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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Oh, Hi Mom! Guess what...can you groom me especially good today because I'm diiiiirty!"

What a pig he is! :) Literally had sand in his ear and eyelashes! Thank god it was a warmer day today, that I could stand being outside for a couple of hours without wanting to dive under his blanket. I yanked his dirty blanket and groomed this pig for about an hour and boy did he enjoy it!

This is a good sign to me, showing that he laid on his right side, using his right rear to prop him up. This is the leg that showed the most rotation and was the most severe.
Hmmmm...seems to be getting better?!

Mason is very cautious around Lazarus and basically scared of him. He was once out in the pen with me, when he ran to the BO in excitement to play and ran thru the electric pen. OUCH!!!! I think he associates all horses with electricity now. It's ok, I'd rather he be cautious than overbearingly confident around horses that could kick/hurt him.
"Mom, are you in here? Where's that big brown thing that zaps me?"
So here is Laz's before I groomed shot. Phew!
Ahhh, clean
(see..when I say he literally eats all day..he does!!! This was two hours later and somehow I got the exact same shot!)

Close up of the Mati evil eye that protects him.
(yes, I know, I need to trim his bridle path soon! eyikes)

And for Mason the wonderdog. He loves playing out there, loves the snow...that dog lives to love life!
If he were a horse, I would have it SO easy. He would be an easy keeper, maintains weight, he would be barefoot no doubt with great feet, his coat is getting glossy b/c I put him on Cocosoya, plays well with everyone and loooooves to work.

What horse breed would Mason be?
Maybe a Perch/TB horse cross?
At any rate, if Mason was a horse, he would be able to jump high, do dressage, chase cows, cross country, allow children to ride him safely as well as get blue ribbons for someone advanced.
He is just that dog with a HUGE heart and natural athletic ability.

So, being that I yanked off Laz's blanket and took an hour to really groom, curry, brush him and look at this body today; I thought I would ask a question. Do you take pictures and compare to see how your horse's bodies are doing. I think the pictures below are very interesting in terms of his changes.
This is Laz fresh off the track, in September of 2008
Here is sweet Laz and I this past September 2009 (can you believe like two weeks before his colic/laminitis..ugh). I think he looks good, lean strong and bright. My vet assures me his ribs will always show being a Thoroughbred, but I don't like ribby horses. I like a little bit of cushion weight so when they do get sick (like he did) they can afford to loose some without it being overly traumatic.
I know many of you have Thoroughbreds...in their prime shape, do their ribs show? Not in scary skinny terms, I know that difference, I mean when they are working/stretching/bending- you see their ribs. Right? Or is my boy just a thinner babe? Is each TB so different?

This photo was today, Feb 2010. I can see his ribs (although not in this photo really) and he hay a bit of a hay belly. This is also his winter coat (which doesn't get too thick hence the heavyweight blanket he wears) which should make him look fuller. He literally eats ALL day and it's grass hay, per vet. I know he wants him lean right now so there is as little pressure on his feet, I get that. I'll have him look at him once again for our next appt towards the end of the month, just to make sure. I will also ask when he can start getting his missed vaccinations/wormers, etc. He pulled him off everything due to his laminitic case that may have been caused by his colic fever and/or meds. Being that Laz welted up for Xmas to his G.U.T. I think his body is extremely sensitive.


  1. You call that dirty? That is my horse on a clean day :P I have taken pictures of my horses all the time since I started the blog, but I am ashamed to say that prior to 2 years ago I only took pictures at show or in the winter when it snowed (a dappled grey in snow just looks so handsome). If I remember correctly when Gen was in work I could not see any ribs, but I could feel them. These days my tubby boy (like owner like horse?) hides them pretty well unless I stay on top of it. I know that know that my horse is injured my vet says he wants to see 2 ribs on Gen all the time so that is what we have been trying to do. He has lost too much weight on his diet and I can shoulder bones now so Gen is going to get a bump in his feed. If you are happy with Laz's weight I wouldn't worry about it. If you start to see shoulder bones like I am is the only time that I would start to worry. Especially with his issues, like Gen, keeping extra weight off the legs is not going to hurt.

  2. I love the shot of Mason peeking in the stall! Very cute. To me, off-the-track-Laz looks too thin. He looks great in the photo of you riding him. He also looks good in the "now" photo - maybe a little "droopy" in the belly, but that is to be expected without exercise. I think Pie and Sovey look good in person, but as soon as I snap a photo, I see their ribs. It is weird. I know Pie is rounder than Sovereign. Sovey is just a runty "racetrack" looking TB. Pie is more Hunter looking. Just like us, they all are built differently. Hopefully, Laz will be able to move more in the future and get some muscle tone back!

  3. Mason is so cute! What is the "Cocosoya" you have him on? I need to look into that, might help my boy out a bit.

    Laz is really a handsome boy, even after having been laid off for so long. What's the story with the Mati thing?

  4. Michelle-
    Here is a link, its the same Cocosoya I use for Laz- you may have to cut and paste this: http://www.victoryequine.com/cocosoyaoil.html
    The Mati is a Greek evil eye that wards away bad things! I swear it's what made Laz take his 1st positive turn. I put it on him the evening the vet thought he wasn't going to make it and the next morning he started getting better for me!
    Juliette-isnt that photo of Laz off the race track just awful. I agree..so skinny! When I brought him home (aka where we board now) about a month later, the vet wanted 200 lbs on him which we got in the following year.
    He does have a droopy belly and in fact is baggy everywhere, it will take some time to recondition. I love a Hunter looking TB! :)
    OTB-you are right, he wasn't too dirty but being he had blanket on and has like a 16 x 16 pen that he's restricted too, it's amazing how dirty he does get himself! I can't imagine if he was a gray like Gen, I would buy stock in shampoo. :)