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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Steady Laz comes back

The past couple of weeks, Laz has had CRAZY energy
He was pushy, herd bound, spooking at everything and anxious.
This was on the ground none the less.
I don't know what caused it, but I've lowered his Chia intake, weather is a bit better and he's come back to earth.
I think he senses when I'm fed up
In the midst of this energy, I was trying to funnel it into working and playing our ground work games to give him mental focus and well as reminding him that I am his partner/leader and not a herd mate.  We had a come to Jesus conversation when I was trotting and running along side him and he went to playfully bite at me. 
Um, say what?! I went full on MARE on him and he looked at me like "Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, ya right...sorry sorry sorry."

So, training aside. Spring is definitly in the air.
1. Laz is like MOLTING. 
It is officially do NOT wear chapstick at barn or else you will have a furried upper/lower lip
2. His itchy spots on his hock area are back and they always appear in Spring and get weepy in summer. When I had the vet out last week, I had her look at it and told her it's been 2+ yrs and what I've tried (Animax, Coconut oil, zephyrs anti itch, MTG) all products that I LOVE..but none that really healed it unfortunately. 
Oh and I would put the holy water Vetryicyn on it but wouldn't you know I let it FREEZE solid and now it's no good. 
Yea, for $28 down the toilet
She gave me a new product to try...so we'll see
It's one of her favorites, new to me.
I've been putting it on so far for a few days.

Next up, big news. Last May...yup last MAY, I bought a barefoot treeless saddle.
I found an almost brand new used Tahoe Classic for under  $700 with leathers/irons and shipping so I jumped on it. I knew I liked that model because it's a hybrid of English, Dressage, Trail friendly Pack Mule saddle, lol. I thought it would be great to go treeless in hopes that it would fit Laz better. I worked with several professionals to pick the right one, right pad, etc so fingers crossed it pans out for us. I'll have Chiro double check fit on Laz next time he's out
So, I started tacking up.
Laz knocked over my saddle instantly
"Wha dis??? I never had dis on me...?!"
OMG fat pony alert! 
Buddha belly anyone? 
Time to do some crunches....er, for us both really.
And with this treeless, they recommend using a dressage girth.
Since I've ridden 0  minutes in dressage, I purchased one that I thought would fit.

So; dressage people...is this girth too small??? 
Should it extend up higher to actually be resting on pad on both sides? If so, we are WAY off.
This saddle actually cracks me up. It's not going to win in the beauty dept, but I hope it's comfortable for us both which was my goal. I still have my beautiful AP Crosby but I'm sure right now, it would pinch at his shoulders...I may be selling it...but I love that saddle (Wah!)
My old days of a young H/J people wouldn't even recognize our daily ghetto ways...and it's ok.
 My goal was to see how Laz went in this/any saddle.
Last time he had a saddle on his back was last Feb (a year ago) for a day when I borrowed Enzo's Mom's saddle
I'm happy to report he trotted off like he's been wearing a saddle forEVER. He let out one buck/side kick but it was more in excitement and didn't throw an odd move after.
He was really moving out
omg...I was dying with happiness
 He was stretching down (grass motivated clearly) but it showed me he was comfortable
 Looking good...
Laz has such a downhill feel to him when riding, and I see it even on the flat
 He was moving so well, his wits seemed to be in a perfect place I figured I would test our luck and take him out on a road walk in the saddle.
I brought him back to the barn
Look at my sweet gentleman who STAYED standing, in saddle (me=risk much?) and waited for me to get helmet/bridle. 
Say what, perfect pony!??! 
UGH..these are the moments that I LOOOOOVE him so much. 
Always willing to go go go go and when he's tuned in...he is TUNED in
He was great.
Riding in a saddle feels 100% odd to me after almost 2 yrs bareback, but it's time.
I'll still alternate, but in order to ride some real momentum, I'm needing the saddle.
Laz feels extra downhill in a saddle to me. I literally felt like I was sitting in a ladder on top of him. Bareback, I fit into his grooves so perfectly...
The road walk went great, we even did a little trot in a soft section and he moved out like a proper horse.  We had 4-5 cars pass us with no problem (they drive slower on this dead end road anyway) and even had a white poofy dog dash out to the road to try to attack us, and with some fancy side stepping, snorting and giraffe necking, Laz maintained his cool even though he was asking/telling "I may be running soon" lol. Thankfully Mason diffused the situation and the owner finally came out to get their little yapper.

Overall, Day 1 in saddle=success.


  1. That right hind may look like heck, but he doesn't mind using it :)

    I don't think the dressage girth has to meet the pad- at least I hope not, cause mine doesn't!

    1. Yep, as of late, he really doesn't mind stepping out on it. Now, this pasture is great because there is cushion to it due to long grass, but he's even been walking better on road :) Yea!!! Lots of WL soaks to help keep uber clean with exposed wall/old stretched laminae.

  2. I hate cannot wear chap stick days to the barn, LOL. Your girth is just fine. You want an inch or 2 inch away from saddle/pad. The saddle looks great! What are you talking about, LOL. Yeah, getting used to it will be weird. Took me a while also!! Have fun!

    1. It's strange..I think it looks SOOO bulky on him, but I guess it's not really...?! Maybe any saddle would look strange being I'm so used him without. I hope we transition into it nicely :)

  3. heck yea this is a great post!! I like that you have my same attitude - who cares what it looks like - if it works it works! I love his fat belly...mine are "fat" too. Someone commented the other day that Ella still looks pregnant, clearly they didn't see her when she WAS pregnant. :-) P.s. so glad I'm on my other computer & able to comment. I still read all your posts but my commenting section i think is blocked from my work computer lol

  4. Wow, great post, great day! Your girth and saddle look fine. And that right hind - NICE! He's really looking comfortable!

    1. Thanks Jen, we still have a way to go but YEA for moving progress :)

  5. It seriously must be something in the air... Reno also seems to think I am a pasture mate and almost took off with my sweatshirt in his teeth the other day. I really love the new saddle (all about comfort!). Laz seems comfortable and looks great!

  6. Laz looks great in his saddle!! Yay for you two!

  7. I've never been a fan of treeless saddles, I feel like they just wouldn't hold up like a tree saddle would. Also they usually are pretty ugly. Yours (despite what you may say) looks pretty good! Please give us an update down the road of how well it holds up! :)

  8. How weird that Lazaroo still gets those itchy hocks spots--I mean, you have tried everything under the sun to get rid of those things! I thought the spirulina would have taken care of them if they were allergies (??), but I wonder what else they could be...

    Congrats on the saddle! I've been wondering when you would bust that thing out. :-D I'm jealous that you get to ride your sweet boy. Although, I did actually lie across Saley's back last night and he was like, "Uuuuumm, what the heck are you doing, lady?!" I don't think he has ever been ridden bareback!

    1. I know, I was disappointed that the Spirulina didn't do the trick BUT I'm still remaining hopeful that A. it will help with how Laz likes to welt up during bug season, and B. it's a good green intake for him during winter regardless :) Those itchy hock things are WEIRD!!! Seems they are seasonal to me being the get irritated around the same spring time and then really bloom in yuck around July, but I'm not a vet so I can only guess.

  9. I LOVE that saddle, what a great buy!

    And tell me again what chia does?

    1. Liz- great info here: equinechia.com but I actually buy my organic chia from a vendor off amazon for cheaper. I basically use it for the ulcer preventative, the joint aid, and extra gloss it gives to his coat that makes it bunny soft. I'm scaling it way back, since we are eeking out of winter and he doesn't need as many calories.

  10. I like a shorter dressage girth (i.e. lower down on the billets). When the buckles are that high, they hit my stirrups/spurs (my legs always cause freaky things to happen. 16.2 h Encore....is getting a 20" dressage girth because the billets on his new saddle are so long. I guess I could cut them, that seems wrong somehow. But when I rode in my 24"...bang bang bang on my feet.

    But do whatever is comfortable for YOU and YOUR HORSE. If you go shorter, also make sure the buckles will not interfere with his elbows. There is no prescribed "correct" and if anyone tells you so, they are lying. Do what works for you.

    1. Such great advice! Thank you, I didn't even think about the buckles interfere with his elbows or my my legs, so I'll make note of both next time for sure.

  11. I have the same saddle for Minnie and I can tell you when you get to do long rides it is the most comfy saddle ever! I've done 4 hour rides in it without me or Minnie getting stiff or sore.
    A dressage girth shouldn't be up to the pad. Yours is just fine, or could even a bit lower, as long as it's comfortable for you and Laz.

    1. Oh great to hear!! Yes, I've spoken to a few of my friends that have same brand, different model, uses it on all different breeds etc. I'm happy to hear you like yours so much. My goal was to get a saddle that worked without having to spend $$$$ -either way no treeless is going to be 100% all the time, and the same for treed saddles, with backs/top lines changing, etc. It's always a guessing game. I hope it works for us and I opted for a sheepskin with room for shims if needed by barefoot too. Really cushy and hopefully gives his back the support he needs. :)

  12. Such a happy post! Yay! I am looking forward to more riding success updates from you :)

  13. I'm getting a sheepskin with room for shims too. (for the new saddle) And, my girth looks like it doesn't go high enough either. And - my poneh was looking plump to me today. We're copying you and Laz!

    Glad he was feeling good, but not too good. That picture where he's waiting for you (through the doors) is awesome!!