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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rolex 2013

 I hope you have a venti sized cup of coffee or a bowl of wine to sip on while reading this long photo purge of a post.

4/25/2013 this beauty of a boy turned 12 yrs old.
Be still my fing heart I love this horse
Grazing, post roll, sunny skies and high 50's=a good bday
On his birthday, I just enjoyed him. Groomed him, stuffed him with fresh veggies and fruit, took him on a 2 mile walk with Mason. 
Bye boyfriend! I'm off to the Rolex to cheer on your cousins in action

A few friends of mine (actually I knew one really well, met one once, and never met two of them, but now we are all TIGHT buds) drove to KY on Thursday evening.
We arrived at 4:30 am
After a quick check in/nap (ie like 2 hours) we headed back out to see the KY sights early Friday
Angle babies from heaven were nursing EVERYWHERE
I knew I would have fun with these girls as we all squealed in delight at the same time, in the same dog yelping squeal "Awwww BABBBIIIEES!!"
After foal viewing car side we headed to Keeneland race track
Uhh, no one told us of the 'no dress code DRESS code' to look uber Nantucket chic in bowties and dresses' so we were casual and felt a bit out of place.
You know what fixes that?
A Keeneland (or a few) Breezes
Nothing like a Bourbon breakfast
No worries, I was still trying to digest the waffle in my gut from a few hours prior...oh Waffle house, you evil genius!
When we walked into Keeneland, the ponies were out so you could see who you wanted to bet on...
we literally wanted to take them ALL home!
I can't explain the feeling of awe for these colts. They are such gorgeous athletes but wow, such babies and I can't help but feel I want to take them away from the craziness of a racetrack environment but also it was enjoyable. VERY conflicting!
Inside the track, we weaseled our way up to the front
What luck, the starting gates literally rolled up RIGHT in front of where we chose to stand
Watching the babies load, also not the most pleasurable experience..they seemed nervous and scared.
They are off!

I won $8.50 on my $1 bet. Imagine if I had bet like $1000.00 
It's all going back to Laz, or more Bourbon.

You want to see who I bet on:
Any guesses to why? ;)

The ponies after the race...we saw a few bleeders. We couldn't figure out if it was their noses or mouths but we were NOT happy about it....

Keeneland was a cool experience, but also tough for me. I would have no problem going back, but I know I will also suffer a moment or two where I want to cry for the babies running.
When kept saying to each other "when they break, we'll find them all and take them!"

By the time we left Keeneland (amazing how quick one gets wrapped into race after race after race) we headed for dinner and ooops more drinks!
It wasn't our fault...KY breeds Thoroughbreds and Devil drinkers
Yum yummmmmm
Really, when in Rome..er Kentucky. Drink the dirty water.
I was thirsty!
Bourbon, sleep for 3 hours, wake for Rolex Cross Country (yes we drank ourselves through Dressage and missed it...all!!! 
Damn you Keeneland, pretty ponies and Bourbon bar-tending geniuses)
Back to XC day, we bought a tailgating pass and got there at 8 am
Prior to the jumping starting, the Pony Club has fun games going on and these girls would whip on/off their silly ponies at a CANTER. It was totally impressive! I was screaming and cheering like I gave birth to all of them!

XC is a crazy, scary, mad skills, mad props to you athletes, type of sport.
I couldn't hardly watch I was so nervous...I can NOT imagine the skill, and partnership it takes to do this sport.
I was in love with watching, cheering, and trying to see as much as we could!

I wish I could tell you who was who! I am sure many of you know, but I didn't/couldn't keep track!! 
I was all "must take photos!" "must run to next jump after a few more go by" "must school Laz over more puddles" "how the hell did they just make that jump" "I need more bourbon to watch this!!"

The Rolex (this was my 1st time--if you hadn't figure that out by now) was AMAZING
Mounted Police in reflective gear that I want for Laz!
Free tractor/wagon rides around the course to get to jumps when you wanted a leisure way.
We took it once. TOO slow but nice for the older folks or kids

I mean...What horse just LEAPS over a giant scary duck!?

cutie cabins, not so cute to leap over!

The aisle/gallop path

We were surprised at how much the horses actually hit/lean on the obstacles
It made me WORRRRY but everyone made it back to the barn

BOYD!!!!!! alert!
Right before he pulled up
Wow, Cross country was a dream. Even the British announcer made me feel like I was in a fabulous horse movie! I can't imagine what the trainers/grooms/riders do for the horses after their xc run to ensure they are in fit shape for the next day. 
What a sport! Football, you can cram it, you are SO boring!

Sunday, the morning of Stadium
The course

We had time to kill so we went to a few barns, museums around the Horse park
Man O' War..did you know he is embalmed?! 
Inside one of the big barns..BIG
"ya I jumped during the Rolex...no bigs"
Stadium started...we just had general admission so we couldn't get IN
SUCH a bummer, it was a group mis-communication but a few of us thought we did have tickets...but we didn't.
We shimmed up behind some bleachers to catch what we could..
All jumping away from us..UGH!
Below is the Churchill Downs jump
This zig zagging jump was tough, a lot of horses had rails 

This was our actual view, behind the bleachers..I had to ZOOOM to get a shot.

I just felt there HAD to be a better view, so one of the other girls and I head out to find it.
The others were content with their spot.
We stumbled upon a grassy path...it may or may not have said "trainers/grooms only"
I mean, I groom! Do you groom????
Not very clear in my book...
So, up we walked and HOLY heaven of a spot, here is where we chilled for about 25 minutes.


Oh and right NEXT to the gate...our hearts were POUNDING
We didn't even chew our gum, it was so quiet and tense.
I mean, everyone we were with, were TRAINERS!! RIDERS!! omg...

Watching the riders, horses was amazing. 
Watching the trainers tense up and 'ride' each ride was intense

This was probably the moment where someone realized "Uh those two dummies don't belong"
But I just HAD to capture it.
I mean, I'll never be THIS close to a red coated riding genius again

And then we were politely asked (Southerns are so nice) to show our credentials
"Credentials?" For...design? For my College degree? What exactly did you want to see??
No, we didn't put up any argument  I actually just said "sorry, this was such a dream and a thrill, we are leaving now, thank you" and it was all quiet and fine.
We were not there to distract and we didn't. We were just two innocent girls that somehow found themselves front row amongst the trainers. 
I would have groomed, if they needed an extra hand! ;)
After Stadium, and shopping (I got a bright yellow saddle pad, cookies for Laz and a saddle cover--LAME! I wanted a Rolex coffee mug, and a riding jacket-zero for those two items) we decide to end the day with a ride.
Did you know you can do a trail ride for $17 for an hour around the park?
yes, we all have horses, but MUST RIDE ALL PONIES!!!
The park itself is so beautiful, and we all know the best view is from the horse's back
We rode around the horse park pastures. It was awesome to see how little horse to large pasture they kept. These two Shires (?) were in 4-6 acres themselves.
A perfect way to end the Rolex.
We will be back!!!!!!! 
xo KY xo

Monday, I got a FB message "Do you want to trail ride with my friend" from my barnowner.
Ehh, yup!
Riding my horse after the Rolex was the best feeling EVER.
Until we cantered and ate up those trails xc style, and THAT was the best feeling EVER
Me and Laz through the trails..it was just like this, swear--a swift lope of 10.9 mph ;)

LOVE my horse, love all horses, love my sport even though I'm not a balls out Eventer, I'm a fan and that counts!