works.

  8. Animax is awesome stuff. Hope it works :) Also love the yellow nails.

  9. I am terrified of giving Denali her shots. TERRIFIED!!!!!