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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Enjoying the last days of summer

Ugh, it kills me to acknowledge that summer (and sunlight) is coming to an end. Why?!
The blaring signs are everywhere.
Red leaves popping up, a deer crossing my path on my way home that is now in the dark when it used to be still sunny, cooler evenings (I think the horses enjoy this though so I'm cool with that), etc.

Anyway, today on my way out to the barn, I got a text from Cliff saying "I'm here"
Can you believe that I forgot?! I think work has been so crazy busy and I've been working so long/late hours that it skipped out of my mind. No big deal as I was already on my way, but I was about 40 minutes away, so Cliff said he'd just get started.  Things are still looking great and Cliff said to start getting him to trot a little bit and working new muscles. OK! 
Here's his right rear, looking about half way to normal town!

Laz this week has been the wonderpony love of mine!
He's keen on wanting to listen and behaving so well, and is so happy and calm! LOVE him!! He's very mouthy and nibblely in a cute and cuddly way...I know that all horses are like that and I LOVE that he is! He's very gentle about it and every once in a while, he tests the limits and if I just "ACK" at him, he backs off. Boy, he is so sensitive...it's something I've really come to adjust to.  His feelings are paper thin and he is QUICK learner. Angel boy!
So Tuesday, we had a great little ride. I even ventured out on the property where he hasn't been in months and he did great. He had such fun, in fact, he threw a couple of head toss, crow hopping bucks and trotted off with me. Fun and also, a bit interesting as I continue to learn his behavior. He was happy, not misbehaving and came right back down when I asked him to.  VERY different to when he's checked out mentally..he was still there with me and wanting to romp and play a bit. A great sign.
Today, after his trim, I just hand walked him and he did great. He reads my body language so well in our workings, it's sometimes crazy cool.
I decided that I also wanted to start working with him in the trailer and getting him used to that for our future trail rides next year.  So, today, I had him walk up with me and nibble some treats, stand quiet and back down. He did great and didn't hesitate a second. He DID get sweaty and a bit anxious, but behaved and listened.  I'm sure, he associates trailer rides with racing, changes of home and not anything overly positive.
I was proud of him. I walked him out and around in a couple of circles and he let out a couple of rear, bucks a little too close to me, so I walked him back to the arena and lightly lunged him to get out his willies.  I imagine he had some built up nerves and energy from the trailer...and I can equate it to this.  You know when you are in your dark basement, doing laundry, and you come back up the stairs...and the last two to three steps you fly up feeling that twinge in your stomach like someone's going to grab your ankles?! I feel like Laz had that type of feeling, where bucking just felt good.  No problem in my book.  We went back in the trailer once he settled and he did great again.  Done for the day and let him graze and chill.

Here's an interesting question for my knowledgeable readers.
When I arrived, Laz had this wet spot on his rump, shown below.
I didn't think anything of it, as if maybe he rolled in something wet.
I groomed/cleaned him and it dried.
After the trailer training, and him grazing for about a half hour..the spot was back. (picture below is after)
Sweat!  Isn't it in a weird spot? He hasn't shown sweat in this spot before (his neck has a spot which appears sweaty first).  Any reason for concern? Just weird?

And random, but wanted to share, I got this cool car sticker when I was in Harbor Springs, MI on vacation with the Hubby..isn't it perfect?!
Hope you all are enjoying these last days (weeks I hope) of summer with your horses! 


  1. Feet are looking good! I've never seen a sweat spot like that but it is kind of odd.... I'm curious to hear if anyone else has seen something like that before. Wonder if it has something to do with new muscle developing?

  2. Looks like mr.Laz is feeling better.
    That is indeed a weird spot to sweat unless he was rubbing it in the trailer.

  3. Laz is feeling better :)
    No rubbing in trailer as I was standing with him..and he was in it for total of 5 min max. This sweat spot was still WET and very visible after letting him chill and graze for about 30 min after trailer. He was totally calm.....strange, right!?
    Marissa..hmm, maybe he tweaked a muscle during his bucks?? BUT also, it was wet after his trim. STRANGE!
    Syd-btw, thanks for the Beta bridle info..now for what color! ;)

  4. "You know when you are in your dark basement, doing laundry, and you come back up the stairs...and the last two to three steps you fly up feeling that twinge in your stomach like someone's going to grab your ankles?! I feel like Laz had that type of feeling, where bucking just felt good..."

    ACK!! I totally know what you mean, and I've thought the same thing when Miles does a little "scoot" move, whether it's out of his stall or a gate (we haven't had the opportunity to work on a trailer, unfortunately). It hasn't happened in a looooong time, but I always thought the same thing-as long as he didn't end up on top of me, I know that feeling! :)

    Glad you guys are having such a great time together. I'm weirded out to see the signs of late summer/fall as well, but honestly this summer really sucked weather wise so I'm grateful for the crisp air in the morning:) Laz's feet look great!

  5. Feeling the summer-ending blues here too. It is getting dark way to early.

    Glad Laz is doing so well- his foot is really looking normal at the top. Hooray again for Cliff.

    Weird wet spot. It makes me wonder about my horses - I always just assumed they had just rolled in manure. Now, I think maybe not.

    I LOVE that sticker! That is me at all times! Life is good because of horses!

  6. Love to continue hearing about how happy and joyful Laz is :) brightens my day!! That sweat spot is strange...I've noticed things on Ella like that before but never really thought anything of it. Hmm...? Didn't you one time say he sweat in the spot the chiro worked hard on? Maybe its the same kinda thing but the bpdy workin itself out? Releasing toxins or something. Thats the only thing I can think of but I'm not equine expert hehe.
    Feet look amazing!!! GO LAZ! and Go YOU for seeing him through all this!! You have been a great momma to him!

  7. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY, hoof growth! Not too long and all that yucky founder foot will be completely grown out and he will have a nice, strong hoof!

    As far as the sweat spot, I agree with Ashley -- I recall your chiro said that he could sweat and/or have pus (?!) in certain spots from the release of toxins. I've never seen it personally, but it's the only explanation that I can think of. Maybe it's a sign that his body is "realigning" and starting to heal all of his strained muscles, etc.

    Glad to hear that he's feeling good enough to buck and hop, but mature enough to listen to you and stay calm. Progress all around!

  8. I have that sticker in my trailer. It's so true!

    Glad he's doing so well. What a boy! Yay Cliff!

  9. I'm thinking that spot might worth a call to the chiro to ask about it. Very intersting!

  10. Love the "hold your horses" sticker! One of my favorite.

    That hoof looks wonderful...you are so fortunate to have Cliff! AND Laz is fortunate to have YOU!

    I believe your mysterious sweat mark is a sign of muscle release of not only toxins, but also tension. Laz's newest trim altered his alignment ever so slightly which his body is processing and realigning which is working and releasing different muscle tissue. No concern here as this is good progress! This is on the diagonal from the foot which is firing those muscles he hasn't needed because he was not balanced. This is totally on track and quite frankly it's got me very excited about his recovery!!!

    Haven't forgotten you....still trying to find a way up there to give Laz his bodywork. Hopefully before winter! Fingers crossed!!

  11. OMG Tmrparr...that is a great bit of information!!! OK, so I won't worry and only be excited :)
    I haven't seen the spot since that day, re appear. He seems to be off a bit this week, probably due to the new muscle working, etc, but is fine/happy/etc.
    I'll keep with my rubbing, massaging and cool water treatments to help ease his muscles into a new shape!
    I'm also crossing ALL fingers and toes for your visit!!!!! :) xo