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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


When your Pony feels good and happy-YOU feel good and happy!!
Why do I suck my cheeks in? I don't know...it's actually not cute. 

What is cute; Lazaroo....

On days that I don't ride, I still work Laz. We do ground work, pasture or road/trail work.
He is still ouchy over gravel so I keep him mainly on the grass sides
"MMmmmust stuffs facez!"
We have such great grass and hay is being fed out too, but for some reason Laz can drop a bit of weight quickly in the start of Fall. Not so much as of late, but I'll keep an eye on it.

Trotting together down the road, Laz on grass strip
Yay boy!
 "Must consumes all Kaloriez lost bak in!"
 Mason can be such a good pup! Off the leash and sticks by our side
Leads the way for us
**NOTE; this is a dead end dirt residential road. I would not do this if it were not
Ride time!
 FINALLY got his name put on, I wanted his vs mine
 No pictures of this ride because I had no pockets! Boo.
BUT, we had a motorcyle pull out of a driveway and Laz just signed at it and licked his lips, like "OH I seez deez ALL da times"
The guy even stopped and said "That's a real nice Quarter horse you have there"
After our ride, Laz was all "OK I is done wif you"
Sometimes he sticks around for cuddles, other times he has grass and friends to get back to.

Playing lots of 'touch it'
 I hope when we do get to Kensington for more trail time, he has no issues with water
He typically doesn't but the other two horses DO so we'll see if we can give them bravery or if Laz will let them decide his brain power
 LOVE this cooler Fall weather!
and apparently so does this Bay pony
(now while this looks dreamy, truth be told, his right lead is non existent currently...maybe in time)
 And sweet Mason is doing so so well and quite happy to joining in on visits to see his big brother
Pudgie would like you to know, while he's not a fan of the barn, he is a fan of naps...
and broccoli.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A year!

A year! 
It's officially been 1 year since we moved to this little piece of heaven in Milford.
I'm so glad we moved, it's been a mental healing for us both.
It's a very peaceful place and Laz is a happy camper (no welts/hives this summer!)
Relaxing after some field ground work=tired pony
Getting photos like this from the BO of the boys playing...sigh
Clearly, he's feeling good and comfortable
 Allow me to zoom on this tiny dancer ...
Be still my heart...
Ok, so Laz, I'm going to envision THIS when we ride next!
No excuses!

 No doubt, he is happiest to roam 24/7
No doubt, I'm happiest pulling up and seeing my OTTB like this;

 Hitting up the local farmer's stand on my way home
Win/Win-supporting local MI farmers and eating fresh
It's a BOUNTY right now

and I took hoof pictures the day after Laz's latest trim;


-need to treat crack in frog for thrush
 LF (see that old injury scar from an over reach-ouchers)
This hoof originally rotated but just came back on it's own, barefoot, so nicely.
I really think once we get the infection/seedy toe/thrush under control while encouraging new growth support on the RH, it will soon look like his LH

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hoof cast #3

Laz's RH pre trim, after hoof cast #2 has done it's job

The cast helps with keeping his seedy toe (infected white line) protected
New growth below-yay yay yay growing in at a nice angle.
Still LOADS more to come/grow but it's a start.
The remains of cast #2 below
 Trimmed RH below
applying the glue for cast #3
 We were going to apply this screen to hold the Vettec Gel CS to help stimulate the sole gently and protect further with thrush...
 But Laz was quite a wiggle worm, and that needs time to set and then more time to cast correctly.
So, my trimmer opted to just cast since that is the more important material for the time being.

2" Equi cast below, on our cast #3
It looks a bit messy due to the glue getting smeared, he had to re apply after Laz moved too much.
 He also put more glue on toe and had me sprinkle sand onto it as it dried to make an extra protective 'toe' barrier for our riding.
He wants to me ride, ride, ride and I got formal approval to take Laz trail riding-YAY!! and to NOT trim him AT ALL (no roll, rasp, bevel) so he can see his 'true' growth for our next visit.
It's going to be so HARD but I promised.
So, I'm putting my rasp/knife aside for the time being. Not forever, duh, but for the time being and we'll see what Laz's growth on all his hooves look like at the next visit.

Laz is moving beautifully. He is bouncier and I see him trotting and cantering out in the field with his buddies more often.  He is also getting his Fall fuzzies-his coat feels like bunny fur as of late.
Sigh, a sure sign that less sun is around the corner.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Riding fun

Wow, did August just FLY by?!
Summer seems to last a minute and winter...ugh, I can't even go there mentally now.
So a bit of a catch up.
Minor toe rolling to prevent cracks and flares. 
I want a hoof jack so badly...my back wants a hoof jack so badly...maybe one day.
Laz in pony dream land after I massaged him a couple of weeks ago..
He was actually DROOLING...ahhhh pony spa brain.
This boy LOVES to be pampered.
Labor Day weekend, lots of fun!
We went back to school shopping for my Teaching Husband, and since we were driving RIGHT BY the pony, of course we had to stop
A quick bareback hack
Here is Sir WonderPony standing still as a fat statue to allow me to open gate.
I love my OTTB 
I also love how he doesn't seem to mind that my leg is NEVER giving the 'correct' cue
LORD! I'm in need of some lessons...maybe one day. When that money tree grows and my horse has a new RH hoof. Yea, then.
Playing out in the field and working on hill work
Yay Laz
Sometimes we walk it, trot it or canter it
Who DOESN'T have dirty ass pants like this and goes back to school shopping in public?!
Then, Labor day Monday I got a text from the Barn owner; let's trail ride!!
Me: "Um..YEAAA"
Laz checking out the rig
"Ok, less go!"

"Do I goes in heres wif my saddlez?"
Um, No Laz. 
Actually, you are staying behind buddy.

Instead the BO rode her gorgeous grey OTTB Pito, and I rode her 2nd OTTB Red
Red has been off the track I believe a couple of years and is super sensitive but sweet and willing.
This is probably his 3rd or 5th trail ride out.
He is a TINY 15 hand deer like OTTB
We had a nice evening ride with only a minor water crossing issue.
Both horses decided they would make us dismount to walk over the raging river puddle and work themselves up in a lather.
Terrible picture BUT we ended the ride with a nice canter/gallop out in one of the BIG HUGE fields.
This huge riding park is so awesome! We saw deer everywhere 
Enjoying summer's last Michigan sunset over the lake from the trail
And..adding to my side little biz-now featuring the "OFF THE TRACK JACKET"

Tomorrow the heart horse gets a new cast on
Cast #3!!! :)
PS I just discovered this app which lets you put 13 yr old girl hearts on EVERYTHING, fair warning....first pony+ now=gets LOTS of teenage love hearts all a glow his angelic face.
You may puke now.