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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, December 23, 2013

A typical winter weeks schedule

It's never a bad day at the barn. 
Especially when you are greeted by snowy whiskers on a kerflufferson pony
Insert deer snort below...
Laz has such a great winter coat, I'm so happy! I try to not blanket him much. I will on really windy evenings that are below 20 or when it's below 7 or such..it really depends on moisture/wind/etc.
I try to watch him carefully and he's blanket is at the barn if needed for the BO's to toss on for me in case of a quick warm up. He's got great shelter, a fuzzy fur coat, hay often so really, he should be good (says girl with clenched fists researching weather channel 24/7)
Laz anticipating his winter warm salty mash...slurrrps!! GIMMMME!!
Laz and I lunging below in fresh powdery snow last week
(the BO took these from her living room window..ya, don't you wish your living room window had this view? I do!!)
Trit trots..no bigs.

Out on a wintry trail ride with two calm furry OTTB ponies
Laz happily leading the way (trust the pony, right Juliette!!?) 
On another day, I wanted to do 'free' lunging which I decided would be more of a game than actual exercise
It was blustery so I didn't feel like riding and Laz was showing me signs 
of FLIGHT so we did some ground work

Hollow :/
Nice curved to the left

This is defiant Laz, see his arched neck below and his stink eye? This is when he wants to defy but it's a playful spirit and not at all mean (Laz really doesn't have much mean in him!!!)
Below is very compliant 
Nice extension for him
Love this forward uphill look below
He would listen, then stop and wander off...
Then Pito came in to see what was up...Laz quickly herded him away
If Laz wandered away, I would just stop and wait for him to return (usually within 20 seconds) and I would reward with some cookies
"So ifz I standz here, n trotz, n comez back..I getz a cuukie? Ok..!
Then I guna trotz dis way....
Anna dis way...
Anna you givez me cuukiez..."
Yea, pretty much.
I always want Laz to feel coming towards me slowly and softly is always a good thing

Mason below shows his snow swimming skills
Diving in head first...
Roll entire body into snow
Backstroke PUSH into it...
Wiggle worm back and forth
Back at home, he put himself to bed (in our bed of course) after a fun snow day
Then this past weekend, we had an ice storm which was beautiful ....
But made the ground wet, crunchy and slick.
Not even great for lunging, much less riding in.
So, my visits were of grooming and feeding and doting over
"Deez are ma favoritz dayz nom nom  nom nommmmz"
Stay warm!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a marsh-mellow world in the winter

First off, I know how to spell marshmallow,  however for this calm, sweet trail ride with NO winter wind blowing; it was marsh-mellow.
The snow had that glittery sparkle and the only prints on our trail were of deer
Laz was relaxed (although interesting enough he wasn't blowing out a ton so he wasn't completely relaxed or confident) but we led partially and he did great. No jigging.
He did let out a controlled buck during a canter but it was funny.
I do want to work on an issue. In the bit or bit-less, he is trying to evade any pressure. If I pull on one or two reins, he almost always is tossing his head up. Doesn't matter the pressure. He does this on the ground if I try to back him up via my hand on his head/nose/side, etc. It's not a pain thing, it's a defiant thing...so that will be something to work on this winter. I want him to remain soft and agreeable and I'm sure it's me (and him) that need to work on that.
I texted my trainer if we could do a lesson out on the trails and she said YES...how great!!! 
Now to get the weather to cooperate
Leading into our trails
 J and Pito behind us..Pito is almost is invisible in this powdered snow
It was a great trail ride! 
Dare I say, one of the most perfect winter scenery and weather situations for a snowy trail ride. Fresh snow, 20 degree without wind and great footing.

Watch below for the cutest video ever..here is our French Bulldog upset that his brother Mason is out playing in the snow with Billy...
Why didn't I let him out? I did, with his down puffer on and he came back shivering..
Oh Pudgie--he is a laugh a minute

Monday, December 9, 2013

The many faces of Laz

So, my blogging schedule has just been off. I'm working more, riding more, playing more, etc...less time for blogging. I assume this winter I'll blog a bit more.
Back to the riding! Last Wednesday, it was 50 and gorgeous so I rode. It was relaxing, lovely and Laz was perfect. In our new saddle and bitless.
 It was blustery but gorgeous
 Cow chewing face to the left...
 Horse chewing face to the right
 Saturday, it was cold. Like 20 degrees but sunny and no wind so actually very pleasant for riding. Billy came and Mason got his exercise and Laz and I played in the pasture and ended it with a family road stroll.
I had been telling Billy how Laz has been fiesty and playful but also quite full of himself lately. On Saturday, NONE of that came out, just a gentle fat lazy pony...
Some videos from Saturday:

Came home, relaxed and glittered up our home with Christmas delights and twinkle lights 
(why can't we have twinkle lights year round?!)

Then today, Monday, the BO and I had planned for a trail ride.
The weather was cold, low 20s and very windy. Like 25 mph and overcast. Not a pretty day.
 Yet any day is a better day when you can ride!
Laz was a FIRECRACKER!!! 
From the start he was telling me, "I'm trying,  but I'm having a VERY hard concentrating because I really want to run and run and then run some more followed by more running, ok?"
However, Pito was relaxed and chill so it was a delicate balance. In hindsight, I should have lunged him?? But I didn't so I just rode through it. He got more excited as we approached the trail so I'm not sure lunging really would have helped.  He was frisky and excited and it just happens.
He was anticipating at ever turn to RUN, so he started jigging and curling his neck, and doing baby bucks followed by grabbing his bit and running and acting a bit nutty in general. I needed to get him on the trail and let him trot, so we did. He was so cute, trotting and cantering and great big happy snorting and breathing out...goood boy!!! As long as he behaved, I didn't care, just move forward and not UP. It was a short, cold trail ride and we turned around and Laz didn't want the ride to end...I really feel he just had more energy to WANT to get out and he love love loves trail riding. So, we asked for a trot (Laz was already jigging and squealing and feeling VERY fresh and fancy and collected/coiled with spring-like steps and bounce..like where is that horse, normally?!!) but..I  had him moving and was nicely  trotting and then he moved into a collected canter/buck which was ride-able but there was definitely room for it to get out of hand, when Pito who was calmly trotting, let out a tremendous left hind buck and tossed his Mom in the snow/frozen ground! UGH!
I immediately stopped Laz and dismounted and grabbed her horse (not that he was going anywhere, he seemed as shocked as all of us...like "Uh, oh shoot...I forgot you were up there...sorry...")
She was fine, just shook up and took her time to get her breath (she was launched) and vision back. We mounted up and ended the ride by just walking and ironically so the two fresh boys seemed very sorry for their antics and didn't take a mis step the rest of the ride.
Isn't it hard to determine when to get that trot going to get out the willies vs holding it in vs letting it all rip out?! 
Silly ponys!!!
It made me realize the strength of Laz and what he's capable of. He was very strong in our ride today (and he was bitted) but really tried his best to listen despite his body getting out of control vs some of our ambling rides that I can ride him with my pinky finger...
I respect his strength and willingness to listen and be soft, yet today I also respected his need to be a silly pony and act up. We all have those days. Just happy no one was hurt and we ended it all on a good note.
Winter willies!