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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eventers are cool peeps and my side biz...

This past weekend was HORSE filled FUN
Saturday, after gardening and weeding like mad, my Husband and I went to the barn
I wanted to get some pictures of Laz and I in my own gear, finally!
He did a great job capturing some fun moments
"Geemee dem cookiez!"
Red barn door, Red Heart/Horse logo, yea, done on purpose!

I swear Laz is smiling next to his Dad!

Of course, RAIN!
But, really it was more like cloud spitting, so we endured.
Laz was like "I don't dos rainz!"
Yes, Laz, we are future eventers (lol!) we do RAINS!

 His smile is one of my favorite things in life.
It's so ridiculously goofy that I can't get enough of it.
 So, speaking of Eventing-I worked a one day Event show.
I'm not even sure if that is what the technical name is, (a Horse Trial??)  but it was FUN FUN FUN and a CANTER Benefit and I was able to raise $105 for them, for the day!
And I donated a t-shirt to the person who rode an Ex Race horse with the highest points...although by the end of the day, she/he left and I'll have to mail it to them when they claim it.  I was SO hoping to getting a picture of them, with the Tshirt and a blue ribbon, but oh well.
 When I pulled in, there was MAJOR horse competition going on all around.
XC and dressage were happening ALL OVER the property.  Well, the XC was..dressage was in one location, in two rings.
They had over 75 riders in show, and each and every horse I wanted to steal.
XC!! is crazzeee to me! That is some BALLS out riding.
 Maybe not this one...
Nah, I'd take him too!
 Their TEAM shirts, I bought one to support them and to totally fake that I'm cool!
 My OTTB.Tees!
I'm happy to say, I got LOTS of compliments and purchases!

What a fun jump..what is that set up called?!
Look at this vertical leaper heading into their triple combination
LOVE the lime green..when we XC (lol) that will be our color.
See?! That's us below, 3 yrs ago
 Now imagine that tearing up the babiest version of an XC course!
And by tearing it up, I mean, a slow collected canter...and by XC I mean maybe a few sticks in our way on a trail

Meet one of my 'clients' from that day and her 19 yr old OTTB.
Too cute and don't let the cuteness fool you, I saw NO timid riders out there that day.
It was full on CHARGE and in sync with their horses
Some more pic's of stadium ( I was located next to ring so I have more stadium)
The tires, three levels
I like the baby firestone ones ;)
It had POURED that morning but good weather had moved in for the remaining of the day

Love this XC pic!
I was at this event from 9-6pm
The people (riders, family, staff) were ALL incredibly nice, funny, laid back people.
I saw NO typical bratty rider behavior and in fact, everyone took very good care of their horses during and off the show times.  I was told some of the Eventing rules have changes to protect both horse/rider-no dangerous riding, excessive galloping, over use of crop/whip/kicking.
Trainers are allowed to work with students in practice areas, but not able to ride horse for student.  The student must be at a competent level to show that horse at chosen level to better achieve confidence in both. All in all, I was impressed with what I saw/heard.
VERY different to any show experience I had had growing up in a H/J barn.
Not knocking all H/J barns/trainers/etc but the strong majority I saw growing up, was nothing positive or encouraging.
Hopefully things now in the H/J world are different as well

After the Event, I drove home and past by the barn, so obviously had to stop and tell Laz all about it!
He was in his shiny glory.
He was a quiet, loving boy and made me feel so grateful that he's mine
This boy is a gem!


  1. Laz is looking radiant!!! What an incredible job you have done with him. I believe that is a swedish oxer :)

    1. Thanks! :) Interesting about that wonky jump..it's a cool layout!

  2. You two are too cute! Events are so awesome to be a part of. I love to volunteer any chance I get. It is official I have entered my first recognized horse trial so I am going to need to go buy my OTTB shirt pronto!

    1. Hoorah! Yes, you need a shirt and then someone to take TONS of pics of u and handsome Steady!

  3. I kinda want an OTTB shirt for (soon to be) my 19 year old OTTB. Need money first, but we'll most likely come calling.

    1. Add it to your list :) Cuna will love the support!

  4. Laz and his humans look great!! Val and I need an OTTB shirt for sure - any chance of V necks happening?!

    1. Hi, no V necks are on deck..but possible sweatshirts for Fall/Winter!

  5. Oooooo, I am SO an eventer in the realm of my own imagination, lol. It's my dream that one day Salem & I will rock it out on an XC course. It probably won't be any time soon, but one day...

    Can we wear an OTTB shirt even though Saley is not OT? Technically, he was on *a* track, even though it was just the training track! He never got his training wheels off, poor guy.

    Laz looks SO freaking shiny!!! He finally shed out that yak coat to reveal the sparkly million-carat diamond coat underneath. YAY! :-D

    1. Hell's ya! If he sniffed a track, then he qualifies! :)
      Yes, FINALLY shed out...he still has some goat hairs that need addressing but he's slick and shiny-finally! We almost have all the rain rot gone too!

  6. I smile ever time I see Laz doing his funny smile! He is the most photogenic boy ever!

    Good for you and your side business. Those shirts are incredible!

  7. Wow, that last pic of Laz is really stunning! He looks so nicely filled in, sleek, and shiny. You're doing a really amazing job with him, keep it up!

  8. I am with jenj! Laz in the last picture looks awesome!!! Great post Kristen, as always!

  9. Laz is lookng great! I guess I am behind on my blogging, but how much are your shirts and how do I get one?

  10. Loved the pictures! You and your "boys" are so photogenic.

  11. I'm going to need to order a shirt to wear on our first ride of the season! Love the pics and good for you, raising money for CANTER--they do such an awesome job! Our local NE chapter is doing a Steuart Pittman eventing clinic nearby this weekend, may try to go audit if I can squeeze it in--he's done a terrific job getting out the word on how wonderful OTTB's can be.

  12. Oh my, your post was full of all kinds of exciting things from red barns to lime green bell boots! loved it all! I especially love watching the cross-country. I would have been unable to stop watching. All that muscle out in the field beautifully leaping over logs and stuff. How amazing is that? And that little rider with the carrot sticks for legs! Hah! Love the red on her horse too! And Laz! he is so handsome and dreamy. If I were to meet him, I'd say: Lazzie! Why are you so cute??

    Also, that jump is called a swedish oxer.