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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enjoying October

October is really becoming one of my favorite months.
It is perfect riding-no bugs, a slight chill to make it comfortable for both of us during riding and gorgeous Fall colors
This past week, I was able to see Laz Tues-Sun everyday! Glorious!
With weather changes, I really like to put my eyes on him daily
We rode a few times this week when the weather cooperated
 We rode apparently on garbage pick up day, which made for funny STARES (no spooking) when we road walked by every house.
Laz snorted at all of them, and then relaxed and licked and chewed; funny boy
 We found some beautiful grass along out walk and stopped for a little chew
 I rode him totally barefoot (no easyboots) at the walk when the ground was wet and a little more forgiving.  He is still tender toed and I recently just ordered some Keratex hoof harder to see if that helps him out a bit
 His perfectly imperfect prints
 I've been alternating days of riding, with ground work and/or grooming and grazing.
This past week, Scout, his Paint friend, was moved across the State to his Mom's new home due to a job change and Laz really seemed to miss him.
I took my boy for a hand walk instead of a ride and just talked to him, and made sure he was OK.
I also took his temp, and all was fine-just to make sure it wasn't something else making him seem glum.  Ate/drank normal-I think he was missing his buddy and not understanding why he was gone.
 Poor Bubba
 We grazed along our road walk and just enjoyed the sun
 A horse in the distance was whinnying and Laz was on alert and started calling back
 He never misbehaved or acted up, just shouted back
Later that day, Laz had another hoof trim which is always so fascinating. I literally learn something new each and every time.  Laz was very patient and good for this trim. Yay!

My regal Mason LOVES to run in the field after his Frisbee while I feed Laz his Beet Pulp mix
Mason's diet too is getting re-evaluated and I ordered some Brewer's Yeast and Wild Salmon Oil for him and Pudgie.

 I've also bumped up Laz's BP amount and added in 2 cups of Timothy grass pellets in the wet soaked mix.  He now gets a full bucket (8 qt) of soaked BP mix
He LOVES it 
He's moving so much more now that I am keeping a very close eye on his weight.

 I still haven't put his Fall sheet on...I have it at the barn, but keep checking him.
His ears, nose and body are always so toasty warm, and his fur is nice and thick so I leave him be naked.
He is getting 8-10 flakes of grass hay a day as well to help keep him warm
I've purchased a Busy Horse hay net to stuff full during the winter days for him too

With Scout gone, Laz and Justin (the WB) are hanging out more.
Here Laz is fake nipping at him reminding him that he is above him
Their interaction is funny. Laz pins his ears at him for 2 seconds and then Justin adjusts himself and then they hang out. I've yet to see Laz kick or bite bite anyone.  He makes motions to bite at the horse but never actually bites him. 
 They are buds and are re-establishing a 3 horse herd dynamic
It's great that none of the three horses have herd bites on them
They have plenty of room, food, respect and seem to be content together

Monday, October 24, 2011

Paternal Instinct

We have all heard of Mares who show such kindness to young children and babies and demonstrate their Maternal instinct.
Well...Where the Daddys at?
Laz is here to show that This ex racing gelding has a STRONG Paternal instincts and a deep kindness
He seems to understand "this tiny thing is defenseless"
My friends (below) wanted our help in photographing their yearly Holiday card with their new baby (he's 10 mths)
We thought the barn would make a great Autumn location
The images turned out amazing and I can't wait to see which they end up picking
(fyi, my Husband shot the images with my friend's (below) amazing camera)

 Here is a fun snapshot captured of Laz and I goofing around trying to make the baby laugh at Laz's smile cue
 The baby's first horse encounter...he wasn't 100% sure but intrigued none the less.
Laz snuffled him gently and then promptly kept posing for the flash.
Hmmm..camera whore anyone?
Someone missing the winner's circle?
 Then about 2 weeks ago, my friend's have two little girls that are HORSE crazy
They asked if I would mind if they brought them out.
PLEASE..if I can encourage the horse bug, I will!
We started out with grooming and talking all about the horse parts
Laz stood as still as a statue
 There were a couple of moments where my heart jumped too.
I don't have kids so I forget how FAST they move.
As in, when they are brushing your horse one minute, and then walk right under your horse the next.
THANKFULLY, Laz was stellar and didn't budge but I definitely had to tell her NEVER to do that. I don't want to have her assume that all horses are OK with that.
I didn't know Laz was lol
 The younger sister was just as horse crazy too..she squealed with delight to touch Laz
 We started our little ride.
Me leading Laz, and her Father alongside to grab her off (just in case)
That's how I roll with the Littles

 The youngest was crying to get on Laz too so after a while, Laz was being beyond calm and awesome, we decided to for a few minutes
I know...it's awful. No helmet, but I literally MADE the Dad hold her the entire time and we walked about 20 feet.
I have to admit..I was not at all secure about it BUT she wanted to sooo badly and I figured if the Parents were OK with it (even I explained what could happen if he spooked or tripped, etc) then let's do it for a quick minute.
 It turned out just fine 
and the sisters were in LOVE
 IN LOVE with Laz....
She talked and coo'ed to him and I walked Laz for an hour for her.
An hour!
Most kids want to ride about 10 minutes and then they are bored.
She's a future little rider for sure :)
 Then after the ride, she wanted to lead Laz and 'search for acorns' lol
So, we did (I'm still holding his lead by his chin here)

It was great seeing Laz be so gentle and sweet with the future horse loving kids!
I told my friends "Start saving now...."

Next up, my 2 yr old niece Luna. 
She is my Husband's sister's child.
Another one born with major Horse love.
She visited for her first time, this past weekend to our home
We all went to the Detroit zoo
Saw Zebras...
 And two CANTER rescue horses...
 She wanted to ride the carousel and chose this lovely horse to ride-twice.
Then it was time to meet Lazarus
 We brushed him...
 Sized him up a bit...
And tested the waters
Then she wanted to 'walk him' and 'tie him up'
We did this for about 15 minutes..it was very cute

She's bitten...
Fortunately for her, her Aunt will have LOTS of great hand me downs for her
She will be getting a little helmet as well for her next ride :)
It's great to know that Laz has such a gentle heart when needed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Product Rave: Lake Yard Boots

 At the end of August, I was contacted by Equestrian Clearance Warehouse, located in the UK about doing a product review.
I gladly accepted and if Laz & I can help any equestrian themed website out, we are happy to.
The Product choices I was given were Horse Rugs or Boots (human boots that is)
Since I have 2 blankets for Laz already (and strive to keep him naked for as much as possible) I went for the boots.
 I chose the Lake Yard Boots
They seemed like the perfect boot-effortless stylish and have that "Yes, I own a glamorous Pony" look.
The kind of boot that when you stroll around town in your butt stained black yoga pants, explains to a stranger "oooh, she's an equestrian...how cool and exciting!"

I kid....somewhat.
I will say, they are gorgeous boots!
Totally soft leather that will show marks when worn and loved; I just love when leather does that.  It's what good leather does.
And warm!
It wasn't a very cold day when I wore them, but it was in the 40's and I only had a thin pair of cotton socks and my toes were toasty warm all day.
These would be perfect for riding in, great tread and enough heel...
Or tailgating in...
Or traveling through an African Safari in...
Or running into Walmart for toilet paper in...
They are great, versatile boots
Toe to toe

 I had my Husband out with me at the barn to do a proper 'photo shoot' Product review...
Laz was NOT into it
"Gemme treats...I dunt care abut booootz"
"Much betters...MMmnnommmmm"
A few fashion bonus about these boots;
1. The tan color is versatile, I would pair with black leggings. Yes, I'm crazy like that.
2.  The calf width is FORGIVING and let's just say I wasn't blessed with chicken legs
3. The sole of shoe is very very comfortable. I wore these boots earlier all day at my friend's house for a party, and after standing pretty much for 7+ hours-my feet were never fatigued.

Now, for our attempt of the classic "Red barn Girl with Bay Horse photo shoot"...
P.S. Like I previously mentioned, I was at a party so I had done my hair/makeup, otherwise I so wouldn't have my hair down ..or mascara on...or brushed teeth.
 Let's snuggle
Laz did someone tell you to keep ears pinned back at all times when camera is shooting??!
 Ok, so we got Donkey impersonating a Bay horse in a Red barn with an overly eager Donkey owning girl.
These boots are great and get an A+ from me-in fact, I may wear them out and about more than  at the barn I love them so much!
If you want a pair of boots to ride in that you could look sleek in while walking your dog, or running errands from the barn...look no further!
TONS of horse product goodness on SALE!
Being from the UK..is super chic too, no?