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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kiss and make up

Fall this year is so so so beautiful, isn't it?!
It may have been this nice last year, but I was so consumed with Laz being first sick, that I didn't notice the weather much until mid winter, and at that point, BLAH.
I like that we are enjoying the Fall colors this year :)
Pulling up to the barn, I was totally anxious.  I was upset at myself for being so upset with Laz.  I just get SO disappointed when he acts in a way that makes me feel that I'm in way over my head.  So I carried that pain in my gut from Sunday night-Tuesday evening.
Of course, when I pulled up and he sweetly nickered to me.......forgiveness came ooooooozing out!
I also saw that my water loving boy, tipped over his water trough.  He likes to attempt to play in it from time to time and tips it over.
Damn Laz!  Don't you colic!
The BO's are great about care...that is one thing there is no slacking on.  But they have lives and were not home (I'm sure just for a couple hours), so I was concerned about how long did Laz not have water for.
I filled up a hand bucket while the trough was re-filling and he gulped down half a bucket.
Good boy...at least he took water in.
I went back in barn and stuck a flake of hay in a water bucket and left it to soak.
 Look at this muscle-y man!  
He is getting a little hay belly on him, uh oh!  But I think he looks good for going into winter.  You can see the way he still stands; pushes that right rear out so more weight is on his left rear.  I thank that left rear everyday for it's strength because I know that is a delicate, delicate balance.  This is why his exercises are so important.  He has to keep circulation moving in all legs and use all his muscles.
He is now an A+ at ground tying..and doesn't care too much when he steps on his lead.
 This picture below says it all.
Made up!  He's not for sale anymore (lol)
I decided after hand walking for a bit that we would ride.
I needed to reconnect and for me, that is a great way to do it.
He was awesome.
He had two spooks but they were controlled and he didn't melt down/bolt.
He was very lookie loo at the road and his two spooks were at that area, when he heard a noise. I think he was anticipating that foal coming out to eat him.
We ended the ride nicely, I dismounted off his right shoulder, for giggles and he looked at me like "Huh?"
We also worked on some space/respect again, hand walking, and he was great and listened well to some new  cues that I was asking of him.
Friends again!
Don't you love a mouthy gelding? I DO!
It was done sweetly, pulling at my shirt....is this a sign of dominance too? Uh oh...

 Laz eating his soaking wet flake of hay...whew...I wasn't sure if he would turn his nose up to it, but he gulped it down.  I just wanted to make sure to get water in him.
Mwa on those wet lips!
 Fall does offer some beautiful sunsets...can you see the tiny crescent moon over Laz's big rump?
And..what about this stoic chocolate?!
I mean, seriously?!!! Be cuter? I think not.
 Oh wait...Pudgie is pretty darn cute as well.  This is his orange ball that he is OBSESSED with.  He holds it, chews it, chases it for HOURS.  I have to take it away because he'll die of a heart attack over his love affair with that ball.


  1. Yay for kissing and making up! I had to laugh a bit about the moon & Laz's rump picture... if you hadn't said it was Laz's hieny I would have assumed it to me a grain silo!

    Scary thing to show up to find the water empty, but you did all the right things, I'm sure he'll be just fine :)

  2. Hey girl! Soooo glad for the make up! I know the feeling, I have gotton SO mad at Ella before and then felt guilty about it. But I will admit that I got quite a chuckle out you calling him an M'F'er. So funny! :)

    The gel nail polish is the OPI Axxium. It essentially gel that is painted on your nails. You put it under the dryer after each coat and then they put a clear on top and then poof, you are dry after 5min! It cost $25 at the salon I got it done at...BUT it last 2 or more weeks. I just got the natural clear and it has stayed PERFECT! My sister got the red color and it has stayed awesome too. There is only 1 salon that does it in Auburn so I guess it is relatively new. So cool though!!

  3. I think the mouthiness is more playfulness than dominance, based on what you say about his personality. Glad you've made up! (Thanks for your comment about Dawn - I don't think it's laminitis but the vet will have more thoughts on that Friday.)

  4. Aw, those are such great pictures of your boys! I love Pudgie with his tongue out and his ball. I'm so glad that you are enjoying fall this year. What a roller coaster you've been on for the past year. Yay for kissing and making up! Tucker's been for sale for a few hours a couple of times before too, but somehow they know they need to do some serious sucking-up and then it's all better, haha.

  5. Awwww, your horse and your dawgs are all so adorable:) Yay for making up!

  6. Kristen--to ansur your comment from my blog in a place you'll see it, I use an Ansur Classic saddle for dressage. I also have an Ansur KonKlusion that I used to use for jumping, but it ended up not agreeing with Izzy's high withers. The dressage works great for us, though.

    Are you considering going treeless if/when you use a saddle?

  7. I love a mouthy gelding! Dominance? - no way! Just affection from Laz in that picture! You have to know what you have and you have one sweet boy. I remember the first week that I had Pie and Sovey. My stomach would churn (with fear) every morning when I went to turn them out. They were WOUND TIGHT from being in their stalls all night. As I got to understand them better, I realized that my reactions to their flighty behavior was escalating the jumpy spooks. You are learning this now with Laz. Once I learned to breathe out and laugh and walk forward "lightly" holding the lead, I never felt the nervous tug in my stomach again. It is a tough act to pull off - 1100 pounds of Tbred is rearing or shying in your direction and you have to maintain calm and composure all while staying in charge AND LIGHT in voice and pressure. You are getting the hang of it - I can tell by your posts describing your walking on the ground with him. Laz is light-hearted and will be there for you and with you. You might feel like you are failing one day and the next day - you will be over the moon with delight. I can tell - the good days are piling up for you! I look back at my blog - way back in the beginning - and there are certain photos that I remember taking of the boys and I was SO mad at them and had hurt feelings because they were being nutty earlier in the day. But, it gets better! Especially with more time more patience. Not just more time on the calendar - but more time with them. You spend a lot of time with Laz and it is paying off! Hug that cutie pie for me - he is very photogenic!

  8. They all have nutty days.
    The water situation is why I looooove automatic waterers.

  9. Awww he's so cute. I love the picture of him nibbling on your jacket. What a perfect shot.

    I'm glad he seems fine after his freak out. :) And I'm glad you're not upset anymore.