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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Impressed x 3

Impressed #1:
The other night, my husband and I were having dinner 
(side note-it is an AHmazing vegetarian cafe for those local to Michigan)
and talking about random things.  
On Monday, he joined me for a barn visit.  While there, he played with Mason tossing the Frisbee, patted Laz on the neck, commented on "WOW, I never get used to how big he is" and that was pretty much it.  I asked if he wanted me to teach him how to 'free lunge' or play, and he said he was fine just watching (outside of the arena). 
Ok...I thought
It's funny, as a horse freak, when I'm on the outside of the arena, I'm chomping to get IN.
He just doesn't have that bug.  I get it.
So, that brings me to our dinner convo...I asked him "God forbid something happened to me...what would you do with Laz?"
He replied "ugh.....oooff"
I have to say, I fully expected him to say something about re-homing him, and how he couldn't take care of him, etc etc.
Well, he caught me totally off guard
"I'd go psycho with him because I know how much you love Laz, and I would stay connect to you by him. I would take it to another level and treat him as if I were you."
I about busted out in tears.
Not what I expected to hear....and I promptly told him that my love for him grew that much deeper.
Now, I just have to get that in writing ;) lol

Impressed #2: 
Working with Laz during this crazy windy, wet weather
 The BO and I walked our two flighty babes down the road.
Ellie her 3 yr old recently had surgery (removed her ovaries) and was acting extra witchy, poor thing. We suspect just an overall surge/discharge of hormones, etc. Nothing wrong with her physically but us women can attest to why she may feel off.
 Ellie, bless her heart, is a stay clean kind of girl
She wasn't keen with walking through the muddle puddle in the road
 Mare face, lol!
Ears were PINNED at Laz if he came near her rear, as if to say
"Here's your warning...the next one is a hoof to your face!"
 Laz loves his Ellie girl though and showed her how fun it is to play in mud
 "Wasss that"!??"
 "I see deadz peoplez!!"
 "Oh..haha..not dead peoplz..just a dawg"
 "Back to my kreeachionz"
 Happy boy in puddle

Walking by the dwindled brook that Laz leapt over...see those bushes/sticks, that was where he landed.  
We did not attempt to cross again for my worry of him wanting to jump it again. 
I just don't think he should be jumping, lol!
What a kissable muzzle!
A little mud, a blade of grass...he's like a wild toddler with chocolate on his face!

Impressed #3:
Saturday...our HANDS ON MASTERSON CLINIC with Tami Parr
Nothing short of amazing...everyone who attended was really into the learning, trying it out on the horse's and see what great releases ALL the horses were getting.
Tami here was demonstrating a poll release on Tinde, an adorable senior Arab, who loved her treatments
 We paired off after learning a new technique to try it out.
Erin, who is a barefoot trimmer (coolness!) and I worked on Laz
Laz is familiar with some of the techniques being Tami worked on him for a full bodywork this past October, and I try to continue some body work for him 2x monthly.
He LOVES it.
If you think your horse wouldn't get something out of this...you are wrong. Try it out and look for the subtle releases, and then see BIG releases. Your horse literally thanks you..it's pretty unbelievable.

Erin starting the bladder meridian (one of Laz's favorites)
It's SO interesting to see which areas he holds tension and can be used as a great indicator of what to work on for him
 Laz smelling his Dad's coffee...
Sun, horse, coffee, learning, support=heaven
 Continuing the bladder meridian, can take a minute or up to 5-10 depending on how your horse releases.
It is very interesting to see what release patterns different horses have.
Some blink, shutter, breathe deeply, yawn, snort repeatedly, evade and then big time release, etc.
Again, so awesome to be able to do this for your loved horse
 Eyes at half mast....
 While Erin worked on Laz, he came down to nuzzle. We noticed throughout the day, after the horse (all of them did this) had a great release, they would bring their head to your hand or nuzzle as a sort of 'thank you' if you envision how horse's blow on each other's muzzles as a hello.  When things happen, again and again and again and again, there is no denying something major is happening.
 Each method was taught separately so we could break and practice. It made it easier to understand, process and try out.  Here Tami is demo'ing on 3 yr old Ellie who had a lot of things to work out.
What was amazing was in the morning, a few of the horses were quite upset by being out of their normal schedule. We had screaming, rearing, bucking, etc. Right after our first round of Masterson, there wasn't one horse that wasn't calmer if not almost serene.  Even some of the horses that were outside but where watching from over the doors where reading off the worked horses and were licking/chewing and calm.
  Ellie was a great demo because she had a lot of angst going on (recently had surgery, and teeth done) so she was quite expressive with her releases.
 Happy ponies!
This is something that every horse owner should try to do.
It really is nothing short of amazing.
Many of us were talking about doing a 2nd clinic again this Fall, so stay tuned!!!

So many thanks to Tami (and her husband Skip) for coming 9 hrs from Wisconsin, to us in Michigan, to teach us this awesome, amazing method!


  1. A friend of mine just finished the Masterson training and worked on my mare. I was amazed that my suspicious, defensive hands-off mare eventually settled down and then LOVED it. She wanted to trade owners.

  2. Wow - that sounds awesome. I'm going to research and see if anyone near here practices that technique. Love it when our horses say thank you - sometimes after a bit pf protesting ;)

    Nice post :)

  3. Plenty of reasons to be proud :)

  4. Such great pictures...and what a couple of sweet boys you have:) That clinic sounds amazing! I hope to get in on that one day:)

  5. How sweet! Ok, first: does that awesome hubby of yours have a single brother? And second: that boy (Laz) is so stinking cute! I love the photos of him and his girl. Thanks for posting the Masterson stuff, sounds like it's worth looking into.

  6. What a great, great post! There is so much goodness I barely know what to comment on lol. I'm going to look up the Masterson stuff and see if there is anyone in my area who teaches it. I think Chrome would benefit from it. I need to get the Chiropractor out too. Thanks for sharing!