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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Barefoot trimmer and shrink?

So, with Mason in tow ( I couldn't bring him with the last time because I came straight from work) I felt so good about going to the barn today.  Mason just enjoys it SO much and it's so good for him to run and play with the BO's dogs.  When we pulled up, the wind was wicked!!! So strong and SO cold today..weather.com said it was going to feel like 35 and it did! I brought a hat and my tingling ears told me quickly to grab it and pull it on.  I thanked myself for wearing three layers and a vest and down socks, being when I was heading out the door I quickly thought "is this too much?" Nope.  My DH couldn't come with as planned due to his school homework, but not a big deal.  He's planning on coming out hopefully this weekend. I do love when he joins in and I try to be as supportive of when he's coaching his Basketball HS varsity team and his time commitment to that.  It's give and take.  Or better put, share and share. 

When I pulled up, Laz was standing in his stall staying out of the wind.  He was totally erect and looked 20 hands tall!  He was wound up pretty tight with the wind whipping around, which I knew he would be.  But I tried to not feed in to that.  I am trying to make light of the 'scary' situations.  So, I rubbed his head and entered his stall and walked out in his paddock where he trotted out behind me so fast that I had to fight the feeling of "is he going to run me over?!"  I think the big difference with Laz compared to some other horses, is Laz is SO quick sometimes.  He can spin his body around faster than light.  His actions are fast.  Those that have TB's know what I'm talking about, and maybe this is with other breeds with this personality.  The head that can flip left/right/up/down all at once in a second.  The leg when you are picking a foot, that was in your hand one second ago and now you see that same horse standing 10 ft away.  Quick.  There are horses that when they stand,  you know they are standing like brick walls. Calm, content and sure.  Laz is sometimes like that, but on windy days for instance, he is like a cocaine snorting rock dancer on stage.  Explosive.  Not mean, not angry, maybe not even dangerous....just unsure, nervous and insecure.  So, backing up, I walked outside and he 'quickly' joined me.  I chatted to him calming and picked up his poops and walked all around the paddock encouraging him that it is indeed safe in case he wasn't sure.  He went to eating his hay wisps that were left on the ground.  I went back in, grabbed my grooming bucket and started grooming him.  He wasn't into it today but I kept making him stand outside, without any halter on, while I groomed him.  He did OK. He walked away a couple times, but I stopped him or reminded him that 'no, we are getting this mud cake off your coat.'  I thought too, why am I more scared of him when in the arena while I'm leading him, than right now when he's loose and fancy free?  Seemed silly.  I asked the BO for more lessons desensitizing this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that.

Then Cliff pulled up.  I held Laz for him while he trimmed him and he thought all looked 'normal' in the case of his feet and his scenario.  There is some separation of his hoof wall that in the future will cause that section to fall off but "no big deal" he said.  There are some issues that he is just growing through.  There will be some trims that won't look so pretty but basically he adjusts him as needed and thinks he is doing well.  He is totally barefoot without the boots still and is to remain that way, unless we feel he really needs them one day.  The boots are mine to use in the future for trail riding, heavier riding, etc (Eeeek! for those days!)

So we remain happily in the hands of Cliff.  I can't believe how lucky we feel.  It makes the 'trimming' seem fun to learn again and not so scary that I'm going to lose my horse.  Cliff is just a fantastic person all around.  Not only do the horses love him (oh by the way, the BO's lovely mare who is very scared of men, was brought out and she loved and nuzzled Cliff with NO fear) but people love him too.  He is very easy to talk to, he answers any and all questions even though I'm sure to him, they seem obvious and dumb, and if so he doesn't let on in the least bit.  He even made a very interesting comment to me, as I was telling him of my workings of ground work with Laz and learning to trust him and not fear the what if's.  He said to me "Well, you design for a living, you LIVE in your head."  Duh.  Light bulb moment for me.  No one has ever been so right.  I sooooooo live in my head.  My thoughts are constantly whirrrrrrring around.  Even when I sleep, I dream at least like 3-5 dreams a night and wake up remembering vividly what they are, and it makes for being tired and unrested sometimes.  Some days, my creative juices and mind are bouncing around so much that I long for quiet.  I find it in different outlets, but there was one I need to bring back in my life somehow and that is Yoga.  I so enjoyed that in the past and since October I haven't had any form of exercise and too much worry that I really need to get centered again and think that will very much help with my connection with Lazarus again.  
I left the barn today feeling really understood and enjoying this nice path that Laz and I are moving on.  
Feels good! 


  1. Really excellent - Cliff sounds very thoughtful and competent.

  2. I am so glad I got to meet Laz and see you there with him. Now reading your beautiful blog, I can see you there talking to him. See him raising his head in the wind. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  3. When it comes to your horse's hooves, and all that you two have been through, there are NO stupid questions. ;)

    Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Kristen - your posts are so uplifting! The calm and insight that Cliff spreads around your barn is contagious - even miles away out here in blogger land!

    Do find your center through Yoga and exercise - you will bring more to your time with Laz. I run first sometimes before I go to the barn. That way I am calm for the boys (and tired!!!).

  5. Great post! I have a calm TWH and the wind blows up her behind and gets her going too. I can't imagine what it does to a TB! LOL

  6. I also second the yoga. I love yoga/pilates and find it is often the ONLY time I really get out of my head and can relax. Even one session a week (all I have time for right now) has been doing great things for my overall saneness :)