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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pulling, pulling, and Rolling

Boy, this darn abscess (still assuming) is annoying.
Annoying because it makes my Pony uncomfortable and because I'm still trying to pull that sucker OUT.

Cliff came out to double check on him Friday evening (so awesome) and did minor sole trimming but wanted to leave what false sole Laz needed.  So probably about 3 tiny pieces came off. He checked all his other feet to make sure no other abscesses were forming/visible/sensitivity for anything else. All 3 others were good.

So, it's up to trying to keep pulling it out.
I am doing Epsom salt soaks.
I tried Animalintex  but that stayed on for ..oh...15 minutes.
Laz is just too rough and is still moving around so I figured spending $7 on the one use poultice, and $2.50 on one whole roll of vet wrap, this wasnt' the product for us.

I did use my barnowner's clay poultice which I loved and I think really helped alleviate some of the pain.
I was able to really pack it into his hoof sole, around the frog and around the hoof, wrapped it in saran wrap and was able to put his Easy Boot back on. It felt great, was cool to the touch and stayed put.
I used my barn owner's liniment to put on his back hind legs which Laz really enjoyed, to help ease any muscle discomfort.
I came back out the following afternoon and hosed it off.

I chose not to repack it on, because I didn't want him to go from Sunday to Tuesday with it on. (I can't get out there on Mondays usually)
So, Tuesday I'll re-poultice and try to pull it out.
I leave for Chicago Friday night, and really don't want to be far away with him still hobbling around.
But I have to go.
Laz is able to maneuver and walk somewhat comfortable with his boot on (although it's a bit stretched and has fallen off a couple times) and be with his herd, eat, walk in his paddock, still gets his hour of pasture.
The only time, he really doesn't put any weight on his RH is when I walk him from wash rack, onto barn cement, and outside.  Once he's on dirt, sand or grass it's more comfortable.
Here is a video, when I turned him back out with "Ponee" after applying his poultice/boot.

Funny little copy cats!
You roll, I roll!


  1. =(
    I hope the darn thing comes out soon! I agree with you, it sucks to be away when your pony isn't feeling well.

  2. How long has he been lame? Abcesses need to come to kind of a "head" like a pimple. I would be cautious if it's been a few days and hes still lame with no draining.

  3. Synchronized rolling, tooooo cute!! And, omg, I now think Salem needs his own ponee(which, of course, would mainly be for me)!
    OK, I know you might not want any more abscess advice from me since my last suggestion was a flop, lol, but epsom salt poultice is my 2nd choice. It's a bit sticky, but you could Vetrap and/or Saran wrap and put his boot over it.
    Say "hi" to Chicago for me! :-)

  4. Yeah, did Cliff say how long this is to go on? I thought it only takes them about a week the longest also?? But I am not sure? So what did Cliff tell ya???

  5. Issues first started May 25th (as in, when I noticed something was up).
    So, my 'theory' is too much pasture time on super rich grass caused some metabolic issue which now may have formed into a forming abscess. So, that is roughly 2-1/2 weeks ago. Cliff feel very confident (and other professionals that I've reached out to, that it's not another bout of laminitis other nothing can really be ruled out entirely).
    Laz was SUPER lame on Friday/Sat-worse than week prior, and after Sat poultice, on Sunday a bit better. I've asked Cliff, what if it is a rotation, what if coffin bone pops out, etc etc and he said we will handle what comes but still thinks it's an abscess. Fingers crossed. Nothing else I can do. Xrays will only tell me info from a moment in time. The feet seem to tell more current.

    @Frizzle-I'm sure it was human error and not product. ;)

    I've seen abscesses take a couple of weeks to form into a head or resorb or pop undetected so we'll see.

    I almost think the Thrush treatment may have started to help really pull it out??

  6. I've also seen abscesses take a long, long time to pop.

    And, Kristen, I was just thinking about why the Animalintex didn't work -- did you get the hoof-shaped ones or the other one? If you got the other one, you need to cut it to relatively hoof-shaped and sized.

    And it is HARD to get stuff to stay on hooves! When I did Magic Cushion on Salem, the first duct tape bootie fell off within 5 minutes. I red-did that and then Salem wore through both the toes in a day. I finally used Elastikon tape and that did the trick.

  7. Oh man I hope this comes to an end soon. Poor guy.

  8. Hope it comes out soon. Poor Laz man. You are such a good mommy. Try not to worry. You will probably go to Chicago and it will open and he will be fine. Good thoughts for happy draining and healing!

  9. Hoof shaped??? um...... no...I tried to basically wrap an Animalinex pillow on his hoof. No wonder! It's ok..Poultice clay seems to be a perfect fit and I can still put boot on.

  10. Gosh, I really hope this comes out then and thanks for the further update! Fingers and toes crossed for Laz! Enzo and Kaspin send horse kisses!

  11. Hope that sucker pops soon!! Cute video ;)

  12. Poor Laz! Abscesses must be so uncomfortable/painful. Did you read this post? http://adventuresincoltstarting.blogspot.com/2011/05/monday-bloody-monday.html It took a long time for the abscess to form in Rose too, but this poultice worked in less than a day. Maybe worth a shot. I hope it pops soon.

  13. Know I am late to the party, but sadly, can wrap almost ANY hoof and have it last for days. Have you tried a sugardine poultice yet? (Sugar and iodine- make it into a paste, pack it in then...)
    Step by step...
    Carpet remnants out on active turnout. Can usually get them at a carpet store for close to nothing.
    If you can get old IV bags from the vet, really good to use if in a smaller turn out area/stall.
    Cotton Sheets
    Duct tape
    Cast padding
    Vet wrap
    Brown gauze is nice, too.
    Diapers (disposable)

    Cut the carpet to hoof sized shape.
    Get the vet wrap end open
    Get the animalintex open
    Get any other wrap stuff you might use at the ready. I use a step stool to hold everything. Have your bandage scissors ready, too.
    Now, take about 6 12" strips of duct tape and make a duct tape kind of sheet. Over lap 'em. Then, take about another 12 inches and do the same. but...cross the pattern. Does that make sense? you now have a double layer of duct tape. This will over over the carpet and the other wraps to form the outside layer.

    Now, grab your choice of poultice. If you're pretty darn sure it's an abscess, ichthamol (sp) works a treat but is a blessed mess. But...it's amazing. If I want to KNOW and have a clean hoof, Animilintex is just satisfying. If I am thinking it may be, I might do a sugardine, or use epsom salts, bran and betadine. Rarely do I use poultice- but have in certain situations.

    If it's for a bruised sole (Gosh, mom- I ran a bit too much...) you can take aspirin- 10 or so (uncoated, of course) put them into the bottom of a mushy baby diaper, slap something like epsom salts or poultice on the bottom of the hoof and it takes all the sting away)

    Anyway- Put whatever you desire. Now, wrap with cotton padding. Now, wrao with brown gauze if you have it. Now wrap with vet wrap. MAKE SURE to go over the coronet band. Many have come out there. Also, the heels...wrap those puppies, too! VERY important, as the heat (and moisture) will help draw the thing out.

    Now, take that sheet o'duct tape and center it, and bring it up the hoof wall. Since your cotton is over the coronet band, you probably won't have tape hit skin/hair. That's good. Just get it close. Now...you might need a few more strips of tape. That's fine- secure your edges. Now...

    Take a piece of elastokon and wrap the top of the wrap and secure it to the pastern. Do not do this too tight- but enough so it is secure. Usually an inch overlap is good.

    It's huge. It's bulky. And it's secure.

    Like making a cake, seems hard. But once you start doing 'em, you can get it done in about 5 min and leave them on (not the animalintex- those should come off every 12 hrs.) for a couple of days.

    THe other poster mentioned cutting the animalintex- I have used the tiniest squares of that stuff sometimes!

    If you want company sometime in wrapping, give me a call! :)