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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, October 10, 2011


warning--this is a post about an entire week so it's a bit long winded! 
Read with a good cup of Coffee in hand!

Despite some rains, I think this Fall has been FantasSpectacular!
Warm sun-Amazing rich colors-Indian Summer ...more please.

A week ago this Sunday;
Laz, like his Momma, enjoys his 'chill time.'
I'm not one to argue..."rest my little man."
His RR had been bothering him (drainage? abscess? bruise?)
So, lay and rest
Although, this truly was naptime...all 4 horses were laying down as well
I love that Laz is comfortable enough to allow Mason and I to walk around, pet on him and he just rubs his head into me and says "yaaaa strich this spot...ahhhhh...I getz up ina minut mmmkay"

Uh Laz...it's been like ten minutes
He was totally snoozefesting away.
So I just puttered around while I waited for the Princess, er Price to rise.
Once he was up; I groomed him and took him to the back field for some grazing.
I didn't even bother riding on this day.
I had had him booted and wanted to allow his hoof to dry and air out and give him a day off
So we just chilled, it was peaceFULL
I threw Mason's Frisbee while desensitizing my OTTB of that action
Clearly he was bothered

When Mason got tired from our game, about 45 minutes later, we were done and placed Laz back with his friends.
A simple day but nice nonetheless
I hope my new barn doesn't think I'm weird for sitting in the grass and staring at my beautiful horse that I dreamed about since I was 4.

Wednesday evening; there was some construction blocking the road to my barn so I had to take a different route to get there...BACK roads if you will
Clearly, no problem...Fall is literally just gorgeously flaunting her skills right now
What a charming home below...vacant or not, it looks perfect in this setting
Very Wyeth
And lo and behold...guess who found the backroad access to Kensington?!
Doesn't that sign just make your heart skip a beat?!
I clocked it from the car; back road entrance to trails to barn door
Uno Mile! 
I asked my Husband to come out with me in the next couple of weeks, walk Mason on a leash and I'll road ride next to him and we on going to hit that trail!
Also-new development, I may be doing a trail ride with my trimmer and her horse next week!!!
Yea, how fun!! 
I hope the great weather sticks around for us

Back to earth, as I got to the barn, Laz was filthy!
How does one do this in 24 hours??
I don't even know where he found this 'mud puddle' but he looked like he splashed around for hours

You know it's bad when even a chin is covered!

Ok, so I got to work currying him off. Thankfully it was all dry so it came off so easily.
His coat is really great this Fall. 
SHINY, silky with a mink like texture..I think the food changes I've made for him are really paying off (more on in a different post)

The sun was still out and strong so I booted him up (I did rears only) and we were OFF to the races!
By 'Races' I mean, ambling down the road.
Laz is still showing some tenderness on road on his bare fronts which is to be expected.
I debated about booting his fronts, but I want to stimulate those soles a bit so I thought for our 45 walk, he would be ok.
And he was, about 15 minutes into he warmed up.
When we hit a major loose stone (like the ones around the pot holes) he would "OUCH" stumble so we avoided those and I just let him pick his area to walk.
This OTTB loves to road ride!
He is so curious and has been listening so well
Showing such bravery.
It's just the three of us just walking around the neighborhood
Bitless and bareback
There is such beauty in this neighborhood and we really haven't ventured out that far because of Mason being loose.
But such fun areas to ride.
HOW bad do you want to jump that little stone wall?
Well we did...........mentally.
It was awesome.
I've been purposely letting my helmet hit branches, and low hanging greenery so Laz gets used to the sound as well as me moving side to side, forward and back.
We are practicing our trail skills!

"Why this Dark hors follo MEs...GO awaysss..this is MY BLOG!!"
During my training of ducking under all low branches; I did make the mistake of allowing a branch whip me and a vine got caught around my neck during our little road ride. 
Yes, a vine got caught around my neck.
How's that life flash? 
I couldn't recreate that moment in a million years, but thankfully, it snapped without cutting me too badly and Laz just kept marching on as I struggled thinking..."DID that really just happen??"
Sigh...did I mention I'm a magnetic for Klutziness?
Back home and happy boy is turned back out
Friday evening
Seriously...COLOR is bursting!!!
The trees are really putting on a great show and this town of Milford is just breathtaking
Driving towards the barn has never looked so magical

"Yoooo Mom!! Com oooon!! I wantz u to squiggle on my bak an we GOes mmmmkay?"
Laz has worked his way up the herd
He's now #2 in pecking order and his little BFF is #4, aw but he seems to take care of him.
I remind him NOT to Bully because he didn't like it when he was the low man
Did you know that two milk crates makes an excellent mounting block?
Well, they do!
This is another reason #464030 that I love my OTTB boy.
Once he learns something, it's IN.
I thought he'd be spooky or would give me headaches about the crates when using them for the first time, a few weeks ago, but he didn't even blink at it.
It was like "Ya ya, I gets it....GET on!"

Today we didn't boot up
We rode in the front pasture on the buckle and I just allowed him to go where he wanted and then I would randomly come in with leg requests of direction change.
We worked on him listening but also using his brain for some independent thinking
Quiet peaceful riding using my seat and mind more

He rocked it
Then I did something that I haven't done with Laz before.
Drumroll please;
I opened up a gate while mounted.
Yes, BIG feats and where is our "opening a gate while mounted" blue ribbon please????
You see, in the past if Laz heard a metal clanging noise...oh, like a GATE OPENING, it would trigger a anxiety ridden ponee asking "Waaa WHERS the race?!!!!!!!!""
Today, it was as if we've done it a thousand times.
Only once did I have to reset him as I reached over to unlock the gate.
His head went up and he seemed worried like "Are u falling, dummy??" as I reached over.
I asked him to back up and we did it again, with NO issue.
Out we went...
We continued walking up and down the soft hills of the back pasture
Just lovely walking and trying to maintain some muscle while we wait for his feet to catch up.

Yesterday (Sunday) Laz had the day off.
He had been running around like a maniac on Saturday when his three friends were taken into barn for their farrier and he got really upset.  I could see some more bruising on his RR and he was more sensitive to the touch, so I just pampered him and groomed him. He was a bit sweaty being his Fall coat has fluffed up quite a bit and it was 80 degrees out

 There is an old saying that if you see a Woolly Caterpillar and there his reddish brown center band is wider, it will be a mild winter.  Well this one is almost all reddish brown!!
Will this Caterpillar be correct??
We'll see according to the Farmer's Almanac; this winter is supposed to be a doozy

There is something so great, driving away and getting to watch your horse slowly migrate back to the back pastures where his buddies are, knowing he's so happy.


  1. Stupid wholly catapillar, lol!!! Great posting!!!

  2. This weekend's weather in Michigan was beautiful! I love your pictures, they capture true Michigan fall.
    Sometimes the best times with our horses are just sitting and watching them be horses. And you are so lucky that Laz lays down around you, I have yet to see Shy lay, but I am waiting for that day!
    Good job working with Laz, he seems amazing!
    And I hope that caterpillar is right and the Farmer's Almanac is wrong! A mild winter would be so nice.

  3. It looks gorgeous there! I wish my barn was as picture-perfect as it seems where you are. Sounds like a lovely week with your pony :)

  4. Great blog - why not come over and post it at this new Equine Blogging Network http://hay-net.co.uk/ for more to follow

  5. It has been the most perfect fall in Michigan I can remember! Love all your pictures, love that Laz seems happier than ever in his new digs-which are beautiful! Happy road riding:)

  6. I hope the caterpillar is right! I'd love a mild winter. :)

    I love your new barn. You both seem so happy there.