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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend drama

Timing of an injury always tends to be at the worst time. 
Let's say, Friday after 5 pm?
Friday evening I went to the barn with Mason and his flying cheek
Of course it poured the whole time I drove there, while was there, and coming home it was sunny
Friday, I planned on just grooming because the rain decided that. I actually had surgery a week prior so I am not yet cleared to ride. Didn't matter anyway, because as I grabbed Laz out of the field, his RH leg was SO SWOLLEN from  hock down to hoof.
HOLY F%#*K!!!, I shouted.
Ok, stop. think. think.think.
I ran my hand over his leg. Hot but not blazing, but so so swollen. Digital pulse was slightly up but no bounding. He definitely walked like "ouchie" 
He didn't' seem to have a leg injury, the swelling was even. To me, especially in that hoof, it read as ABSCESS.
Probably brought on by spring grasses? Combination of cool/hot/cool weather, rains, etc makes for abscess heaven.
So, I decided to NOT call the vet and just go with my gut.
I cold soaked leg for 20 minutes.
I check and cleaned out his hoof.
I packed it with ichthammol and wrapped it in plastic bag, and booted him with a padded medical boot to help with comfort while hoping this helped ease out some inflammation.
I rubbed on some BioFreeze on his leg for additional support. 
I turned him back out.
I figured, moving was better than being locked up as I really felt he didn't have a leg/bone/tendon injury
I didn't get photos of how swollen his leg was because I had left my phone in the car due to rain

This was the next morning, or about 10 hours later (as of course I couldn't sleep)
About half as swollen.
YAY, I was happy for thinking I figured it out

 So in the AM, I did a Bedadine Epsom Salt warm water soak for 30
I left his bootie off and he was moving, uh, MUCH better..see videos for that

Run my angel, run...

  I came back in the evening (hello gas bill, I live 50 minutes away) to check up and keep up the treatment plan
RH below, even LESS swelling..yea yea yea
 This time I did a clean trax soak for 40 minutes to clean any area that may have opened. I couldn't find any but still, the fact the swelling went down so fast, I'm sure it happened.
Thank goodness Laz seems to know (I swear!!!) that I'm trying to help him and he is so so so patient. Soaking, picking, lifting, prodding, etc. He just chills.
I rewarded him with a good massage and he about fell asleep
Pito was like "Whoa what feelz so gud?"

Oh, and this hilarity happened early on Sunday am...
Little victories, some laughs, and a lot of stress...
Oh Laz, never a dull moment.


  1. Excellent diagnosis Dr. Kristen! Smartypants Laz looks like he has done that maneuver a few times... was that the feed room he headed straight for? LOL!

    (I've always thought that head out the window car riding dogs are sort of watching canine movies - pictures in their mind for each of the million smells...)

  2. Nice job not panicking! Glad he's doing better :)

  3. Super mom to the rescue!!! Glad Laz is better!!

  4. You were all over that!! Good job mom! :)

  5. Good diagnosis--glad he's doing much better!

  6. Must be an abscess kind of week. I'm dealing with one as well.

  7. boo abscess. Knock on wood have been clear this year, although last I had them on all my boys!

  8. Oof, isn't that the worst feeling? Glad Laz is none the worse for wear & you're both healing up & recovering. Lots of jingles and positive vibes heading your way from Miami!
    Poor Salem just had a monster abscess that blew after a few days of fat-leg-ness, was fine for a week, got sore again for a few days, blew again, and in the interim he had bruising in his RF, now bruising in both fronts and the abscess is still draining. Madness! All from him freaking out & pacing back and forth over the mud/coral rock right after a fresh trim. :-/
    I swear these horses love to make our hearts drop into our stomachs!

  9. Well done you! Way to go - you stopped and thought and did all the right things! Hooray!

    Too cute that Laz opening his gate. Be careful with that - he'll figure out how to get into and out of places now!

  10. FIRST: RELIEEEEF that you knew what to do, and what a darling Laz for putting his hoof in the bucket and then sporting his bootie so dashingly. he is such a trooper. Every time, he handles it all with such cuteness. And so smart for letting himself out like a real professional! He is a genius! Next thing you know, he'll be TV!

  11. Go glad that he's feeling better!!! You are a good mom/doctor. :-)

  12. Thanks everyone..seems to be doing better/better and I'm just so relieved and happy I'm not $600 less poor due to not having to call vet. Trust me, it's worth it in desperate times but I just tried not to panic.
    Also, I did NOT teach him out to open the door. It was something he taught himself. Thank goodness he is on 24/7 turnout and his gates are different puzzle latches and /or chained. :)

  13. I nominated you for an award:) http://www.enzo-janine.blogspot.com/2013/06/liebster-blog-award.html

  14. Laz is so smart and so cute!!!! I'm glad he's okay!