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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday was so odd.  
Laz was hot and sweaty (insert HUMID summer here in Michigan) was I arrived. I gave him some nice poll massages and he was loving it up.
The more I think about it...we are so alike! Do you think you are similar to your horse?
I'm skiddish..he's spookish.
I'm a sleep-aholoic and from the video below, you'll see he is too
I have random mood swings and apparently so does he!
The list goes on, but it's funny!

So, here Laz is napping while I'm cleaning up his poop all around him.
Now, I know this video below could look like he's  a dying horse...REST ASSURED, it's pure lazy nap time. PROMISE :)
**Side note: I was playing around with Laz's mouth and come floating time..I think it'll be a doozy..I found he still has his Wolf teeth, at age 9!! Is that normal?? I'm thinking not....
Cliff wants to wait a bit before I tranq him/float him-and let him heal more

Here is a lame video of Laz crossing the cool water jump..er..obstacle. ;)
Laz's TB Internet buddy, Olly would sail over this one, but Laz just tip toe's thru it
I tried to get him on video playing in it, but he's obviously a bit shy around the camera because he wouldn't do it when I was taping.

Here is just a video of Laz walking. 
I think he's moving soooo much better, and really think the upcoming Chiro will do wonders on him.  
You can tell in this video, he was sooo bored with me.
Back to the barrels...
So, on the 'being bored' note.  Laz was just off yesterday. He was calm and then out of nowhere, he would slam his front feet down and buck and fart out, and then right back to calm.  It's like, he gets these little spurts of energy and JUST has to get them out. He wasn't being a bad boy, just a young boy. I really think he's challenging his inner coltness.
After a half hour in the arena, I could just tell he was like "this is booooring Mom" so I took him out for a walk around the front lawn which was nice but he was wanting to misbehave. I offered him a lunging circle to buck out and be silly, but he just trotted (awfully might I add) and I could literally hear his back cracking. Ugh! 
Hopefully, a few adjustments will do him some good.  That being said, though, hopefully he won't turn develop a royal OTTB attitude because on our 10 minute walk, as we were just about to finish our little bareback walk....he BUCKED.  Well, he didn't buck, he snaked his head side to side, picked up a terrible trot and shoulder popped me. I said "NO way Sir! Have some manners for your Momma!" so we couldn't stop our walk on a bad note like that.  The last thing I want is for him to think, "oh I'll just buck and she'll get off" especially because it wasn't a buck because of pain (I'm pretty sure) it was a buck of I FEEL good!  
Great, that is great Laz, I'm happy you feel good but bucking me off gets you a life of "pony for sale!"...thankfully I didn't eat it and we did end up walking calmly and ending on a good note. 

The garden is starting to flourish! 
I picked broccoli, radishes, lettuce, onions to make a delic salad for dinner last night!


  1. That is all so cool! I want to come steal the water obstacle, LOL!! How do you post all these pictures and videos?? With only your phone??? Or, are you using other items also??? Love me

  2. Yes, with my blackberry! :) I take the video or pics and then plug it into my computer and able to download or upload, lol, to my blog.

  3. Wolf teeth are perfectly normal, unless your horse is bitted then they interfere with the bit and have to be taken out most of the time. No problem bitless there ;P

  4. Sydney..hmmm! :)
    Well I plan to try him out in a caveson, and then a sidepull (b/c so much less than bitless)..any thoughts on going in that direction?

  5. This video of Laz sleeping is too cute! I love it. Even when he sits up you can see that he is still asleep because then he jumps like he just noticed you were there. He is so comfortable with you. Sovey has wolf teeth too. The dentist said, "no bit, so no problem".

  6. oops - forgot - I love the new background/font/pages!

  7. Juliette-
    Laz jumped b/c of Mason rolling around in the grass behind him! It was so funny! He is comfortable with me...sometimes TOO comfie, like somedays he thinks I'm his herd friend to push around, so we are always working on that.

    So...interesting about the wolf teet!! I'm hoping to transition him to bitless if he'll be a good boy to me and not blow up.
    Does Sovey or Pie EVER spook and run off like maniacs?

  8. Love the new layout and the new pic!! The videos are awesome as well. Gotta love the blackberry. Do you just have a memory card that fits in your blackberry and then transfer that to the computer? I have one but have yet to really figure out how to use it...

  9. Love the new banner! You look so happy :)

    Sounds like he's being naughty because he's fresh and feeling good... which is a good sign, albeit a little annoying for you!

  10. I am like my horse for sure! Social, a little lazy, super curious, ADD, with a hint of attitude. :)

    I also like the new layout and picture!

  11. Thanks guys! Blogger introduced some fun layouts with LOTS of choices, so I'm having fun making the fresh changes. I feel this blog deserves a fresh outlook!
    The new top picture was actually taken last summer..my sister is coming to visit soon and will be bringing her camera and skill for hopefully another fun new picture. Although that one above is one of my faves..the BO husband took it and I have it on my tack locker too. :)

    Eva-I just plug my USB cord that came w/ my blackberry into my phone and connect that into my computer-hit the blackberry desktop manager, click media, then media manager and go from there. It takes a little playing around but once u have it it's easy. For the photos, I take w/ my BB, I just email the images to myself, save in a desktop folder and upload images to blogger when ready. Sounds more confusing than it is! :)

  12. I also LOVE that pic! I'm still playing with our layout but I get soooo frustrated-I was having issues (no matter what layout I tried) getting the picture to look right in the header, so I gave up. It's a work in progress.

    I DO think horses reflect their owners to a certain extent, absolutely. This last week with the awful humidity Miles has been LAZY...like, tripping over his own feet lazy:) To be honest, I don't feel like doing a darn thing in this weather either! Now if only I was a "hard keeper" like him, lol! Actually, I'd rather have him store his oats like me, although I would certainly look better the other way around:)

  13. Kristen - yes Sovey and Pie spook ALL the time, but they don't run off like maniacs when I am holding the lead or on their backs. They DO run off like maniacs when they are free in the pastures. Here is the thing with spooking - not sure I can explain this in a comment box - if I watch Noodlebug (our cat) she skulks around and shies or spooks at things all the time. It isn't scary, it is just her reacting to something she sees. With horses, it is the exact same thing. It isn't scary or mean it is just that they are so big. We have to lead them with confidence - and that also means confidence in the fact that they ARE going to see things and jump, but they aren't doing it to be bad or mean. If they know that you aren't scared then they do shy less, but they do still shy. On their backs, I just relax and go with the motion. The spooks end and the bitless bridle is secure enough that there is no racing or bolting. We just continue walking. When I am on the ground, if they shy at something, we just continue on our way when they are done. They do respect my space, but sometimes, (very rarely) the shy is bigger than their memory of me so I get pushed. I am always alert and move my feet so I don't get trampled. It is a dance, on the ground or on their backs. I don't think it is realistic to think that a horse will never react to scary things. You just have to move and go with it and laugh and it does happen less. I never think of the bitless bridle as anything other than a regular bridle. In other words, it doesn't seem to me like they could "take off like a maniac" in a bitless any more than they could in a regular. Sorry for the long comment!

  14. Clinton Anderson says that of all domestic animals, that horses have the fastest reaction time. You'd think it might be a cat! but he says it is a horse. So you put the speed and agility of a cat in a creature that is 1000 pounds and WOW! My husband is very afraid of horses and I think this is why. (because they can react so quickly and because their bodies are so giant) Sometimes my mare has an off day and she almost always gets bored in the ring after a few circles. I wish she wouldn't get that way! but that just who she is. Your videos are really beautiful. Doesn't it amaze you have great and glorious horses are? It does amaze me every day!

  15. That sleeping video is too cute. I love how you put the little warning that he really was sleeping and not dying - he he. I think it's sweet that he's comfortable enough with you to sleep full out....I don't know if any of my horses have done that with me in the past.

  16. I love this horse! He has such a personality! He is so sassy, yet sleeps all the time. I love the videos! I sit here and just laugh.
    As for the liverpool...Olly would have soared!! But walking through it...probably not. I am just now getting him to put his foot ON the tarps.
    I love the barrel licking. If Olly would have knocked over that barrel like that he would have jumped 15ft to the side. I think we add Olly's jumping and Laz's cool, we could win the Rolex! LMAO! Do you think we could ride double on our newly created horse?? lol

  17. Hello! I'm new to your posts! But I was looking at your sweet boy, and our boy's are related by Nasarullah and a couple others way back! My horse Jackson is an AngloArab so his TB 1/2 is on his mama's side. I know that far back you get lots of ties, but it is still so cool! I recently lost my dog of 16 years, so I really loved your post on Mason. It was almost as if I had written it!! My dog was THE dog of my life, hard to belive she is gone! Glad to have found your blog! My last few posts are a little "down", but trust that I am always not this way! You have that cool bay coloring on your guy, how awesome! I've had two horses in my life, and yes, both of them have had the same color hair as me! Oddest thing, eh?

  18. Pru-Love our new dream mixed horse! Ribbons and Olympics for sure! :)
    Jacksongirl-just checked out your blog and I'm hooked. Your Jackson is a doll but now knowing he's a relative of Laz..duh, of course he's adorable! LOL!
    Juliette-so true, so true. I'm learning to be more accepting of his natural instinct..as long as it doesn't hurt too bad ;)
    JJ-I think Laz is comfie w/ me due to all the time we spent just grooming and grooming and grooming over the winter. Who wouldn't get bored of me and want to take a nap, lol!