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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Picking your horse

Isn't it interesting to think about how you and your horse met?
It can be such a chance, gamble and yet most of us throw our entire hearts into the joining and run with that risk.
Well, I for sure, am so glad that I did.
I feel like Laz chose me and I, in return, heard his asking. I don't know why, how, etc...it just happened that way.

Below, is summer/fall of 08 when I decided that I had been gone from the horse world long enough and needed to get back in somehow.  I looked at Craig's list for some horse lease options and found a girl that was my age which a slew of horses.  She and I are still friends though we don't hardly see each other. We both left the farm below.  Me to take Laz home (to my current barn) and her to open a horse rescue.

This was one of her future rescues. A girl brought this adorable wicked untrained pony to trade for a saddle. Yikes. A saddle for a live animal?! I don't get it.
 We loved her.  See the arena fence behind me...the one top rail fence...yea, wicked, fun JoonBug here tried to run me off by ducking under it at full pony gallop and almost decapitating me.  
Ooops. Such fun. LOVE a pony. Always have. Always will.
(Sorry no helmet here...I dont ride now without one)

Below is my friend who I speak about who runs a great horse rescue now.
She is on Titan, the TB I was super super super close to buying.

17 hh+ giant, 4 yrs old, all mighty TB, never raced and super duper GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
This is my 'dream' colored horse.  Die for a dapple. DIE!  
But it was so strange. 
I had zero connection with him.  He was sweet, but not much personality. Almost a little "DUHHHHHH" but would be an awesome horse no doubt.
He was like that handsome, dumb jock in school that everyone drools over that asks you out on a date but you are soooo bored with him, you start chewing your gum in a musical method to drown out his voice. lol!
So, I ended up saying "I'm just not that into you"  Another girl starting riding him and she loved him.  I have no idea what happened to Titan...I hope he found a good home and a loving rider.
I still think of him and had I had tons of money, I would have taken him too because he would have been a great horse....just not full of personality like sweet Laz.  More introverted perhaps.
Sometimes when you are THAT pretty, you don't have to be that intriguing ;)

And I found my dream boat...or as I said, he found me.  When the truck full of OTTB's was dropped off at this farm, us girls all walked in the field to start playing with the new TB's.  A couple days into it, a sweet little Bay kept coming up to me with the sweetest Arab eyes...so I just said "OK. I'll ride you today." 
And never stopped...
The minute I paid for him, my current BO and I, loaded him up one evening and took him to her farm where we still are.  I just knew, although a fun place to ride at, I couldn't keep him at that facility.  No way.  Way too many reasons to list.
(Again..I wear helmets now...don't know why that summer I was being stupid)

Back to now.
On Saturday, Laz looked/seemed like 100% so I decided to ride him.
It was cold but not too windy so bearable.
We had a nice ride and he even gave me some attitude when the BO was feeding everyone their afternoon hay, he was like "I'm done with homework, I want a snack!!!" but we got thru it. ;)
 Sweet fuzzy boy
 I ended up buying Beet Pulp shreds at our local Tractor Supply.
All other pellets or hay cubes were Alfalfa crazy and he can't have it.
He slopped it up but made a mess. I need to feed this outside to him.
 Mason made a new friend with the neighbor's husky
 She's beautiful with the most captivating eyes but would not sit still for me to get that.
 And here is an hour old brand new toy....
Decorating for Xmas...I have quite the collection of horse themed ornaments from childhood and up.  This is one of my faves.  Ride 'em Santa!

Stay warm!!! 


  1. I can relate to the love you have for Laz. Love the decorations. Cute pony.

  2. Gotta love a pony, especially when they are evil!

    What a nice story of Laz finding you, funny how you know when it's right. I know I looked at and worked with a good handful of (semi crazy) horses before I found Honey.

  3. Omg, that pony is too cute! And how is it that ponies always seem to be evil? My theory is that all horses get the same amount of "evil," but ponies are so much smaller that the evil is more concentrated. Lol.

    I am in LOVE with Titan!! I love me a TB and I LOFF me a dapple grey, so he is the perfect combo! Those foamy lips are too cute. I hope he got a good home & is loved and smooched and hugged like he should be.

    Ya know, I too had a brief moment in time where I rode without a helmet. Looking back, I wonder how I didn't die -- I remember once I got on Mac after he had been stall-bound with only 30 minutes of hand-walking/day for three days. It was cool & windy and yet I got on sans-helmet & thought it was cute/funny that Mac was leaping & bucking all over the field. How was I ever dumber than a bag of hair?! Ah, well, at least I now have more than two active brain cells.

    So happy that Laz is doing well! He looks very cute with his fuzzy wooly mammoth coat on!

  4. Your hour old dog toy looks like an "indestructible" that we got for Mika a couple Christmases ago... after she had her's for about 10 minutes.

    That dapple is handsome. I have a "dream horse" too (grey arab gelding), but... I think I'll be happy with who ever picks me. :)

  5. He is a fuzzy! Nice in the cold weather. Pie for me was one I connected with immediately, Lily and Noble as well - Maisie less so as she was so withdrawn when I got her.

  6. I relate to so much in this post:)

    I love how horses choose us. I never saw Laz's
    "arab eyes" until you posted that picture-he totally looks like an adorable lil' arab! :) And you look very very tiny on that big 'ol gray TB. I'm also a sucker for a gray with dapples.

    I definitely felt .something. with Miles when I first met him, but honestly I swear the universe had more to do with bringing us together. I know, I know, totally cray-cray, but I had dreams about this horse before I even met him-it was like something telling me, this will take awhile, but this is The Horse For You. Especially since things were so, so hard in the beginning, I think there must have been some outside force guiding my decisions. I know, nutty right? :) Still, I took a big risk with him, and nothing about it made sense except for what my gut was telling me.

    LOVE huskies! My parents have 2 and they are drop dead gorgeous. Taking a picture that captures their gorgeousness? Next to impossible:)

    Laz is looking super cute and fuzzy:) Love all the pictures!

  7. Laz is adorable. So glad he ended up with you.

  8. I've known a few wicked ponies in my day too, and I love them all! I guess it's a little more tolerable when they're not huge giants.

    I love your story of Laz - I think you chose right...he's got those adorable soulfoul eyes that come right through his photos!

    I want that santa cowboy too - whereever did you get that?

  9. Denali picked me. No question about it. Lucky mare, lucky Laz!!! I am in love with Titan!! I love grey's and I love dapples!!!

  10. i couldnt resist the big dumb dapple. my pride and joy is one of those :) (then again, maybe the fact that I was a cheerleader in high school explains why I'm in love with a big-dumb-jock!)

  11. !!! Rachel..Granite has more scope and talent in his left nostril, trust me.

    Titan was a total heart throb....still I look at him and think, damn...your hot. lol!
    BUT..it came down to I could only afford one, and the one who kept me up at night was sweet Laz.

  12. JJ-
    Bronner's baby! :) Frankenmuth!!lol but years ago, but always a great assortment of horse ornaments and decor.
    I KNEW you would LOVE him..u and he would go far together. He needed a good strong leader being so young and green and gumpy and HE-UUUGE! Also BIG BEAUTIFUL feet...damn.

  13. I grew up trail riding western with no helmet. I wear one now. :)

    It was cool hearing about the other horses and how you and Laz met. :) He picked a good momma. His muzzle looks so tiny in that first picture of him.

    That husky is gorgeous! I'm a bit partial to the breed lol.