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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Property Trail Riding-Part 1

Mouthy Laz nibbling his stick
Usually when he's playful like this, it means he's feeling confident and content.

"I likz this stix bacuz it tellz me I'm a gooood boi"

Would you call Laz a high withered boy?
I think he's med to high...it all pertains to my new time obsession of searching for a treeless saddle
Thanks Janine!!!! I kid, I kid...but she's been fun to discuss options with and knows a lot being she's had 3 different ones!
Sorry for the graphic display below.
BUT...while we are talking about that ...please tell me other horse Moms out there take the extendo opportunity to swipe off the dangling extra skin that just begs to be gently picked off?

OK, back to PG
Look at his tail!
 LOVE how long it's getting!
 Free lunging in arena
 Great forward action on his part today!

 Canter...his choice!
 He was great at free lunging, except for today (and on Thurs) he aggressively charged at Mason!!
I'm not sold that it was 100% playful, it seemed to be a little jealousy maybe? 
I say that because today, he kept walking in between Mason and I and twice while riding, he darted at him.  
I did NOT approve.
Mason is my BABY, Laz..and yes you are my baby too, but you are bigger than him so CHILL!

That moon shaped star is so magical and POPs with the snow behind him.
Surely the remnants of where his unicorn horn should have gone
 Hoorah for weekend rides...where I actually have time!
 "Trail riding" on farm property.  Alongside arena and out in front in the deep snow.
Laz's trot today was SO huge it felt like I was riding some Warmblood show horse!
He was really brave today and even though I honestly have to get over my 'leaving our comfort zone fears', he took good care of us.
 Trying to run the BO over and me bouncing almost off ;)
 Front of property
Fun small hills to work on in the future (and a little today)...video to come

 My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

After our ride, Laz enjoyed a good roll.
No, not during the 4 hours he had his blanket OFF...but 10 minutes after I put it back on.

Laz's other herdmate...the BO's paint Sawyer
This is a perfect shot of him because he's always wanting to rest his face on your shoulder or head when you are in the paddock.
He's a sweet dumb jock..actually not dumb, he's smart, but it's funnier that way.

The mini Chief should be called Houdini because he's an escape artist!
I wouldn't be surprised if at night, he digs a tiny shawshank redemption hole to try and escape.
For what, Mini?! Stay put...we love u!
 After Laz, I offered to the BO to lunge Sawyer and he did great. I worked on some of my Parelli games with him and he rocked it.  He has the complete opposite personality as Laz so it's fun to work with a different type horse.  You could set a bomb under him and he'd be like "What's that burning smell....a joint?"
At the same time, he can be a real pickle when it comes to ground manners.  He has to work on his space/your space and he resists when you ask him to change direction during a lunge, like Laz does. 
The difference is, Laz blows up and Sawyer just stops and plants his feet.
It's fun learning how to work with the different personalities
 Thankfully the predicted snow for Sunday, came early (sarcastic hoorah) and it took me 2 hours to get home.  Pretty though, just makes driving annoying.
Of course I did have this sweet boy in my backseat so it's not all that bad
Stay warm!


  1. I would say medium withers :)

  2. same.
    And I too, pick the unmentionables when opportunity arises

  3. I love love love the last picture of you riding him bareback, looking at the camera:) The fact that you ride Laz bareback all the time has me in awe of you two, for serious. Also? He's looking so, so comfortable and happy, with his big trots and canter! He's on a great path to 100% soundness, I think:)

    I totally barked at Miles when he gave our golden Sam the snakey-ugly-Imma bite you face too. So not cool. Of course, Sam was trying to sample his beet pulp, but still:)

    Ugh. Sheath issues. Ever since our "bean" incident, yes, I'm afraid I take almost every opportunity to clean Miles' area that he gives me. Always with no one looking, though! I miss my mares during these times:)

    Great pictures, great post!

  4. Hilarious post, Kristen!!!! I have been known to photoshop out certain "appendages" on the boys in photos on my blog. And, yes, I am constantly cleaning up the area.

    I think that snow background really makes Laz's cresent look fabulous. And, sleeping Mason...unbelievable!

    Be careful with Mason and Laz. Pie and Sovey follow my mom's dog everywhere, but Sovey lunges and he would hurt her I think. My black Lab, Jet, and I were walking through a field on the AT once and two horses came out of no where and chased her down. Jet did not run because my mare never hurt her so she did not know to be scared. These horses practically trampled her. About 1 month later her spleen burst. We found out she had cancer in there and it was probably unrelated, but it was awful! Take care of little Mason. Laz probably isn't trying to hurt him, but why risk it?!

  5. Great pic of the bareback near bounce off! and I want a mini!

  6. I love his moon-star next to the snow. Although, are you as sick of the snow as I am? That drive home picture makes me shudder.

  7. Love his moon-star! My first horse had a similar marking and it brings back good memories :)

  8. I clean them, too, so don't worry LOL.

    I also love his moon-star. Seems he was as ready for a ride through the snow as you were. Looks like so much fun!!!

  9. His star is so cute!

    I take any opportunity to clean the boy too. I wish they didn't stay so gross.

    Chrome attacks dogs too. And chickens. He doesn't do it all the time so I really think it is playful in nature.

    Laz looks so good! Good luck finding your treeless saddle. I'm been intrigued by them since Janine's post. :)

  10. This post had me laughing out loud! I love the graphic photo and am secretly thankful I have a mare because I wouldn't know where to begin cleaning a big thing like that!! hee hee! I also love that furry little paint! He makes me squeal he is so cute.

  11. Great to catch up with you! This took me right back to my first year of Wa mare ownership! Bliss!

    Love Laz's cresent moon too. He was moving out there, the cold helps a bit with soreness in feet... Natural numbs it! You're smile in that trotting pic is priceless! Love it ~
    His withers, need to see the pocket below, then I'll say. Take a shot from above, if ya can.
    I'm happy to have a mare too..when it comes to cleaning the ding dong parts .Wa loves her"who who"warm water cleaning ritual..much better than the shortcut wipes.

    A you yet another mail about My Treeless venture! "ANSUR" May very well be my answer~

  12. I think picking weinie crud is pretty common. Even my old trimmer picked it off my horses. "Well, it was right there!"