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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Trust the pony!

I rode Laz casually in the pasture on Friday and cooled him out on the road. 
I had plans to have my friend E meet us on Saturday for a trail ride, the weather was to be a perfect warm, sunny Fall day.
Life happens and E couldn't make it anymore...I couldn't find anyone to trail ride with. I was so disappointed on possibly missing out on a treasure of a day. I decided to text Juliette for riding support. She rides her 3 OTTBs all the time, out on trails and in large pasture areas, often all alone. (I've been told my whole life; it's too dangerous. What if this (bad), what if that (terrible)...what if NOTHING bad happened and I miss out on a great day? I mean, I ride in the pasture alone, I ride down the road alone...why not the trails?) I felt angry and turned to someone who was experienced with it and would hopefully give me the positive support I needed. Indeed she did. She told me basically DO IT. If I felt unsafe, dismount and walk and enjoy that. And also... to trust my horse.
Funny how I just didn't do that automatically...trust him.
Why wouldn't I? 
So, I woke up Saturday determined. I had a back up safety net of dismounting if things went challenging. I pulled on my big girl equine panties and left for the barn with a positive attitude.
I told Laz of my plan as we tacked up. 
We hit the road and rode right up to the neighbors property. Laz had one moment of "Uhhhhh.....alone?"
But I felt safe and connected and I just legged him on and LOOKED where I wanted to be.
The thicket area can be a bit of a challenge to Laz, it's high with plants and FULL of smells, so he questioned me a few times but then responded very well with my request of forward/forward/forward. I knew once I got him through the thicket into the wooded area, he would be game for the trail. 
And he was...
Entering from the thicket to the trail head
(cue the angels singing voices---ahhhhhhhhhh!)
 We enjoyed a lovely trail ride-all alone. We walked mostly, but I got great trotting and even a few canters from him. All controlled but energetic and forward which was fantastic.

 I had him out for about 45 minutes and he was eager but nervous and was sweating a bit more than normal. A few times I felt his heart bounding through my legs, so we would stop and I would give him a huge Olympic neck pat and shove a few cookies into his mouth. 
He would sigh and snort. GOOD boy.
 We rode in both directions and past the trail exit (he stopped and said "UH, dis is where we gets out") and then I called it quits because he gave me EVERYTHING I asked for. I wanted it to be a shorter positive experience for our first outing.
We headed out of the trail and back into the carved thicket area...
 I used grassy areas and apple trees for rewards and resting all along our ride
 We're the kings of the world...er trails
 Heading back home, Pito in sight!
 A bit sweaty. I dismounted and loosened his girth and allowed him to graze outside of his pasture for several minutes
 Being it was around 70, I decided to hose him off which he really enjoyed.
Wet chunker waiting for his cookie
 Rolling as I drove by...oh sweet boy! Job very well done
Here are some videos for your pleasure ;)
By the way, I had the date wrong...it was Sat 10/12
And this video was after our trail ride, in the thicket heading back towards to road on the neighbors property that she allows us to ride on to get to the trails
I was over the moon with Laz. He is just my dreamboat of a horse.
I love how smart and willing he is. He never 'really' knows my agenda but he usually is game for it.
What a fantastic partner he is.
I look forward to more rides like this, just he and I.


  1. Way to go not missing out on a super solo trail ride. Well done!! I'm so jealous I mean proud of you!!

    May have to lean on juliette to supplement our bravery too, because the freedom to ride whenever wherever is the ideal. Great post. :D

  2. How awesome!! Looks amazing! :)

  3. So happy!!! You two are the best team ever! I love that you told Laz the plan - so important! Explaining it helps you see it and probably helps our horses see it too - they are so darn smart I am certain they can picture what we see in our mind's eye!

    Your trails are right out of a picture book and now they are all yours - any time! Good for you for stopping for apples and grass munching. There is no better way to reinforce the good vibes than a few nibbles en route! And bitless!!!!!!!!!!!!! So great!

    Wonder Pony power activate! I laugh that you say you aren't courageous - I could NEVER film my rides as well as you do - turning the camera around too - as soon as I start with the camera my horses leave me - see ya. Not that perfect Laz - he is the best boy ever!!!! Happy boy happy!

  4. I was impressed with your video skills too. Such a beautiful place to ride. For those who say riding alone is dangerous, there are plenty of stories of bad things happening when people ride in groups, such as one horse kicking another rider's leg or spooking the whole group, etc. Sometimes I feel safer riding alone. Plus it's good for the horse to learn to ride out alone as well as with other horses. Just keep your mobile phone attached to yourself, pull the horse's head around and circle if he gets silly, and don't be afraid to dismount, as Juliette said. I'm glad it went well. Sounds like you both enjoyed it.

  5. Thank you for posting this!! I have no one at all to ride with so I'm trying to get the guts to take Chrome out alone... each post like this helps me get one step closer. :)

  6. Such gorgeous views. And I LOVED this post.

  7. I am so glad that you busted through the worry of riding alone and just did it! Ideally of course, we'd always have fun riding partners. I ride alone ALL the time. If I had to wait on others to show up, I would never ride at all. So alone I go. I am glad you did it. Look at the AWSUM ride you got in!???? Isn't it nice to have Juliette available for advice? She is the best, that girl.