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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, May 14, 2012

A bit of a catch up...

 Where is the time going?! 
I swear, I've intended to write at least three different posts but time snuck away.  
So, here is one to get started!
Let's start with the feet, which is why I've been so MIA lately.
SOooo much of my free computer time is spent googling, watching videos, emailing my trimmer, asking other barefoot guru's questions, sending out Laz's hoof pictures.
I'm always wanting to do BETTER for him.
He still is gimpy on that RH, and to say it's frustrating and heartbreaking is like saying Antarctica is a bit chilly.
and trust me..it's not, SO not black and white.
His RH=thin thin soles, seedy toe or white line disease-same difference, flare, imbalance, under run heels (I think or crushed?) bar material that wants to pool and spread out and act as sole which keeps sole from being able to develop properly, hoof walls that are destroyed by seedy toe/white line disease but no product (I have tried them ALL) under the sun is fixing.
You feel my frustration?
RH in a white lighting soak and LH showing yucky black vertical cracks that makes me wonder...what are those!? More fungus? Is Laz just a fungus/bacteria magnet, hence the rain rot.
TRUST ME, I groom him to a show quality every other DAY.
Under run heel? Crushed? Hoof horn tubules wanting to grow wrong. Weak lateral cartilage?
And his fronts..major bar that I am itching to pare back, plus I can't figure out why his heels are SO spread apart?! Seems to be too much? 
His RF, which actually looks more like a normal foot to me, despite having a taller heel.
Still some WL seperation, but sole looks strong and doesn't flake/crumble. The frog I think needs some better conditioning...I just started spraying all sole/frog-basically Laz head to toe, with Vetericyn to see if that helps.
In non hoof news-Mason is healing great. 
He had a little set back a couple of weeks ago, he had internal tears and his incision leaked some gross fluid, and we had to go back to ER  Drained fluid, put on antibiotics and he's back to normal and all pain meds are finished and staples are out. He's able to take two 10 minute walks a day, for a couple of weeks and then up to two 20 minute.  He probably won't be able to come to the barn with me until July...
Spring rains have brought out some BEAUTY!
I moved to this barn in September, so this is our first spring.
What is this glorious tree with purple grape like clusters!?
If I were a squirrel, this would be my abode.
 Raining at the barn, I was in the stall staying dry waiting for it to clear up, with Lazaroo..

 But it didn't clear up, so I grabbed him and we went inside to groom.
I HATE grooming indoors, I love being OUT
Do you see how well this pony ground ties-luv him!

Last week, my friend J9 and I attended a fundraiser event for a local barn that burnt to the ground. No horses or people were hurt (their chickens did die) but the two barns and outdoor and all the boarders tack was burnt.
This was to raise money for the boarders tack and to help rebuild.
 We had a great time! Lots of laughs, good food (we were HUNGREEE) and tons of fun horse products to bid on for auction.
In addition to bidding, I donated a shirt to help raise money
I was worried no one would bid on it, but a few people did :)
 Back to my days out at the barn
Every day seemed to be misty or rainy when I went, but still enjoyable to be there
Here you can see Justin napping
He later woke as I walked down to grab Laz, stayed laying down and just started eating.
I actually thought, "Is he dying?!" but no, just uber lazy happy boy

The Sallys hiding in one of their 3 covered areas
"HELP, its raiiiining!! We iz too purriddy to get wetz!"
 "MY play turnz with MY mom!"

 And out in the field..I saw bunches of THIS growing in the pasture
Instantly I started hearing The Doors, and Led Zepplin playing...
But could it be??!
Laz says "Yaaaaaaaa I feel sooo chill mon"


  1. Try Mrs. Mom at Oh Horsefeathers - she's a foot expert and might have a suggestion or two.

    1. Kate, she's wonderful! It's been a while since I've stalked her with our issues but she's definitely talked me off the edge more than a few times :)

  2. Oh, my goodness about that last part...a funny story about that and a recent hike and me finding those on the trail 20 years ago and really thinking that cannabis must grow wild on the Appalachian Trail!

    Hang in there about Laz feet. I wish we could send him to Nic at Rockley. Continued good thoughts and prayers!

    1. LOL, so it turns out it's NOT cannabis or at least not the smoke-able kind. I had a friend take a peek who is um, educated about those kinds of things ;)
      I figured..hm...maybe I can make some $$$ of this little weed and buy some tack! OH well. ;)

      I too, wish I could send him to Rockley, but honestly, his foot is uncomfortable, I don't know how it would heal on it's own. I try to understand if it could, but he isn't willing to walk miles on it, so he would never wear down those embedded bars on his own. I'm wondering if it's like an ingrown toenail that needs some aid to grow properly..

  3. Kristen, I follow your blog and although I don't have an OTTB, I do have a paint mare with feet issues (cyst on navicular, laminitic, side bones, poor sole growth, uneven bars, etc.) I was just turned on to a product from Emerald Valley. It's called Formula 4 Feet and was developed by the founder of the Laminitis clinic in Great Britain. Maybe it could help Laz? We're starting our 2nd week on the supplement and I'm already seeing changes in my mare.

    1. Thanks Lisa, are you in the UK? I took a look at that product. I do have Laz on a vit/mineral balancer that has a lot of what that Formula 4 feet has and although it certainly helps overall, I don't think feeding something is the total key, it's part of the important equation for sure, but so is trimming. I hope you see great changes in your mare!! Good luck! :) If you see some major magic, come back and let me know! Are you working with a barefoot trimmer as well, or doing that yourself?

  4. You are a great horse mom to Laz - I know his feet issues must be super frustrating.

    No knowledge to add, but I saw that you mentioned Veterycin. There is a gel version, (which may be what you're using), but if not, it really sticks in the seedy toe, white liney, fungusy frog areas, better than the watery version. I pick Val's feet on the concrete wash down area, spray him up and let the magic gel absorb for ten or fifteen minutes.

    Hoping inspiration comes your way! :)

    1. Yes, I did buy the gel version! In fact, it says it's for udders or something crazy but it's the same formula but a bit stronger, so I opted for that. :)

  5. Gosh, I hope you get more hoof answers! And thanks again for going to the fund raiser with me. It sure was fun!!! Smiles!

    1. That was FUN! :) Especially when talking to that farrier, hee hee