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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer love

Sweet Mason has been feeling better.  I think his stomach issues were due to heat and me keeping him at the barn way past his dinner time.  As a puppy, he used to get so hungry in between his meals that he would get sick and vomit...I think that may have happened a couple times being I fed him late on barn days.  The one time I brought his food with him, I think he was still too hot and active (even though I  made him rest with no running for 30 minutes) and he got sick in the car ride home.  I'm still keeping my eyes open for any new/different issue to arise but so far, he's been great.
This is from Sunday afternoon.

Laz has been so calm and sweet lately that some days I chalk it up to the hot summer days.  So, I don't want those sweet lazy pony days to go away!!! He can be such a beast sometimes, and I just prefer my calm wonderpony.  Although, as we learn each other more and more, I think he tends to want to be calmer and feels safer and loved. 
Next summer...our goal.  Trail riding and SWIMMING!!!!!!
This boy loves the water like his Momma!

Our rides have been going great.  We are doing some light trot work and he even opted to do the NICEST, sweetest, slow canter (like western lope style) for a couple of beats. HOLY mother was that fun to ride!!! BUT...I don't want him pushing himself, which those with TB's know...these energetic boys can do.  
I'll have to video tape our trot work. It's funky to ride, similar to a car with one tire really low on air.  There is a hitch in his giddyiup for sure.  He keeps his ears perked, he doesn't show any signs of pain so that keeps me happy that he is progressing.

Our newest hurdle..........what to do about vaccinations.  I'm not comfortable yet with giving the OK to a vet, and until I get there, OR get my comfortable answer/knowledge, I will not do anything to jeopardize his health and progress.  This is causing great anxiety in me as his "Mom."  
I have to weigh out is it riskier for him to be without vaccinations VS getting sick/laminitis set back from the vaccinations.


  1. If your not showing I would not vaccinate him. A lot of people around here are not vaccinating. I show and have my horses all over the place so I vaccinate.

  2. Talk to your vet. Some of the vaccinations are more likely to cause a reaction than others, and there are also different companies making the vaccines - your vet should be up to date on what the issues are. We do rabies, E/W encephalitis, flu/rhino, tetanus - this one is absolutely critical IMO for horses, strep/strangles and W Nile. The only vaccinations any of our horses have ever had a problem with is rabies - minor muscle soreness in a few cases. We used to do Potomac horse fever, but a number of horses became sick after that so we no longer do it. Good luck!

  3. I agree with Kate, talk to your vet and see what is necessary for your geographical area, as some of them might not be necessary based on where you're located and some are more prone to bad reactions than others (for example, we've had some cases of Potomac in the past year in my area of NJ, so Potomac is actually an important one for us). Even if Laz isn't going somewhere, I might want to make sure he's got the most critical ones in case you get a new boarder or another horse on the farm goes to horse shows, etc.

  4. Yay for Mason! And how fun to lope on your thoroughbred, even for only a couple of strides? :) Laz sounds like he is in a great place right now, mentally and physically. So happy for you guys!
    As for the vaccines, meh, you will do what is right for your horse. I heard there has been an outbreak of Encephalitis (I think that's it?) in Michigan this year, but you have to do the right thing for Laz. Good luck!

  5. Does anyone at your barn show or come in to contact with other horses? If the answer is no then there are only a few shots to worry about (because the disease they protect for are passed from contact or bugs). If Laz is at a pretty active barn that is something to think about. I know that all of the combined shots my vet gives can be broken up. I am not a huge fan of the west nile vaccine so I decided not to give it last year as a booster in the fall because there were so few cases. This year my barn owner told me she would kill me if I didn't do it because there have been a number of horses in my area (within 200 miles) who have had west nile. I would talk to your vet about your concerns. He might tell you not to worry about fall shots. He might say to give him 2, but to do them separately and weeks apart. If miles on miles is right and there has been an encephalitis out break by you it is probably worth the risk to give that shot. I think it is all about personal preference. Talk to your vet and only do what you are comfortable with. Don't let anyone else talk you in to things one way or the other if you don't want it. The bottom line is that you did a lot to save Laz and you want to make sure he has a happy and long life. Look around for information and do a risk assessment for each shot. Think about known reactions to the shot, consequences of the disease or not vaccinating, and how horses would get sick and if that would pertain to Laz.

  6. Hee hee, the hot summer weather making for a more obedient and mellow horse? that has happened to me--a tired horse makes for a more docile disposition, I have noticed! I bet this fall all the horses will be frisky and feeling an extra jump in their steps! Or maybe it will be autumn leaves fluttering around them in the woods that will keep them spryly springing down the trail!

  7. Your dogs crack me up! As for the vx...I would pass and wait til spring. I know that the risk could be great, but I think it's worth it. Maybe you can check out "natural" way of preventing that might be easier on his body??? Just a thought.

  8. Currently..I have decided to go with a Holistic approach and see where that brings us. I have a lady coming out next week to do a 2 hour analysis on Laz to see what he needs and she offers nosodes of certain vaccines for protection that she's used on other laminitic horses. I've talked to a few other owners who use her and love her..so we'll see where this takes us. I emailed my vet some questions on the typical vaccines, and what could prove risky for Laz, on Tuesday and I haven't heard back as of yet...

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  10. Another update**
    My vet did respond and I'm asking him more questions. I just want to feel 100% confident in my decision and not feel pressured. The EEE is a vaccine that is given with 2 others: EEE/WEE/Tentanus so I'm quite hestitate to push 3 vaccines in Laz at once....in fact, I'm 90% sure I won't. Next week will tell me more, I hope.

  11. West Nile and EEE are huge ones here. A child even died of EEE two weeks ago! The tetanus can be given separately (as I've done it by itself). Good that you are getting advice from several sources and taking great care of your guy! Previous comments are correct. If you have a closed herd situation, you won't need some of those vaccines, (like Strangles) just the bug vector ones. When Mason gets sick is always in the car or is there no pattern. Was just thinking about car sickness.... BTW. Your boy's hooves look 100% better! Good mama!
    Did you ever get your leather cleaner? I sure hope so, and that it wasn't a soupy mess. Darn Texas heat!

  12. Jacksonsgrrl-Yes, I received the leather cleaner..thank you..it's been a crazy busy summer, so sorry I didn't thank u earlier! :) Mason got sick twice in car, once half way thru our ride, and once 1 minute in the car..so no, it's not car sickness. I really think it was heat/mixed with hungry tummy and overly drinking water? It hasn't gotten sick in weeks... but thanks for offering another thought process! :)