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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh October...be nice to us

I'm happy to say that today, Laz and I had a very nice arena ride.  In fact a wonderful ride knowing full well, what happened a year ago.  A lot of luck and fighting has kept him alive and happy, and rides like today makes me feel so blessed.
We are still riding in the Nurtural Bitless and it seems to be going a little better.  With the much needed help from Sydney over at Bitless Horse Blog, she's been giving me great suggestions for fitting the bridle to Laz.  He's picky about where he likes the noseband but when I pull it up higher, it leaves little slack for the reinstraps, so I've yet to find the perfect medium, but we are getting closer and he's responding well to it so far.  I just know it's not a perfect fit yet...we will find it hopefully.
Weather wise, it was sunny and a little cool but the sun was really warm.  Laz's winter coat is swiftly coming in which makes him so rich in chocolate brown and more teddy bear like.  I walked to his stall door where he knickered at me and I decided to just get on him and ride after a quick groom. He seemed steady enough to not have to hand walk him.  I did notice he may be a bit sore in his back because the last couple times at the mounting block (my 3 step..do they make a 4?!) he starts to back up like "Don't get on me."  I rubbed his back and saw his little mouth tense up so something is definitely up.  I think I've been hopping up too harshly? So today, I rubbed him and had him step up.  He stepped back. I rubbed him and his back and had him step up.  He stood. I slowly mounted up and he was OK. There was a major tail swish so another sign of discomfort. I walked him around the round pen and he was ears perked and moving out nicely so I went with it.  We worked in the arena, light trotting (again no signs of discomfort) and walking.  He was concerned with the road more so today but I am happy to say no spooking.  I just kept the reins and my body loose (so hard sometimes when you think you are going to anticipate a BIG spook) and he was great. I ended it by hand walking him around the outside of the arena and rewarding with carrots to reassure that no lions hid in the pine trees.  He was very tense but didn't spook and gulped his carrot nibs down, and as we turned away from the trees let out a huge sigh.  Poor baby!  I really want this horse to trust me and not be so fearful but it may just be him.  He has come a long way since I've gotten him, but there is still a long long way to go.  
Feet are still looking nice.  His heel on his right rear looks really low to me, so I'm watching it for any sores.  So far, it's ok.  I did hand walk him over the driveway gravel and no limping! :)  The pea gravel in his paddock seems to feel so nice to him and I think it's a great foot stimulation.  Laz is also now taking his Holistic meds much better, not spitting them out (I think he wasn't liking the salt or kelp but now he's ok with it) and hopefully they are working some internal magic on him.
I'm so proud of Laz and his want to live and he really tries to be a good horse, and a  good partner that I want to make his own Blue ribbon for him; Blue ribbon for heart! :)
October so far, it's been a beautiful Fall...I'm looking forward to enjoying it with Laz and keep riding.


  1. You guys are definitely making progress! Slow and steady is always better in the long-run, and it really sounds like you and Laz are trusting eachother and relaxing around eachother more and more with each passing day. These things take a lot of time, and I think you're well on your way.

    Remember, with the natural barefoot trim, you actually want a fairly low heel; it does take some getting used to, as most of us were raised thinking that looooong toes and high heels are the norm. I'm sure Cliff has got it all under control. :-)

    So happy that, a year after such a devastating illness, Laz is still kicking ass and taking names! That's my favorite things about the TBs -- they are ALL heart!!

  2. I really loved this writing about your Laz man~
    You have realy come far with him and he has to enjoy your care.
    What a scare last year.
    I actually think my mare had a slieght impaction the day I moved her...she would not drink the new water...kept licking her lips. I quickly soaked some beet pulp..forgot to put the salt in it, but, by a few hours later... she ate half of it the first night. I gave her the rest the next mid day. I knew someting was up cause she was pawing. She only paws- because of pain.

    So glad that he is surviving and you have been so excellent to research out the BEST of products~

    I got the "Beta" Nurtural bridle...then put my fleece nosepiece on it..it seems to less biting. My mare is good about whoa...unless in a group and cantering.

    Hang in, take your time. Though mine has never been on the track..she has HER ISSUES and I have been so totally discourtaged...I may not let on so much on the blog..but I am. But, I still love her..She just won't forgive me..for someting someone else did. Makes me feel like a crap rider...but it is in her head and though I try and try...she HATES the arena!
    Hang in...mee too.

  3. Awwww, sounds like you had a nice ride! I love Fall weather riding ~ I wish it would be nice on the weekends like it has been all through the work weeks, though.

  4. You and Laz have such a great story and are an inspiration. I wish more owners were like you! (I'm pretty down right now with people who treat their animals as disposables.)

  5. Hey KK-email me..I have an article I want to share w/ you :) kristenshellenbarger@gmail.com xo

    Frizzle-I'm sure you are right..what knowledge and how lucky I am to have u!! It seem soooo low and odd to me that it's like he's almost on his heel bulbs..I worry. lol. duh. ;)

    JJ-I agree..I wish Fall stayed for months longer. In fact, I wish for spring/summer/fall and back to spring :)

    Anon-People that treat their animals as diposables I can not relate to. It sickens me too. Karma wins in the end :)

  6. Kristen - I am so glad you and sweet Laz are still doing so well. You have had a long and difficult road, but just look where you are now - bareback and bitless!!!!
    Pie makes the same little movements when I mount bareback. I don't know what to do so that I can slowly, softly lower myself on him bareback like I do with a saddle. I have to get Brian to build me a tall mounting block - the 3 step is worthless for Pie. Sovey winces a little too. I feel horrible because neither mind when I mount with a saddle.
    I need to order the Nurtural. My only delay is that I am a huge slacker this fall and I have to sit down and figure out exactly what I want - I am not sure if I want the leather or Beta. I am glad Sydney is helping you fit it better.
    I hope to do a post soon about confidence and my boys. The spooky monsters are out in this wind, but we have to tell our OTTB that it will be ok.

  7. Compared to what happened a year ago, I think Laz looks great!

    I've been riding my OTTB in a sidepull hackamore, but I'm thinking about switching to something like what you have for our five minute walks around the farm. Ultimatey I'd like to ride bareback and bridleless. You guys are inspiring me to keep working towards that goal. :)

  8. Your patience with your boy is an inspiration to us all! You will be going on trail rides and having lots of fun on Laz before you know it, and you will be able to say you did it ALL! Not many could. His hooves look so amazing, and you are doing everything a good mama can! I wish there were more of you in the world!

  9. Juliette-I went with the Beta in black. Very happy about the quality, feels like soft floppy leather. :) Syd has been a huge help AND Sherrie from Nurtural actually called me on her cell yesterday to follow up on Laz's fitting issues. She and Syd gave me good tips that I will try out tonight. There is also a 30 day guarantee.

    Patricia-I am enjoying the bareback/bitless. It's so easy too, I'm not going to lie. Hop on and hop off, lol.

    Jacksonsgrrl-I hope we can trail ride successfully next year. I'm not going to lie and say I wont be sooo nervous about how he'll behave but I'll hope for the best. I will be using a saddle for that! :)

  10. Maybe your chiropractor can work on his back for the soreness. Poor guy. :)

    I'm happy to hear his hooves are doing well. And that he's liking his new meds/supplements and his gravel. I think Chrome likes his gravel too, although he wasn't sure of me leveling it out with the rake this afternoon hehe.