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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Mom's visit

As I mentioned before, my Parents are in town! They live in Evanston (just outside of Chicago) and have been little world travelers since this past July (Greece, London, Cape Town, Durban, etc) and it's so nice to have them staying with my Husband and I for a couple of weeks. They were gone during the whole starting colic/laminitis but we talked on phone, skype or email so they knew everything going on with Lazarus. While they are not sick with the horse obsession, they do know and support my sickness. ;)

Here is my sweet little Mom loving up on Lazarus, hiding her fear of her initial statement "Jesus..did he get taller?!"

Within moments, he was soft and kind to her, so she felt very safe around Laz and really enjoyed her time with him.
He groomed her a little even and stole a button which we retrieved.
Little family photo of the brunettes!
Then it was puppy time. Mason's new playmate, Carley is literally growing by the day! Here is she on top of the shavings pile, looking out all around her. So funny that she waddled up there on her own.
She's got a natural watchful eye

Up close and personal with Carley

She has totally fallen in love with Mason and licks him whenever she can
Mason diving in the 10" or so of snow that is out there. Fluffy and clean

The restful horses looking back thinking we are crazy.
Laz's back posture has gotten really wierd due to his laminitis, he is standing like a cow in this picture! Thankfully, he doesn't do that all the time, but I don't care how he looks as long as he's comfortable and happy.

The Michigan sunshine, lol!


  1. Love the pictures of your mom with Laz - what a sweetie!

  2. The photos are just wonderful. Your mom looks like she is becoming a true horseperson. And Laz...he looks like he is aware of his strength and is being very careful. I can't believe he stole a button! And the puppies - too cute!

  3. Aaawww, Laz totally hearts your mom! How cute! :-D