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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Celebrating the little victories!

So with this roller coaster ride that I'm on, I'm learning to ease my white knuckled grip and enjoy the FUN parts of this ride. When Lazarus is feeling good, I feel great, successful, triumphant and proud! 
 The two videos are from yesterday and today (ummmmm..can you see the bucking and CANTERING!!!!) video and boy was he having fun!!
It's hard not to bring him down and have him ease up, but hey, he's still a youngster (9 in April) and for his mind, if he needs and wants to play, then play he shall!  Granted I'm gritting my teeth when he does, but he enjoyed it.  
He has SUCH heart and will to live that it makes my job that much easier.

Lazarus sings "There's a hitch in my giddiyup, a hitch in my giddiyup but that won't stop me!  Walk THIS Mom, I'm out!!!"

"Did someone shake my feed cup....Hell ya!!!"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easing into our new and welcomed schedule

One of my favorite b-day cards ever...from one of my sweet Cousins.  I mean, could this be any more tailored to suite?!  A brown horse wrapped in a ribbon?! Love it and have it tagged on my work board where I can see it every day and smile.

Per Cliff's recommendation and his last visit, he wanted even more room for Lazarus to roam and start building his strength back up, and a moving horse in his eyes is a healing horse.  So we did, now he has the entire dry paddock, enough room for two horses, all to himself.  He is HAPPY and more importantly- moving!! We break up his hay in small piles around his paddock to encourage it too.

Cliff posing with Laz! :)

Our new routine involving Laz and I going for a 10-15 walk in the large arena.  First 3-5 minutes are with boots on to warm up his muscles, then I remove boots, and we continue walking around.  It's great, I mean GREAT to be able to do this with him.  After our 'work out', I bring him back to his paddock where I unwrap his legs and leave him bootless and wrap-less to air out for about 1-1/2 hour or whatever time I have.  Then I bring him back into his stall, reboot, etc and reward with little Cliff approved carrots (one carrot broken into tiny pieces to make it last).

I'm taking this opportunity to work on his ground manners and increase his confidence.  This corner was always where he would spook, and blow out sideways when riding, so now we are walking DEEEEEP into that corner and allowing a little bit of grass reward (with Cliff's approval of course) to ensure that this corner won't kill him.  I hope to do more desensitizing with Laz in the arena as he gets better and stronger and is able to do longer work.  Maybe tarp work, large beach balls, etc.  I'm happy to make the most of our time to keep his mind busy and healthy.

Already he's acting like "Why was I scared of this delicious corner?!"

Here is a front shot of Laz's right rear- you can really see what the wedges did in uneven hoof growth.  Hopefully after a few more months, his inside will grow strong, Cliff said he sees new hoof growth there now.

Laz obviously stand odd due to his laminitis, but he will get stronger.  I just love being able to have pictures of him with NOTHING on him, no boots, no shoes, no wraps.  I think he's looking very handsome.  He really is enjoying our time out and I'm very cautious to keep it light and timed as to not exhaust him.  The BO suggested I leave his wraps off today to see how he does.  If she sees him stocking up, she'll wrap him for me.  I'll be back out tomorrow to check/work with him and we'll keep trying to wean him off the wraps as he's moving more.

I know some of my entries may seem a little mundane but like a lot of you suggested, this will work as a journal of how's he's doing, what we are doing and what works and doesn't, so maybe someone else in our situation can read about options for their horse.  
Thanks for the support/suggestions and comments, we really do love them!  
We feel you are all part of our virtual barn and we honestly wouldn't be here without you readers! 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Walking on with Laz

I'm hoping this video downloaded correctly...my computer was acting wonky!
This is from yesterday so you can see how he is getting along, limpy but working on it. I have to remember that Lazarus really hasn't moved much since October!! I'm sure his whole body is sore, unbalanced, and Cliff recommended that in the near future, getting a chiropractor out for him. Can't wait for that! I'm sure Laz will totally benefit from being worked on.
So basically what Cliff saw when he went out there on Wednesday, was what he expected. Laz's hoof that looks so awful is actually growing NEW hoof and we can feel it now that I know where to look. It's not soft tissue, it's hard hoof which he said is a good sign. He doesn't expect the hoof to slough (or shed off) but in case it does, he will cast it which I'm not 100% sure what that entails but he said it would add support and acts like the hoof that would be missing. I hope we don't have to do that, but if it happens, we have a method, so I guess that is good. He felt that there is NO indication that Lazarus won't recover. Yea!!! He thinks the wedges that Laz had with his shoes didn't help with his recovery and actually created a funky growth pattern to his hoof, which is why we can see more hoof growth on the outer side vs the inner. I am to walk him 10-15 minutes in the large, deeply sandy arena with boots on for a few minutes to warm him up, then remove boots (keep leg wraps on) and walk around and if he wants to play, let him play a bit and he is even OK to nibble on some grass for a couple of minutes as a little reward. That part makes me nervous but he stated because Laz's founder was a chemical founder, he can still have a Tiiiiiny bit of grass, NOT put on pasture, but just little nibbles. This is great mental work for Laz, as well as me. It will give us a chance to work on a different level together.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok...really quick note and I'll update to this more later when I have time but I'm in between work appointments (yikes!).
Cliff went out and saw Laz and thinks he is STILL fine and doing ok!! Whewwwwwwwww! :)
I'll write more as I have more time, but I love Cliff so far and he is so great about listening to me and calming me down and just knows his stuff!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2nd walk out

With so many conflicting thoughts and advice, it's definitely hard to stay strong and focused and trust. Trusting people that are educated when you are not in the equine field is not always the right thing I'm finding out. You have to fight to find all the answers and search for what is right for you and your horse and HOPE that it works and HOPE that the 'educated' people are continuing their research and education too.
Every day I read something, hear something, am given advice that conflicts with everything. I suppose it's with everything in life but especially with horses for me right now.

Laz was calm and a bit stubborn today, but I think due to sore feet. The barefoot concept is hard. No, actually I take that back..dealing with laminitis is HARD. Barefoot is just a new method I'm trying, as you know and today he showed signs of 'Ow.' I guess to be excepted but it's just hard as being his 'Mom.' It's hard hearing conflicting thoughts of other professionals telling you what you are doing will not help. But really...who knows?! And I'm here to stand up for Laz and try what I can to save him humanely, and that is barefoot right now.
That being said, he didn't walk great today. I took him back in the round pen without his boots on and we were to walk for 10-15 minutes but that lasted about 6 minutes.

Laz was happy to get out and licked his lips and ears were perked but he was especially hobbley and kept stopping like "Mom, this kinda hurts..can we stop?" I stopped, I took him back in his paddock and put the boots on. Well, I got the one boot on easy but getting him to stand on his bad leg (right) to get left took me 20 minutes to get the boot on correct. Whew.
I don't know...I emailed Cliff to ask some questions. Should I push the 10-15 walking..is that something I need to make him do? Or do I follow what Laz is saying for the day? The BO and I talked about maybe only doing it once a week as he heals but I just don't know what the 'right' thing is? Is forcing extra movement helpful? Is walking in sanded arena helpful?

He really avoided putting weight on his right rear today. Let me tell you, it's heartbreaking watching your horse hobble around when all you want is for him to get better. Maybe I'm worrying over something that is normal as part of this process, but I just don't know.

These are the images that remind me that this is a long battle. His right rear, taken from under his belly.
And right rear again, taken from behind. I send these images to Cliff as well, just asking..."is this ok?!" It looks so crumbly to me and so delicate, not strong, not healthy.

This is the left hand side that was closed off and is now opened up for Laz to double his paddock space. I'm sure he enjoys having the extra room
This picture came from the sweet BO, yesterday, as I wasn't there showing me how Laz was enjoying the 'new' side of his extended paddock
I just hope that Laz's soreness is normal and that he will continue to get stronger.
Maybe these up's and down's are totally normal?

**UPDATE: Cliff is coming out tomorrow afternoon to check on Laz again after I sent pictures to him-I should know more tomorrow

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our first walk out!!

Do you see this lovely Bay boy, in the round pen!?
Yes, that's right...Lazarus and I had our first 10 minute walk today and he did great. I took off the Easy Boot Epics from his back feet and hand walked him around the round pen quietly. He was quiet today which I was VERY thankful for. I had images of him acting up and wanting to run but he was calm and curious and even remembered some of our ground work. I was soooo happy with him...and proud!
He seemed to really enjoy his outing. Initially when we first walked into the round pen, he blowed/snorted at it, but I think it's been 5 months since he's been in it?! I chose the round pen vs the large arena because the round pen was our comfort zone before he got sick. I thought starting there would provide comfort to us both. It did.
We walked in both directions and I could tell at the end of it, he was a bit tired.
But, lots of licking from him and a couple times he tried to nibble the grass (No!) and pawed at the ground wanting to roll.
FYI-Laz's laminitis was not brought on by IR (insulin resistance) but even so I have to be very careful about what he ingests and grass is not part of his program right now. His laminitis is thought to be a chemical founder, an adverse reaction to some medication or fever that he had from his colic or possible Potomac episode or ulcers that aggravated his GI. Still unknown so we keep his diet super super bland and simple until he gets more stabilized.

Calm boy
Here is a crappy video of his walking, no shoes, no boots for this.

After putting on the boots (not the easiest task) I decided to still wrap his legs before I left. We haven't opened up the paddock of his yet as I want to introduce changes slowly to him. So by tomorrow or Tuesday he'll have more room to walk in, and until then I wanted his legs wrapped in case they stocked up. No sign of that today when I was first out, thank god, but I'm taking a precaution. He is eating and drinking the same. The last couple of days he wasn't loving being groomed so I kept it light.
Overall, he is doing quite well to the change and I hope this barefoot way keeps him feeling good!
I am being realistic that it could take some time...and am in no rush to be jumping on his back, but obviously I'm just ecstatic to see any improvement.
Oh, and we got a text from our sweet Cliff asking how he was today! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Boots and smiles are ON!

So today was the day that Cliff our barefoot trimmer was to come out. I was SO nervous to say the least, not to go barefoot, but that this hopeful method wasn't going to work..but I tried to think only positive and kept plugging through my day. I got to the barn an hour before Cliff because I wanted time with Laz and being he was so crazy yesterday, I was nervous he would be uppity again.
Look at this face and that wind blowing mane and that eye! LOL!!! But actually Laz was really great today despite MORE winds today. Go figure, an inconsistent OTTB?! ;)


Laz loved to sniff Cliff...I think he really likes him. Cliff has an amazingly calm quality about him and I'm very impressed and honored to be taken on as he is limiting his clientele due to health issues of his own. He is an awesome man!
One thing that really impressed me about Cliff is his wanting to teach one of the vet students...he is patient and kind. Laz totally picked up on that and was really good (most of the time).

"Hi Cliff, thanks for my mani/pedi"

Cliff removed all four shoes. Typically he usually pulls in pairs but since Laz's laminitis is in his rear, we put the Easy Care Epic's on the back for comfort with thick pads and that will act as his 'shoe'

Ok, so while Cliff worked on Laz he threatened him during his bratty moments to sing to him as torture. LOL!! Loved it! Great sense of humor and great support FOR the horse, and for me!
Oh and that abscess that I've been obsessing over?! Vet confirmed that it already ruptured..there was a teeny tiny hole in his bottom of his sole (right hind) and it's done and over with. There may be more but that was the one we saw on the xrays. Whew!!!! Funny because I've been picking Laz's feet and never saw anything and he allowed me to pick his feet. Maybe it burst on that day he was really sweaty?
Cliff was very good at explaining what he was doing and why. Gave me a tutorial on how to put on and take off the Easy Care Boots. The plan is to keep boots on 24/7 and remove every other day to check on his feet, allow him to walk bare for a hour or so while I'm there, put in Gold Bond medicated powder to help fight against thrush and put boots back on.
Thanks to my Husband who took pictures, tended to the dogs and offered the support that I needed today. YOU ROCK my love!

I couldn't help but think of Forrest Gump with his new boots on! :)
Laz walked out better on these boots than when he walked in with his heart bars....so it really seems like we are moving in a good direction. He walked better, didn't fight or worry about having the boots on. They are a little hard to get on but I think I can handle it and I'm sure I'll get to be a pro at it.

Cliff's goals and now ours:
To open up Laz's pen and allow him the other half which will double his paddock area and eventually get him moving more to help with his healing. Start wrapping his legs less and get him healing without as much support. Take him out of his stall/paddock when I'm out there and walk him in the arena for 10-15 minutes. Start working his mind again and he stresses bonding with your horse (love that) to aid in their healing. His motto is nature has it's way of healing and we are there to aid in that. I am so comfortable with that thinking, it just sits right. Cliff comes back on the 9th of April and stated if I worry or think Laz isn't doing well that he can be out asap for us. BUT, he thinks Laz will be just fine and told me that his goal is to get me on his back, walking around on him quietly, this late summer...hopefully. OMG!!!!
"I'm cool Mom...don't worry."
Oh and happy 6th (we think being he's a rescue) birthday Pudgie!!!! xo
Good day, great day, awesome day!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wind is to OTTB's as Caffeine is to ADD

Oh, yes my sweet bay boy was a total nut job today!
Recognize this face below?!
He was a bratty fire breathing dragon today who reminded me that he needs A LOT of ground manners still and a lot of calming in his life. I haven't seen this side of him in a long while. It may mean he's feeling better, being he was able to run around like a MANIAC and squeal and hop and rear, but he scared the crap out of me. I do not like being in his small paddock while he's wheeling his BIG body around with his OTTB tunnel vision of "I DON'T SEE YOU..ONLY MONSTERS...I CAN'T HEAR YOU...I CAN'T SEE YOU...WHAT WAS THAT???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He didn't stand for being groomed meaning he wasn't into it. Lots of ear pinning, tail swishing, coiled up with nerves because of the wind, noise of neighbors running their muscle cars up and down their driveway. The perfect recipe for a meltdown. At one point, Laz knocked his own feed tub with his own knee and jumped back like "WHAT WAS THAT?!"
I groomed him anyway but he was only OK with his right side being groomed and when I stood at his left he was freaking out, like "OH MY GOD..KNIVES IN MY BODY!!!!" So I just kept grooming sloooooowly and coo'ing at him which was a joke. So, I thought to myself, what would my BloggerHorse friends do?
So I walked out of his stall/paddock and let him be crazy by himself for a good 15 minutes. He was better when I walked in. I started wrapping him after a good 10 more minutes of 'happy' grooming and he was fine until another boarder was lunging her sweet horse (who was listening just fine despite the wind) and Laz literally jumped over me while I was WRAPPING his front leg! I mean, great!! Break all your legs, why don't you?! Is he suicidal?! Anyway, thankfully I had the BO come in and hold his halter for the last leg to be wrapped safely so he didn't get himself all bound up. Sheesh! I was really hoping for a detoxing because my work life has been so stressful. I didn't get it today. Instead I left my fire breathing dragon with a scowl on my face.
I'm hoping he's nicer to Cliff tomorrow! (and for no wind)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A toothless bite?!

Awww, right?!
I love when my (love that I can say.."MY") horse sees you driving down the road and I see his ears perk up (granted my car's loud and 13 yrs old and semi stolen from my sweet parents...hello, I own a TB!? No money left for me!). He watched me drive on the dirt road, to pulling in and then greeted me with perked ears and a silent nose ripple nicker. I don't ask for much...maybe a VOCAL nicker would have been nice, but no such luck.
Speaking of nicker, I'm DETERMINED to get his nicker on my phone and use it as my ring tone. How awesome would that be?! My work day would be that much better when clients call and I hear my nickering beauty!
Well, it's so far impossible to capture it...but hopefully one day!

Rugged handsome TB
Oh, and about my title?!
A toothless bite?
I got one from 'sweet' Laz which IF HE really wanted to have bitten me WITH teeth, I wouldn't be able to be typing this because I would have three less fingers on my left hand!!!
I was grooming him and he hates his chest/girth area curried but too bad, I'm gentle and he was dirty so get over it King Laz, and he gave me a wet toothless bite, QUICK too, might I add. I smacked him on the shoulder and yelled and he backed off like "What?! Sorry..I thought we were grooming??" but really...thank god he didn't bit me. I will tolerate a little of the 'grooming' behavior when he's polite but he's come close to biting a couple times out of being bratty...it's truly nothing else. Like one time he grabbed my jean leg with his sharp teeth...what if it was skin!? So, I'm a little less lenient when it comes to fingers.
I could just hear it..."You know that girl..that girl with missing fingers on her left hand..yea yea, she designed my kitchen with three missing fingers."
Not cute.
Also, today he was a bit up. It was WARM, I think it hit 60 degrees and I've been grooming like crazy and trying to de-shed him as quickly as he lets it go but he was still hot today. There was a little bee buzzing around that bothered him. He buzzed into his feed tub where I went to try to kill it and with me running around and the bee buzzing, Laz got himself literally into a sweat. I felt awful because it's hard not to think "Oh shoot, is he going to be so upset that he gets ulcers again?! Will he welt?! Did that f*#*ing Bee sting him??!" and so on....once they are hurt, it's so hard thinking normal again.
Well, we are excited for Friday's barefoot trim and fitting of easy care boots and I will be taking LOTS of pictures and thinking nothing but good thoughts!
Also...who loves daylight savings!! I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

To the left, to the right!

Molting! The shedding is beginning and I love getting that winter coat out!

Laz almost looks a little hay belly chunky to me..I'm double checking with Cliff and Vet to make sure he is at a good weight for his laminitis. I don't want him heavy on his feet but I have to admit, I HATE the ribs that stuck out!
It was raining this weekend which is why he looks so awful half wet/dry and sandy below

Then I was thinking how unfortunate that his mane goes to the right because it leaves his left side so exposed to the elements. His has the barn on his right and the wind/weather usually comes in to the left but I like him facing the other horses so I don't want to move his feeder but it leaves his left neck totally exposed.

I also noticed that the BO's horses, the majority of their horses have manes that flop to the right, except for one.
What side does your horse's mane grow to?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Playing around

The BO "C" and I having fun on 4 yr old Sawyer, one of their four horses. Sawyer is SO sweet and gave a couple funny bunny hops with us on his back.
I rode him for about 15 minutes prior to this and boy am I out of shape!! I could hardly stay on his bareback swinging style. His trot is like riding the hips of Marilyn Monroe, back and forth, back and forth!

We just rode him around once...no worries!
My DH's turn on Sawyer. Notice how hard he tries to do 'heels down!' lol!!! :)
Annnnnnd.... with his so very 'proper' equine clothing of swishy pants, he had an unexpected dismount. Fortunately for this basketball boy, being 6'4" he just basically landed on his foot and stepped off! LOL! We was out just helping with shavings, etc, didn't intend to ride but he's always up for a quick 10 minute around the round pen.
My husband rocks!!!
Billy and BO "J" with our two dogs and their two dogs. This was the best picture we could get with all the excitement. Carley and Pudge played the entire time
Little Ellie strolling up with the beautiful sun setting behind her
She is quite social and a very smart girl, and turns 2 this year
Laz was moving around so much, this was literally the best shot I got of him all day. Nice withers! He is doing well and we are counting down to Friday for our barefoot appointment!
The weather has been rainy but warm. Officially I put my long johns away and my ski/barn coat and couldn't be happier!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend relaxation part 2

So I wanted to get another few photos of Laz's rear right foot. Can you see all that growth on the outer side? I HOPE that is a great sign.

This is the same foot (rear right) but taken from the inside (aka under his belly). I don't see the same growth rings as on the other side which is strange but may have to do with the wedges that he had on for a few shoe-ings. The bubble or abscess still hasn't come out. Cliff, the barefoot specialist, thinks it may come out when he trims on March 19th.
In the meantime, Laz is doing very well on these heartbar shoes...and we've cut back his Equioxx pain/anti inflammatory from full dose, to thirds, to now a 1/4 of a tube a day. He is doing very well with that gradual change
This was an awful angle to try and photograph him. Behind me is the electric fence and let's just say, I wasn't willing to test it for a better photo.
I think he's looking better, gained a little more so he's not quite ribby but I need to get him thin for his feet's sake.
The curling on his neck is not Cushings...it's dirt.

Ellie the young paint hung out with us the whole time I was there yesterday
Laz and Ellie have started playing with each other a bit more

Jessie, who is Ellie's Mom came over to show her disaprovel. I know she likes Laz but when she's in heat, she doesn't like ANY boys!!! Or perhaps she likes ALL the boys, lol!

Laz smelling Jessie, while she was 'winking' at him

What a tease. Jessie, if you like this face...go for it!

After Laz was mostly relaxed, the wind picked up and so did his interest in something that I couldn't see.
He stood SO tall and made himself SO big. He was coiled ready to spring into action and race around his pen.
The other horses's remained relaxed and were like "What is your deal?" and so he calmed down. I felt like he was waiting for someone else to react and then he would have jumped up and sqeauled with delight. Did I mention when he squeals he sounds like a giant guinea pig. "E...eeeeee!" It's not masculine.

Ok, back to playing with Ellie...the monster went away
Love how the hay stains his little mouth