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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Big boy pants

Saturday; sunny mid 40's and zero wind=great riding weather so my fellow barn boarder and I set a date to meet. I decide that Laz was looking quite sound and was ready. We had been doing every other day hand walking and he was fine.
Pulling up to the barn, Laz trotted up to the fence.
Now, I've also been feeding him his soaked beet pulp which he adores, so this is more "YUmmz treatz ladee is hur!" than anything else
Groom session for drama llama 
Don't you love how Laz ground ties HIMSELF lol
So, E and her spotted wonder X Justin, Laz and I headed out to our trusty trail loop-down our dirt road
Laz is Mr. I LEAD ALL THE TIMES pony now
Sunshine!! Bliss
Photo opt. I'm annoying at documenting all the goods but I just can't help myself.
Look below, he's even RESTING on his RH-score.
I don't boot him anymore on our trail rides (the ground is totally good/fine for his hooves)
 Below is E and Justin, who are total rockstars. 
Her boy LOVES to jump-they should totally do XC I tell her all the time!
There are many fun downed logs but not for Lazaroo and I
We just admire and watch and take photos which is fine with me.
Maybe one day..?! 
So, I tried to track our riding but for some reason my Endomondo kept disconnecting which was SO annoying because we did some trot work, canter sessions and RODE. I wanted to see how fast we went and how many miles.
After about 1.45 hr we decided the day was today.
TO CROSS MILFORD ROAD to get to Kensington Metro Park
It was quick, un eventful and the horses acted like they do this all the time.
It's just a QUICK red light-so you have to cross QUIIICK, with anxious drivers so I'm not 100% comfortable but we did it and it was fine.
I love riding with E because she's chill and funny.  She helps me a lot with my road riding confidence!
And look at this scenery!!
The boys were SO funny. They started getting so excited to ride somewhere new and broke out into a trot and then a full Calvary charge!
We literally laughed the whole time and I said "These boys know us too well"
Along side Huron River
Laz below, showing his ants in his pants
We traded for a bit so Laz could remember how to follow and he enjoyed the mental break and turned into a hound dog sniff sniffing everything
Photo Opts! E and Justin
Me and Laz
What is so great about Kensington is you get to experience (on one of the 4 trails) open fields as well as trails
Laz was very interested in the campers
We walked down to the river...
 Laz locked in on it right away. It's been a year since I took him here
 He immediately started pawing  repeatedly and playing in the water
 I thought "Hey great, ice cold water for his legs mid ride---perfect!"
 Silly boy playing away, then the next thing I knew...
He ROLLED!!!! 
More so dropped down as I was literally saying "Watch him roll (sarcastically)" and he dropped like a calf and laid in the river and I promptly stepped off into knee deep water!
It was actually hilarious!
Fatty was hot and wanted to play in his kiddie pool!

 After our swim lesson, Laz was 10000% recharged!
He was FEISTY!
Here he is saying "NO MOR PICKTURRRRS"
I kept calling him Mule because..well, he was acting like one
We can normally ride 80% of our ride on the buckle but after the river swim, he was ready to FLY
In the field we trotted back to the trails because both boys wanted to RUN and Laz made it clear by squealing and tossing his head that he wanted to really be galloping but he kept his cool after a few stern "UH NO!!!"
These two boys love to ride together!
 Someone was quite pleased with himself!
All ended well, he remained sound and no re-swelling of tendon.
The next day I cold hosed and put his medicine on just as a precaution 
HOORAH for trail OTTB's
It's a non jumping version of cross country fun!
Right??! ;)
It feels so good to be back on him again!


  1. Ha, loving the faces he is pulling!

  2. Laz says - maybe you're not the boss of me - when I'm feeling sooooo good! *smile*

  3. That is wonderful you finally got back out! Oh Laz, I love that last pic. Silly guy.

  4. Gosh what a fun ride. I wish we had place like that to ride here. For all the wide open spaces in Wyoming there are actually very few places to ride.

  5. So fun seeing and hearing about your trail adventures!

  6. Ha, glad you had such a good attitude about him rolling, I would have hated getting wet in that cold water! My friend's OTTB (who looks a lot like Laz actually) does the same thing in water.

  7. Ok, that is IT. As soon as the weather gets warm up there (in, what, like...6 months?) Salem is getting in a trailer and we are coming up there to ride with you guys on those gorgeous trails! SO jealous! :-) Glad he didn't roll on ya, lol--silly boy!

  8. It was FUN!!! He was really quite full of himself, reminding me of the old crazy Laz when I first got him, but still maintaining some of his manners! :) He was just having MAJOR fun which in turn makes me a very happy girl

  9. I don't know how I missed this post - soooo terrific! Beautiful, funny, courageous, athletic, smiling Laz! What a horse! Good for you for investigating the trails over there and oh, the trails are amazingly gorgeous and the water...how great is that!?! Love the ground sniffing - Pie does that to see who was here before! Oh, what a great horse!