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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend catch up

Saturday afternoon, I arrived excited for our appointment with a trimmer who for 2 years, I've been emailing to come help us!!!and was finally coming out.
I got there early, Laz was in "Im gunna napz" mode
He likes to take some of his naps out in the sun and others in his studio apartment above
Hard to break OTTB habits of growing up.
Stall = safety 
His head is always poked out though
I just sat by him while we waited and watched his lower lip drop and eyes flutter with contentment.

Then, M&L arrived
Hands down, some of the NICEST horse loving knowledgeable people.
I wasn't too surprised because my current trimmer M, suggested them as well, and she is ranked as "some of my fave peeps of all time too."
That's a technical group-very hard to get in ;)
We talked for a good HOUR before he even laid hands on Laz.
All about his story, what we've done, what we think works and doesn't work.
What his diet is (if you trimmer doesn't ask you this; they should), what his exercise program is, what his daily turnout is (24/7 baby), what his daily demeanor is, etc etc etc
 Every thing was discussed, and talked about before, during, after.
 L, his wife and business partner (and photographer) was a favorite with Laz.
He loves a pretty lady
Do you see how great they are? They brought pads for him to stand on for comfort.
A++ is my book

 Lots of measuring...
 I dont know if many of you have seen this; a hand held  'trimming' device for rolling/beveling

 The RH in all it's ugly glory...

RH image from Jan of 2011...below
Shit, when I look at this picture now..HOLY high unbalanced heels!

M&L left me with this product to treat his 'thrush' spots and black areas on RH with
It's called Thrush off
Add it to my collection....and apply
After our 3-4 hour meeting  it was suggested to me to get a new round of xrays on hinds. DIGITAL this time.
And to look into ultrasounds on his hind fetlock areas to look at ligament/damage/strain/etc
I'm searching around and calling for pricing on this...
I am also to use my Sport Medicine boots on his hinds for added support, as we tested his trot before and after. He had more 'spring' to his trot and comfort, in his leg boots.
So booted, he shall be!
M&L took off some 'dead' toe on RH and just all around smoothed things up on all 4.
He wants me to leave a bit more heel on his hooves (I was shocked but I also think it makes sense) and shorter toes.  He also suggested on fronts to leave/allow his bars to grow past mid frog to give the support his sole wants. Another shocker, but we'll try and see.

So, more info to come....in the next few weeks.
Overall, it was a great meeting and we'll see what the tests say in terms of Laz's rehab
He may have some major damage, he is an 11 yr old OTTB, so arthritis is a probabilistic issue, but hopefully, we can get him more sound.
Isn't that always my goal?
More comfort for him.

I went to make sure there was no new soreness from trim
There was not; as it should be
I booted Laz up in his SMB II's which gave him some support suggested by M&L
(the visual difference was HUGE to me too, in our trail tests)
 Laz and I just hacked around bareback in his pasture, mostly at the walk.
We added a few trots in there, but nothing more than a minute or so at a time
 It was HOT
Does anyone else hate riding in HEAT!
 Laz looking out at the BO's umbrella
 I left Justin in with us, and we rode along with us at times.
We practiced 'herding a spotted cow' ;)
Long and low
Then, after about 30 minutes; it was BATH time!
His rain rot is almost all gone, this will be his 3rd treatment shampoo in the last few months
That shampoo works pretty well, his 'rain rot' is really just slow healing dry patches that need fur on it now. No more scabs, no new spots, just taking their sweet ass time to heal
Ahhhhh-coool water
 I put my things away, after hand grazing to dry Laz...and came out to this;
For a second, I thought.."Ummmmm is he OK?!"
Yup-Just a snooze/roll in the warm sand
 I rubbed his back/hip which M&L believe to be quite stiff
He enjoyed it
 He is getting quite used to a good life of back rubs, chiro work, massage, trimmer extraordinaires 
 As it should be!
I hope to have more info soon regarding xrays/ultrasounds and of course..NERVOUS about it, but need to face what is real head on, for best case rehab for him.


  1. I hate riding in the heat, especially with a helmet. My head gets so hot. . but I just bear it.
    You find the most awesome people to help get Laz sound! he is such a lucky and handsome boy :)

  2. WOW, nice trim. Hooves looked great! I love your new smb boots for him!! Great blogging again as always!!!!!!!

    1. Thankfully, I actually HAD the boots, just haven't used them since he got ill. So, they just got dusted off and are back at barn in use :)

  3. Oh, and I'll take heat even with a helmet any day than snow, LOL.

  4. So he didn't touch the bars then? Okay.

    *withholding judgement, waiting to see what happens*

    About the leg boots- personally I don't understand how they support the leg. I see how they can protect if the horse brushes themselves or jumps big, hard things, but I've never understood that aspect. Did he elaborate?

    1. Shannon - I use boots when my arena footing gets really deep. I believe (hope) they support the tendons and ligaments with compression. I could be making that up though... ;)

    2. Yes, I knew Smaz, you would cringe at the heels comment. Let me explain a bit more; currently his heels on his RH and his LF are so low, that his bulbs at hitting the ground b/c they are underrun/forward. The theory, if I'm understanding, is to create a shorter toe to bring back the heels to where they should be for support and to grow the tubules correctly. We'll see, send up good thoughts OK :)
      The bars have been touched enough via me. I'm not sure if he'd NEVER touch bars, he just didn't in that trim.
      Re the leg boots (I hate how hoof boots and leg boots are all "boots" fyi) it DEFINITELY gave him a bounce in his step. He liked the support. It was a BIT change b/w trotting with or without. It's like any sport, wrapping lends to more support if there is damage within.

    3. Hey if it works it works, I wasn't knocking it- I was just curious. Hard to express curiosity in writing without looking snarky sometimes.

  5. You take such good care of Laz because he's special, and he deserves it! Love the post bath snoozeling in the sun. Ask five horsemen, get six answers as they say...

    1. I know..can be so overwhelming at times and frustrating.

  6. I hope this all helps the sweet Laz. You guys are hanging in there and learning a lot together.

    I don't like the heat and bugs either, but the cold is awful too. We have had some moderate days recently, but now the heat is back.

    1. Learning A LOT, it's crazy! I never knew when I adopted/rescued him, that THIS would be our journey but I'm so thankful. He's so amazing to learn with.

  7. Hi Kristen! I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and each time I read a new post, I am deeply touched by your warm, kind, generous nature and propensity for big love. Laz must have done something really, really right in a past life to have landed a "mom" like you. Keep up the GREAT work- I learn a lot each time I visit!

  8. Every time I read your blog, I think 'she has the patience of a saint'! Lucky Laz to have you for his person :)