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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates and a GIVE-A-WAY!

We had our trim visit by our Cliff and he thinks I should try to allow Laz to graze for about an hour, to an 1-1/2 a day.  He thinks maybe Laz is working out an abscess, or that his false sole may be wanting to shed so it's causing some internal changes.
Cliff thinks it's important for a horse to remain as natural as possible, so keeping Laz roaming in the pasture, chewing on grass (as much as he can handle) will hopefully keep him on track.
We also found some hidden thrush in his bad foot, so I'm ZAPPING that out with thrush treatments currently.
I had Laz free lunge to see how his walk/trot are.
Walk is fine, his trot is still off. He's always 'off' but this is an 'off' I haven't seen since before winter. Grrr. I'm hoping a couple of weeks off from riding, and re-adjusting him to pasture, zapping his thrush, will get him back on to where we were a couple of weeks ago.
 Shineeeeee Poneeee gets to graze while his thrush gets treated

And we come to the best part.
A Giveaway!
Absorbine sent me a lovely care package of some of their Natural products
One of which could be YOURS!
I'm so excited to try mine out (after our thrush treatments)
It's a brushless hoof conditioner that you SPRAY on!
It's made with natural products like Arnica (which I'm a huge fan of), tea tree oil, comfrey and avocado oil
With the heat's ray on us, I'm sure many of you will want this for your horse's tootsies!
So....how do you win it?
Leave a comment and winner will be chosen by random, 
by Mason.
(you'll see) 
Good luck readers!!


  1. So glad Laz is getting to graze again for a little bit! And... he really doesn't care about a plastic bag on his foot? I am pretty sure Tucker would be hopping on three legs with that one. Hope Mason picks me! I bet that would be great to spray on really quick at the in gate!

  2. Laz is looking good! Glad to see him out and about. What thrush treatment did you use?

    Give Laz and Mason a big rub from us!!

  3. I have to comment because a) I've heard good thigns about this stuff and b) Your totally amazing photo skills (nice use of plant) deserve props) :)


  4. Yah! I love giveaways!

    I actually use the brush on version of Hooflex so I would love to try this stuff. Not only is it natural but spray on? Yes please! That's one of my biggest complaints is that I feel like the brush is a magnet for shavings! ha ha!

  5. I sat there staring at the picture of Laz with the plastic bag on his foot wondering how you did it. Denali would be 5 feet off the ground I think...

    I like giveaways. Maybe I need to have one sometime.

  6. Hey all!
    First off..GIVEAWAY DEADLINE is 6/8/11 at midnight.
    Winners will be announced shortly after (as in when I get time as quick as possible!)
    Thrush treatment shown in bags is white lightning and that combined with white vinegar creates a GAS to zap zap zap thrush. Bags are on for 30-40 minutes.
    I've done SO much desensitizing with Laz that I could strap a couch to his leg and he trusts me. Before you get jealous..we still have melt downs on our trail walks at random things, so it's a give a take of 'trust.' ;)
    But he didn't bat at eye at the bags and walks around with them on both hind legs with NO issue. THANK goodness!
    Good luck my sweet readers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I've used White Lighting before and liked it! Good luck with it, hope Laz improves soon.

  8. Here's my comment! :) And Laz is looking good!

  9. I love the natural hooflex. The bottles of the spray I got however did not work well. I believe they got frozen but the product is awesome!

  10. Hello Kristen! I have not been by in a while life has been crazy! I am so glad to see Laz is doing better I was so caught up in your story of your handsome boy and his fight over laminitis!! I would love to win a natural hoof product, I am trying to get away from the chemicals with horses (as I am with myself ;-) My horse has struggled immensely this winter with a series of hoof issues due to mud and too much moisture. His hooves are a mess right now! I hope to start blogging again in a couple months, lots of big changes in my life!
    Take care!

  11. Uh oh. Not the BAG! At least Laz is not freaking out over it and is grazing no problem! I have a similar bag for my horse but it is huge and blue. But, it really helps! I agree with Pony Girl--I love a natural horse product. I worry and fret about all the chemicals on our horses! Can't wait to see how Mason will pick the winner!

  12. Yay, glad that Cliff thinks Laz is doing well and is not in the "danger zone." And lol, Gas Chamber Hoof is the BEST! I used to use gallon-size Ziploc bags on Salem's hooves, but I have upgraded to dry sacks (that u buy @ the sporting goods store for doing stuff like kayaking!). I'll be taking a pic of that soon. They're bright yellow, quite stylish!

  13. I got a good laugh at the pony grazing with the thrush boot on. Hope the thrush is gone ASAP.

  14. Glad Laz is getting some grazing time. Hope the thrush is easy to treat...

  15. Yay for natural hoof products. Arnica is awesome stuff. Glad Laz is getting more grass time again. My poor mare is constantly on the Jenny Craig program. Talk about an easy keeper! ;-)

  16. LOL, 17 entries already! Pretty great! Yeah, I have the old brush kind of this product. The NEW spray should be totally awesome! This way the brush doesn't bring all the dirt into bottle and contaminate the arnica. I am hoping Laz will bee 100% soon! Love, Enzo!

  17. ummm sign me up for that contest! a no mess no stress hoof conditioner? yes please!

  18. I dunno if it's too late to enter, but Miles could sure use *something* for his tootsies, because they are chipping for some random reason. Glad to hear Mr. Laz is getting some of that green goodness!

  19. Oohh, what a great giveaway! I love holistic products. Please enter me!

  20. Ok, folks....CONTEST HAS ENDED...RESULTS to follow of who is going to WIN! :)

  21. I *heart* White Lightening!! Glad that it is working so well for you guys. Keep up the great work there girl- Laz looks awesome. Nice job getting him to accept the bag too- so many clients don't bother with that training, and expect me to tolerate getting the crap kicked out of me.... (NOT!) Rubs to the crew!