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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Friday, June 28, 2013

a brief catch up

Tuesday, it had rained earlier and I thought "the sun in out, the ground is soft..we are RIDING OUT" 
I've been riding in the pastures lately but ittttching to get out. Laz's feet have been a bit footy so knowing the dirt road had been rained on, I knew it would be more squishy.
Heading out bareback, I rode him in his knotted halter
Mason and Laz watching some shirtless dude unload his garbage. 
We waved as we walked by...like RIGHT by him.
 He just stared. 
Does that ever happen? Do people forget the words "Hello." or "Hi" or even "Don't wave at me"...it's randomly awkward. For him. Learn your words. Or you know, just wave back. 
Or don't. But maybe, put your shirt back on...unless you are this guy
I digress...
We are riding...
It was HOT. Mason rolled in every rain puddle which was great
I always worry he's too hot. I'd rather have mud in my car than an over heated pup.
 Laz was being uber chill and we may or may not have wandered into a neighbors secret trail.
This was the same neighbor that houses hunting blinds, so it's risky to sneak out on...but there are some days that I can.not.resist.
Here is a quick video of this heavenly place.
We saw a baby deer, a momma deer and a few rabbits and a unicorn (not in video-sorry!)
 Walking home, Laz sniffered up this branch on the road
And picked it right up...
 We kept walking and he wagged it all around
 Flipped it around..I tried to see if it was caught on his halter, but no...just between his lips.
 He carried for at least 1/2 a mile
 I think even Mason was like "Oh ya..that's a gud branch!"
Funny pony, his curiosity is one of my favorite traits of his

The boys resting while I work from home...

Thursday; Laz had a hoof trimming appointment and a Chiro adjustment.
I arrived at the barn about 40 minutes early to try to sneak in a ride.
It was 10000000% humidity that day and when I pulled Laz off his pasture, he was so sweaty, hot and annoyed with the bugs. They were TERRIBLE! The big bomber flys are out-bastards!!! I am convinced they are reincarnated evil doers and I was lunging at them like a blind cat.
Poor Laz...he seemed SO disgruntled I quickly decided a ride was not going to be pleasant for either one of us.
So I hosed his Majesty off..
Hosed, scrape, hose, scrape. He kept sighing, angel face! I hand walked him, we played on the ground and resprayed him with fly spray-ear to tail!
Here are my trimmer and chiro chatting it up. They often work on the same clients
It was great to have them talk about thoughts regarding Laz briefly.
We are very lucky to have great people willing to work on him
Laz just waiting patiently. This boy is so good.
He took the adjustment very well, and did great with trimming.
I'll be doing a hoof post soon documenting some changes from 4 weeks ago to latest.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In wich i tipes my owns blog

My mom says she sooooo busie at workz. Whatevs
I busie too.
Me n Pito likes to napz and eatz at same time.
It's vury effeechent to get fatz
Itz my dai job.
 I got new tastees in my fuuds. It's called Remizzin (aka Remission) and I likes.
En also Mom is crazee, she give me fuuds for birdies too mixed in my grainey yum yums 
She said to helps my feets.
I luv to eatz
Ima Greek poney 

Here is me n Pito and we waitz for our dinner..but also we is gudlookin
Wasss that? Oh a burd. I eat his fuuds now

My Maysun dog has been visitin me and he smellz gud.
Here he suns wif his puddgiee brothr
They must want a dirt hol likez I haves to roll in
I took my Mom ona ridez. 
She didnt want to use my sadduls so just used my squishy purple back pillow and I was carefulls to be a gud ponee
I trainz her to let me eatz long graszzezzzzmmmmmm
I follow my Maysun Dawg becuz he is brave

Anudder dai she visitz me so I say "Oh halo..I can take n lunch"
"Commee Mom" 
Sniff sniff "Oh ya, you is mine"
She was waring her no ponee smelly clothes so that meanz we just take a walkz down the streetz
She liked this tik a lee no gud eatingz plant
So I eatz around em and she makes clikies at me and says I so beeutifulz

I got my grazz grinders scratched by dis guy.
He is not so bad, he letz me smells stuff before he puts ona my head
He doesn't make me feel whoooozie becuz my Mom said I'm too senzitive for drugz
My Maysun saiz he gave our Daddie a paper for a specual day
He saiz he put my namez on it too.
My name iz "latsaruz" but my Mom also callz me "Lazzz, or Lazaroo" or "Boo boo boi" which is funee to me.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend drama

Timing of an injury always tends to be at the worst time. 
Let's say, Friday after 5 pm?
Friday evening I went to the barn with Mason and his flying cheek
Of course it poured the whole time I drove there, while was there, and coming home it was sunny
Friday, I planned on just grooming because the rain decided that. I actually had surgery a week prior so I am not yet cleared to ride. Didn't matter anyway, because as I grabbed Laz out of the field, his RH leg was SO SWOLLEN from  hock down to hoof.
HOLY F%#*K!!!, I shouted.
Ok, stop. think. think.think.
I ran my hand over his leg. Hot but not blazing, but so so swollen. Digital pulse was slightly up but no bounding. He definitely walked like "ouchie" 
He didn't' seem to have a leg injury, the swelling was even. To me, especially in that hoof, it read as ABSCESS.
Probably brought on by spring grasses? Combination of cool/hot/cool weather, rains, etc makes for abscess heaven.
So, I decided to NOT call the vet and just go with my gut.
I cold soaked leg for 20 minutes.
I check and cleaned out his hoof.
I packed it with ichthammol and wrapped it in plastic bag, and booted him with a padded medical boot to help with comfort while hoping this helped ease out some inflammation.
I rubbed on some BioFreeze on his leg for additional support. 
I turned him back out.
I figured, moving was better than being locked up as I really felt he didn't have a leg/bone/tendon injury
I didn't get photos of how swollen his leg was because I had left my phone in the car due to rain

This was the next morning, or about 10 hours later (as of course I couldn't sleep)
About half as swollen.
YAY, I was happy for thinking I figured it out

 So in the AM, I did a Bedadine Epsom Salt warm water soak for 30
I left his bootie off and he was moving, uh, MUCH better..see videos for that

Run my angel, run...

  I came back in the evening (hello gas bill, I live 50 minutes away) to check up and keep up the treatment plan
RH below, even LESS swelling..yea yea yea
 This time I did a clean trax soak for 40 minutes to clean any area that may have opened. I couldn't find any but still, the fact the swelling went down so fast, I'm sure it happened.
Thank goodness Laz seems to know (I swear!!!) that I'm trying to help him and he is so so so patient. Soaking, picking, lifting, prodding, etc. He just chills.
I rewarded him with a good massage and he about fell asleep
Pito was like "Whoa what feelz so gud?"

Oh, and this hilarity happened early on Sunday am...
Little victories, some laughs, and a lot of stress...
Oh Laz, never a dull moment.