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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Working through the ponypanic

Oh Laz!
He is OBSESSED with our neighbors. The ones who have Arabian horses, where the foal demon came from.  There must be some issue because he is so afraid of noises and sounds and movement from that direction. I can only imagine the bad smells he picks up on...the horses there are starving and ill kept.
So we've been lucky to have had 3 days back to back (whoohoo) together this week.
Wed he was awesome, really listened and we worked on just ground training.  It was crazy windy but he dismissed it and listened. Wow!
Yesterday, he was way more up.  I took him in the large arena to start with ground work and the obstacles are now removed.
"Whoa..wait...ok, surely I've never been HERE before...looks totally different!"
Yes, Laz, you have. He wanted to buck and kick and fly around so I allowed him to.  On the lunge line...I find when I allow him to run free, he gets overly panicked and can't calm himself down once he amps up and then tries to jump the fence. Um...no.  Lead line it is, it's our telephone line of communication.
"Oh yea..Hi Mom..did you hear that?! Whooohoooooo...what? Turn? ok...wait...what was that?! I'm outta here...wait...no? Ok."
So, after about 30 minutes of ground work, he was awesome.  I praised him for spooking in place and not bolting every time he heard a noise from the neighbors. Yes, Laz, think..good boy!
He calmed waaaay down. 
 See his new toy?! Our Parelli carrot stick and string.  Basically I have no real clue how to use it yet, but I use it as a training tool and desensitizing too.  Laz kept smelling it and licking it. Ok...whatever.
We are introducing some Parelli into our lives to aid with his behavior and to help me learn what I can do with it.  Don't gag...don't be haters...just be open to it and we'll see where it takes us.
Anyway, I know with many of my pictures, Laz is an angel calm face. Yes, he is.  But he has a wild side to him so don't think I'm beating on a calm pony here, lol, it's just the photo opts come when he's not flying around me or bucking/rear/bolting...you see?

Laz calmed down enough that I decided to ride him. Hoorah!  He did great in arena..we kept it walk/trot and did serpentine and patterns and he kept his focus and didn't spook at all, although he had one ear and eye perma-locked on neighbors.  I was so happy with him though.  If he was healthy last Fall, I could compare his riding and mental growth to this year but I dont have much to compare it too.  At any rate, I'm happy and he's happy so that is always great.
 He is consistently great with his ground tying, which is such an awesome bonus.  He steps on his lead every now and again and instead of bolting like he did last year, he just jumps back and resumes.  Even his jumping back has gotten smaller and smaller.  Good boy!
 War wound from running around..tiny but jesus, he steps on himself all the time!!  What are your thoughts on Bells boots for preventing this? Should I get some??

And now...for some hoof comparison photos! Thoughts?!

Right Rear-April 2010
Right Rear-June 2010
Right Rear-Oct 2010 (yesterday)

Right Front...looks pretty, no!?


  1. I would go with bell boots! A friend's horse was very good about taking chunks out of her self all the time and bell boots made a huge difference. The only time she took them off was when Bella destroyed one by stepping on it. Bell boots saved a lot in vet bills.

  2. Thank you for visiting! You have a wonderful blog and informative posts. Laz. is blessed to have you! :-) That is a sad situation how the neighbors keep their horses... W/ Parelli I just keep what I like: It's like curriculum for me homeschooling my kids-- only we know best. I appreciate that from Parelli I leaned my pony is an introvert. I guess they have bell boots and soft hoof protection also? I could be wrong...

  3. I forgot to mention my sister did design at a kitchen & cabinet in NJ! She loved it. :-)

  4. I'm not sure bell boots would help if he's hitting himself so high - little pastern strips might but the bells wouldn't hurt either. You could always use something with more coverage like SMBIIs.

    Thanks for the hoof photos - that looks like progress!

  5. Bells wouldn't help with that particular injury, but they certainly can't hurt in case next time he gets himself lower. As Kate mentioned, some SMBs might help... PC also has the combo boot that's a support boot and bell boot in one. I prefer one of each, but something like that is also a possibility.

    How sad for the neighbor horses. I'm sure Laz can sense something isn't right over there.

    Glad he's making progress in the hoof department!!

  6. Bell boots protect the bulbs of the heel and prevent a horse from taking off front shoes with the hind hoof. Thats too high for bell boots. Try sports medicine boots. I personally like the professionals choice but I have heard good things about woof wear ones.

    I bought my "carrot" stick for 10$ and made my own string for the end with leather popper. I rarely use it unless I have a very belligerent, pushy horse because it's stronger than a lunge whip and if I need a horse to get the heck out of my space it can do that yet it can be light and easy too. I suggest getting clinton andersons down under horsemanship book really, everything parelli teaches with the same tools only a lot more clear. Trust me I am not a parelli hater. I think they do abuse the system though because it's not about the horse anymore to them, it's about the money and to get all the secrets you have to buy one thing after another after another until it's a vicious cycle.

  7. Hooves are looking much better! :-) It looks like the thrush and yickiness has cleared up & the frogs are also much more healthy. He still has some flare on that right front that makes me want to break out the rasp, but it's still a big improvement!

    I would get some boots, but not SMBs. The latest research shows that excessive heat build-up from boots is very bad for tendons, and SMBs definitely fall into the category of boots that heat up the legs. Look into some of the latest vented boots (mostly eventing boots -- Premier Equine, Dalmar, N.E.W., etc.). I got a pair of Premier Equines and I really like them; they do run large, though.

    *bites tongue to stop from saying anything about Parelli* ;-)

  8. The hoof photos look good. Sounds to me like you are making progress and forward improvement to Laz's fears. I do think horses know if "evil" caretaking lurks. At the very least, they sense our worry and displeasure. Don't worry about what training method you are trying - just use the best ideas from any source. If you are kind and Laz responds well, what does it matter? You obviously would never hurt the sweet boy!

  9. OK, not trying to be a "hater" here or start any drama...BUT, I do think you should be well aware of who you are supporting when you buy those carrot sticks, etc.

    Here's a video of Linda Parelli -- http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/80925308
    And that horse only has one eye. We had a long discussion about this here -- http://forum.equisearch.com/forums/t/71003.aspx?PageIndex=1
    I especially recommend reading Florida Horseman's comments; he is a natural horsemanship trainer.

    This video is Pat, from a demo done in England -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gf7w_1ifus&feature=player_embedded

    Here's an eyewitness account from Horse & Hound:

    "It started well and Pat continued his talk as he led the stallion around the areana on a long rope. He talked of relationships, perceptions and of course the principles of love, language and leadership. Then he pulled it's head down as his is the Parrelli thing I guess? He then tried to touch Catwalks head and ears unsuccessfuly I might add and so became a little more forceful in his approach and asked to be brought in a saddle pad which he then slid up and down a distrssed Catwalk's neck and over his face. This went on for a while and then he asked for music. The room went silent, all viewers went dumb as they watched him use a gum line as a twitch and a 22ft rope wrapped around the fetlock to the knee to haul Catwalks leg off the floor to render him unable to move while he tried to force the bride onto a now very distressed and frightened horses face!!

    Catwalk hopped away and went down on his remaining knee and backed into the jump and the fence rails. Linda who'd had her face in hr hands up to this point, then raced around from her chair at the side of the areana and joined him in the fight, pulling at the rope while Pat continued to force on the bridle. The distressed horse managed to break away momentairily and run for the exit and safety. They caught him and started the whole process again where the horse stood.

    I have to confess that at this point, we were unable to watch any more and had to walk out."

    Like I said, I just think you should have all the info up-front. I'm not saying that the Parellis' methods are ineffective; I just think you should know who your $$$ is going to & what kind of behavior it is supporting.

  10. OK...Whoa.
    Now, I KNOW this is all coming from a good place BUT please have faith in ME.
    I know, and THAT is most important, that I would never do anything intentionally that could endanger Laz. I am looking for some training aid and this is what I feel comfortable with. I have read (and continue to read) a lot about ALL natural horsemanship and other various methods. Just b/c I bought a carrot stick/string does not make me a follower or full supporter of anyone, other than TEAM LAZ.
    There are MANY trainers that often do wrong things, no one is perfect and not one method is the ONLY method in training horses...or anything for that matter.
    ANYTHING could potentially hurt our loved horses too..I think we all know that. From mis-used carrot sticks, to other tack, etc. We try our best to keep our horses safe and happy and healthy but the fact remains,....there is always a risk.
    I know about all the issues with above and more with Parelli or any other trainer.
    I don't consider myself supporting anyone other than Laz and I.....I don’t care if I bought the carrot stick or not....and how in depth do we look at ALL tack or equipment and what they support or don’t?
    I agree, there are a lot of methods that work...I'm trying THIS method out to MY and Laz's comfort level and if it makes us work better together, then my goal is met. If not, we will search for something else.
    I just felt the need to state this.
    Again...no feelings on my end were hurt...I do what I think is best for us.
    Dont worry Frizzle..I still luv ya! :)

  11. AND...lol..if anyone yanked on Laz and beat on him like in that first video..they would have broken arms. So, no worries.
    I think there are some good Parelli/Clinton/etc methods and how they are applied from rider/human to horse will be left up to me and our comfort level-of what works for us too.

  12. Oy, of course I know you would never hurt Laz! That was definitely never any kind of concern.

    I simply wanted you to know who you were suporting financially, that's all. I'm big into not financially supporting people/companies that I believe engage in shady/suspect activities. Don't even get me started on companies that I boycott! ;-) And, no, of course we can't completely research every last detail of every compnay we give our money to, but I do my best. I feel that, if you give money to a company, you are supporting their actions. But, that's just my personal opinion.

    So, I'm sorry if my comment upset you or gave you the wrong impression of my views. It was simply passing along information that you might not have had. I would want someone to do the same for me if I was in your situation.

    And, like I said before, I was not saying that I think the Parelli methods are ineffective. To be honest, I haven't done a ton of research on them. I do believe that the Parellis started out with good intentions and probably do have some equine insight. But, like others have mentioned, they've become more interested in marketing overpriced products, and in some cases get themselves over their heads in terms of training and demonstrations.

    OK. Since I've passed along what I wanted to, I now solemnly swear to never mention the "P" word on this blog ever again. ;-)

  13. I agree with the others that the bell boots won't help for an injury that high. I'm interested in those vented boots that Frizzle mentioned though. I'll have to check that out.

    I think his hoof looks much better! Its starting to level out and the heels are getting shorter. I definitely like what your trimmer is doing. I don't know much about foundered horses but from those pictures I definitely like the progress I'm seeing. Go Laz!!