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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ground work and hoof update

There is something about doing ground work with Laz that gets him calm, quiet and responsive quickly. It's familiar to him, it's our best form of communication and it does help while in the saddle at times. Hopefully, soon, ALL THE TIME ;)
FuzzLaz after some trot work.
He was so swingy and springy with lots of great breathing and maintained a really nice, hunter's trot
"Don't peg mez as a HUnterz..Ima not to be peeegin holedz"
 Side note, Laz's tongue and gums since DAY ONE, have always been pale. I've run many bloodwork/screens on him and he's healthy as a uh er um horse, but I don't like it because it's not a good source for me to check for his hydration. :/
Oh well
"Gimmez my carrut stix now"
After we do our Parelli work, Laz LOVES to gently mouth play. It's cute. It's always followed by lots of yawns, eye rolls and other releases so I know it's part of his processing and contentment.
 Now for some HOOF updates
This last trim, my trimmer M opted to not cast and give his hoof a break.
Fine with me. Laz didn't take any different step/stride so I was happy about it.
Although it's SLOW, as Laz's hooves grow SLLLOOWW despite any supplement I throw into his body, it's still progress.
You can see the growth below and I think we are really moving forward here
Yes, I would like the back built up a bit more, the thrush completely gone, etc BUT growth people-there is growth that is tight and healthy looking.
Also, I see that purple line at his coronet and I'm not sure what it is...he doesn't react when I push on it so it could be a small bruise? You bet I'll have my hawkers on it.
At the back of his heel, (above) you can see where, at the time, was above the cast, some divets. Either abscess holes (although no lameness was ever seen) or just grooves from pressure?

Still loading uneven due to thrush, white line separation from damage being worse on medial side
The hope is as the thrush grows out and we keep it clean, the hoof will repair itself and then proper re-balancing of this hoof and ALL around can take place
It's also so hard to see the truth, it seems SO much more unbalanced than it is, but I do see more 'jammed' up on lateral side at the hairline. In person, it really reads as so different.
Medial shot from underneath. See how that hoof wall doesn't even hit the ground? 
His medial side grows uneven to his lateral side, we think due to the seedy toe/white line disease/thrush/lamintic damage from years. ugh.
Better sole shot of medial, this is what I treat every other day with "THRUSH OFF"
Solar shot of RH
Frog and back still need to beef up but it's better.
Seems the heel and bars are changing monthly as well
 One of my many weaponry
So, let's compare today's solar shot with years past
Today, below:
Two years ago, below, Winter 2011
 Spring 2010
 Summer 2010
Crazy. Each shot looks so different.
I just hope we continue on this path of Laz moving soundly and happy.

My Laz's hard working LH
Is that not a gorgeous Fing hoof?!
Yes, some WL separation but not much and he's due for a trim in a couple of weeks...
LH side view
  Keeping him moving has really helped along with his regular trims and the cast has proved very helpful as well. Are his hooves perfect? Well, if you say yes, then you need to study hooves ;) but they are perfect for him, right now and the good thing is, are ever changing and improving.
The ever constant quest continues! (and lucky to be able to)


  1. Have you tried the Zephyr's Garden thrush spray? I LOVE THAT STUFF!

    1. Yes, I love it too however it's just not strong enough for that RH but it's great for his other hooves which I do use it on. Doesn't freeze which is great for me in MI :)

  2. The new growth looks really good - every small step - or inch - is progress.

    1. So true :) I'm happy for it, even small amounts. More so him remaining sound :)

  3. Two of my favorite topics...groundwork and now feet!

    I LOVE groundwork...I'm slowly coming out about my love for it! I feel I have more tools in my "groundwork toolbox" than I do in my "riding toolbox!" I watched all the videos in the online self assessment section on Parelli Connect and now I have a million ideas of what I want to accomplish on the ground. The videos go through all 4 levels for each game so it's a montage (of sorts) of awesome groundwork!

    As for Laz's feet...the change is amazing! I used to read from Gogo's mom how quickly her feet could change...I never fully understood it (or recognize it?) until I went through this feet stuff with G. That stinks Laz's feet grow slow...I'm super lucky because Grayson's feet are now growing like weeds. We're still trimming at 4 weeks!!

    I love to hear of your trot progress...it's encouraging to me! :)

    1. EVERchanging!
      Whenever I'm having issues and I turn back to Parelli, it just helps me get through them. Especially nice having it being I'm 99% alone at the barn and have no other resources.

  4. Wow, the differences in the pics is crazy!! Nice work!

  5. That new angle of growth is cccrrrraaazzyyy good!! I'm sure you're excited to see it get all the way down to the ground, especially on the medial side. But that is by far the most amount of growth I've seen on that side, so it's definitely huge improvement.

    1. I KNOW, it's exciting but I wish it was equal on both sides....u know me, the hoof brain never stops questioning ;0

  6. Wow, what a change over the years. Good work!

    1. Thanks! SLOW and some regression but mostly positive-I've been lucky to have trimmers who CARE!

  7. Nice work on his feet! I can tell the difference between the new growth and old hoof easily. Good work :)

  8. Yeah, awesome change in the hooves:)

  9. What is most important right now is that the hoof is sound and functional. I'm really happy you are sticking with it and that there is improvement, no matter how small. :)

  10. his feet have improved so much. Keep up the good work.

  11. Is he more comfy now than he was before? I'm guessing yes, so just hang in there and see what more happens over time.

    1. YES, strange b/c the crack rock hoof nerd in me is shaking with my rasp wanting to bring those heels and toe BACK....but I hesitate and am trying soooooo hard to trust/trust/trust. The minute he takes a lame step, I'll step in...

  12. A great article about barefoot and the study is being done about an hour away from us, at Michigan State University!

  13. "but they are perfect for him"

    Exactly. My farrier has often pointed out how Val's feet compensate for his conformation. His conformation is not perfect, and his feet aren't textbook, but they are "perfect for him".

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Amazing changes in his feet, and all for the better! Kudos to you for taking such wonderful care of Laz - it really shows!