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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bucket list-check, check and check

Before Laz got sick two years ago, I had only one opportunity to take him trail riding.
I've been wanting, YEARNING, to take him again.
He just enjoyed it so much that I know now with our bond even better; it would be amazing.
So, my trimmer offered during her vacation; "Laz is doing so well, I think we need to go trail riding:
Me; YESSSSS!!!!!
So, here is my trimmer M and her Tennessee Walker Shadow coming to pick us up to hit Kensington park to trail ride this past Thursday

Laz loaded for M perfectly and he and Shadow were instant BFF's
They shared hay and Laz was uber comfortable for the ride over to the park (keep in mind it was about a 2 mile trailer ride but still-new trailer, new horse)
M is exactly who I wanted our first ride to be with. If I had any hoof concerns, she was there. PLUS she and Shadow are seasoned trail riders and exude a fun and calm disposition
She rode Shadow in his front Easy boots, and I had Laz in all four Easy boots. 

What fun!
We just headed out and chatted the whole time
We took the bike/running path at first by mistake..
But quickly found the designated horse trail and we took the BLUE trail without knowing anything about it.
Me happy that I am crossing off my "WANT" list of take Laz trail riding.
Aren't you sick of hearing me talk of Kensington Park??
Well...here it is.
As you probably noticed; I chose to ride Laz bareback with a pad (for his comfort and mine) and in his bitless bridle.
I didn't want to change up any of our equipment just because I was riding him somewhere new.
Did NOT pull any stunts whatsoever

What's this?!!
WATER=swimming with my Boo!
He was very pleased to oblique.
Again, having Shadow first walk in was Laz's cue of
"OK, it's safe" as he was quite hesitant at first but once his toes hit water; he was PLAYING!
I prepared myself to get soaked if he chose to roll, but he was great and just wanted to splash and  wade out.
I love this head shot below.
He was mid snort/exhale after pawing in the water for a good 5 minutes straight.

After playing in the water a bit, we walked along side it.
Just beautiful and we had a picture perfect Autumn day
A duck flew up and out of these weeds causing both the horses to SPOOK and spin but they both stopped. 
No big deal. 
Instincts take over and they both were like "Oh...whew..ok, we're good."

Some of the trails were wide enough to ride abreast with was great for chatting away.
Passing by a Pumpkin patch
Laz was a little tense looking for the Great Pumpkin along the fence line but didn't physically react

The trail had great natural obstacles;
For all my xc readers-this would be so great for training and conditioning when not competing 
The Blue trail had parts where it opened up into fields
I wondered how Laz would react in a large open area...
And he did great.
Definitely more alert, which makes sense since there were WIDE open spaces to look at
Some large birds (Turkey buzzards?) in the distance.
I was hoping to see Deer but we didn't

Again, having Shadow for Laz to pal with was so great.
Shadow is such a doll face and matches his walk to who he is with
M has done a great job with him; he's a true gentleman not to mention an honest BLACK horse with dapples!

In the field, there was a large cougar..I mean boulder.
But the horses were convinced it was going to EAT them.
I got Laz by it, snorting and side stepping and eyes locked on it the whole time, while M smartly dismounted to take Shadow over to it. Once there, Shadow was like "Ohhhhh a rock!!"
and she remounted using the boulder.
Enjoying the Fall colors
A great team!
Some parts of the trail had steeper hills than I expected which were fun to ride.
We did this whole trail at a walk 
(minus about a minute of trotting for M to see how Laz was faring)
Great spooky trees that never bothered Laz

The trail was marked the whole way about every mile or so

Crunching on the fallen leaves...what is better??
Oh, back to the side of the lake/river!
Swim #2!
I know this looks like I'm falling, but actually I'm just patting/rubbing Laz for being such an amazing boy.
My favorite picture of the day!
Shadow and Laz were in unison splashing, splashing, splashing!
We took turns leading and following and Laz and Shadow did both happily

4.5 hours later we finished a 9.1 mile trail ride.
We are now officially trail certified! ;)
This OTTB boy LOVES variation
This map shows Kensington Park (all in green) and the BLUE trail we rode.
The yellow trail actually leads right by my barn so that is next to explore
After the trail, at the 'staging grounds' we walked up to see one other section.
It looked like it's a large spot where you can camp overnight with your horse...not 100% sure but I'll find out.
AND we found the canoe/kayaking river
and took our swim #3
This water had a soft current 
It was smiles all day long :)
 Shadow had to go in first before Laz would
I don't know if it's a depth perception thing but he was so hesitant to go in first but once Shadow was in, he was happy and we were able to swim around and away a bit to gain his independence.
He never showed me that he was 'herd bound' 

We allowed the boys to graze a bit once we got back to the trailer
Seaweed! ...er Lakeweed.
I was OVER the moon with Laz, he exceeded all my expectations

Videos in the next post! :)


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