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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Abscess look out

We are on a 'watch out' for a hoof abscess.
The very knowledgeable BO pointed out today, when we were looking at Laz's 'bad' leg (his rear right) that it has a new bubbled look to it. I tried to draw an arrow/circle around the area that looks as if it's coming over the top area slightly. Looks like it will abscess in the future, nothing that looks quite ready to pop but is giving him new tenderness.
I brush his legs to create better stimulation after I unwrap them (quilts/bandage wraps) and noticed he was more tender when brushing this leg.
Poor man. The vet told us to expect it, so I'm keeping a close on for when it blows. We treated one abscess when we were doing his Styrofoam shoes, so this shouldn't be too awful. I just hope that damn abscess doesn't time to blow out near his next round of shoes and delay that for his comfort.

Whitley, the new puppy, has been given her new name of "Carley" and is adapting quite well playing with her sister trying to snooze in the hay while we are working in the barn.
And yes, a little Purina Senior feed helps when trying to take 'family' pictures. My goal is to try to get one of Billy, myself, Laz, and the two pups: Mason and Pudge. We'll see if that happens...lol!
I always think Laz is so tall except when my 6'3" husband stands next to him, he looks pony-ish!
Laz is seeming to do well on his maintenance dosages of Equioxx which I am pleased about.
He gets between a half dose on colder days, and a third of a dose on better/warmer days. For about a week after his new shoes, he gets a full dose and that is pretty much needed. I keep reading better tests of Equioxx vs Bute for its gastric, liver and kidney health, so I'm happy about that. I am just not a person that pops an Advil when I get a headache, I'm not 100% for medicine, but for him..I try to do what I can that helps keep him comfortable and happy. I am afraid to make any holistic changes and take him off any meds right now.
The full dose is approximately $8.50 a day, which kinda sucks but in the scheme of things...I just think of it as I don't eat lunch that day! ;)
Ramen noodles anyone?


  1. Keeping him on meds is probably less expensive than the consequences of not doing so! You might try rice and beans - same price, better for you. :)

  2. Well, I am starting to feel like a salesperson for this stuff since I blither about it all the time -- but, if he does have an abscess, White Lightning is absolutely the best stuff for clearing those up quickly. It also works for thrush, White Line Disease, etc. I love it because it kills bacteria, fungus, etc., but does zero damage to hoof material.
    You can buy it/read about it here -- http://www.grandcircuitinc.com/products.asp?cat=White+Lightning
    Oh, and Laz is looking great! :-D

  3. Poor Laz! Not something else on top. I hope his abscess pops quickly. He deserves a rest from all this trouble! Thinking good thoughts about the big (pony next to your husband) boy. Hey!!! I just spied the posters! Thanks! They look great!

  4. Poor guy! Hope the abscess clears up quickly for both of you. I'm going to look up the White Lightening stuff, that sounds good to have on hand. Oh, and the puppy is soooo cute!

  5. Juliette-that is not my official 'shout out'..it's still yet to come! :)

    Frizzle-the White Lightening looks good, not sure it's for abscess though. But..good product to know for possible future ailments (please no!)

    Breathe-I'm a vegan, so I do loooove my rice and beans! :)

  6. Poor Laz is so expensive... yep, eat cheap and feed(/drug) the horse. That way, everyone's happy. ;-)

  7. Yep, it works very well on abscesses -- it cleared up Salem's in one treatment (although his was very small). It kills fungus, bacteria, viruses, and spores.

  8. Frizzle-really!? Well..this is a possible abscess, although it really looks like it's coming. Did you do a soaking in any salts to drain it or just apply this magic WL to it?
    I have a feeling it's going to be a nasty one.

  9. Will you soak his foot to draw out the abscess? I wonder if soaking doesn't even help much unless it is very near to blowing out. Poor guy! I feel for him. YEAY VEGAN! Do people realize how yummy beans and rice really are? I think they are quite tasty!

  10. BSB-no soaking yet..I was talking about soaking it in epsom salted water once it does blow. For now, I'm literally just watching it and waiting. I dont think soaking it would do any good..it could be weeks before it comes.
    I know..poor boy, he has endured a lot since October. He maintains a good attitude and I am shocked about it sometimes!
    Veganism is fun..I made the switch last March and love love love it. It's easy and makes grocery shopping easy! I hit the produce, bulk nuts/grains, and bean area, and done! I do eat seafood though, so I'm not completely vegan but no meat, dairy, eggs, etc. Are u a Vegan too? Any other horse peeps?! :)

  11. I'm not vegan, but I gave up red meat when I was 10 and all meat when I was 12. I do eat dairy, but I don't eat any meat whatsoever, or gelatin (it contains ground-up cow bones). So, I'm not quite vegan. Oh, and I have heard that peeps who eat seafood are actually called pescatarians!
    As for the White Lightning, I didn't know Salem had an abscess until it blew out. I did one WL treatment and it cleared right up (but it was also super tiny).