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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was just beautiful and so, so, so peaceful. What a great Sunday!
The sun was shining making it feel so warm, the fall colors are insanely beautiful and Lazarus was a happy, relaxed boy wanting to graze and walk around. We hand grazed for an 1-1/2 hr before he started getting tired. He was yawning, blinking and just came to me for some cuddle time (which believe me when his tummy is empty there is NO cuddle time wanted by him), I take what I can get!!

This video just shows him when he is the ultimate chilled boy. Yesterday was a feisty, up, spooky boy but I think it had to do a lot with the windy day as well. Again, seeing his normal moods (and mood swings) coming back is a very welcome sight!
He was a goofy baby angel today!


  1. Goofy baby angel, Laz, is sweet. What a nice horse! Get better, Laz, so you can go play with your friends in the pastures!

  2. He is just beautiful! Fingers crossed his recovery from here is non-eventful and easy.