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Meet my very 1st horse, Lazarus.
I couldn't wait for Santa anymore or ask one more time for a pony for my bday (after age 30 it got embarrassing). I took matters in my own hands and I finally decided to pick a pony that needed a new home. Laz found me as I contemplated with this idea. He was sweet yet very sassy, fresh off the track, Thoroughbred (OTTB).
Join us for our re-training, rehabbing from laminitis and testing all parts of mixed up horsemanship and partnership, and luck...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Nephew rides Laz

Over Thanksgiving break, my brother and Nephew came to stay with us.
Saturday, we went to the farm because Shahin wanted to ride :)
YES!! He's 15 and over 6 ft! He is so sweet and kind with animals...it's awesome.  
Laz definitely loves his attention and I think remembered him
 We worked on some ground manners. Here Shahin is teaching Laz to move out of his space which to Laz,  your space=his space on top of you.  My rules are, if you want to ride, you work with the horse on the ground as well as groom.
Moments before the bucket was shoved over in it's entirety
He really enjoyed himself.  Both of them :)

 Helmet on and we did a 15 minute hand walking/riding.  Shahin was great.  
Laz took great care of him too when he 'accidentally' kicked him to go.  Instead of bolting, he just make a grunt and popped his head up and looked at me, like "Um.....won't he fall and please tell him, no kicking!"  
I told my nephew that if Laz can feel a fly, there is NO need to kick  him.  We talked about communication and offering your request to the horse.  We worked on squeezes and gentle clucking and leg aids.  He found it very cool that he could get Laz to turn by putting his leg on him.  We did a lot of that, and stopping and starting.  Everything at the walk.  Laz did great with his weight on him too, but we didn't push anyone's luck and after 15 minutes, we ended it

The sweetness of these two....Poor Mason, I woke him up but Pudgie slept thru the camera flashing

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

so thankful...
this is actually our 3rd thanksgiving together!
I am so thankful to still have Lazarus...I can't believe his luck

I'm thankful that after today's gentle walking ride, he only spooked once.
I'm thankful he walked beautifully without a limp
I'm thankful that he's happy and silly enough to be mouthy after our ride when I ask him to stand still for a photo.
 I'm thankful that my OTTB is finally happy and content and know's he isn't going anywhere.  We are a team.  
Team pleasure riding 
 I'm thankful that I have the most handsome passenger with me for the long hour ride to the barn, and back
 I'm thankful that earlier this week, when it was raining but a balmy 60 degrees, we took advantage of it.  I'm thankful that my sweet Laz showed his spirit and ran around but calmed down enough for me to towel dry him off like the king he is.

Laz says

Monday, November 22, 2010

We dedicate our ride to Denali today.

There are not enough words to express our feelings to Denali and Denali's Mom.  
We just want them both to know how lucky they are to have met each other
and that we are thinking of them during their time together.
Please go visit her blog and send words of support, understanding, compassion and maybe laughter to help her through this very difficult time.  
She is one loving and brave horse Mom.

Friday, November 19, 2010


If there was a way to bottle this and stamp an Rx on it, many would be cured.
There is no better siiiiiiigh than your horse's sweet face waiting for you to come get him to be played with...
Yikes though, it was COLD and windy today.  Not HORRIBLE but cold enough that I made a mental note to finally cave in and dig out my thermal underpants for riding.  Laz was a good boy.  We worked on a little Parelli games (A+) and then our figure 8's which are my homework.  I don't fully understand why they calm a horse down, but I have seen almost all the Natural Horseman People use it.  I can assume it has to do with giving a worried horse a mental task to focus on, all the while moving their bodies so they don't feel trapped??? Input! 
Anyway, we did ground work for about 15 minutes and I decided to hop on and ride despite the cold and wind.  Nothing better than a warm bare back and Laz's coat is THICK.  
Not Cushings thick, just 'are you jealous of my mink thick fur coat'
We started out just walking as it's been a week since we rode (what?? Ground work took over) so I wanted to get reacquainted.  He was great.  I could tell he was a bit tense and ready to spring but I just sat heavy, gave him rein support contact, and talked to him.  No spooks.  We worked on some trot work but not too much because he was a bit limpy so I just asked for about 15 minutes of Circle 8's at the trot and 15 minutes of Circle 8's at the walk.  He seemed to be really focused.  I was worried about him getting b.o.r.e.d. but he was into it.  I did feel a difference in him where he was snorting more and extending a tinsy bit more.  It was a good working ride.  He was a gentleman despite some of his worries he never bucked or spooked, until after our ride when I was hand walking him out of arena and he blasted out of the gate TB style...but then stop and  circled facing me like "Shit...sorry, I totally thought we saw a horse eating bear."  

Speaking of extending-he is so chop chop choppy with his trot.  I wonder if he'll ever be able to extend out and give a beautiful leggy action springy trot like so many of your horses give.  
Whats odd is to me, it seems his limited by his front end vs his back end.
Thoughts for when you review pictures and videos-please!

His extended trot (leg leg leg!!!) in Sept 0'9 before laminitis-puh
Comfy YES, flashy no
Major extendo which broke out into canter (ignore my jockey position)..see how his fronts look like they are so limited and don't extend from shoulder?
April '09-pre laminitis-most extended trot I've been able to capture/see
I think there may be a Unicorn in the pine trees too

July 2010

Oct 2010

I wonder if that is from laminitis or is that just him? I see MUCH improvement in his trotting and balance from healing, but I just hope and wonder; as he gets better, more balanced and stronger-will he have a big, healthy, sound trot?
Is there a way to achieve it by building different muscles, exercises, etc?
Maybe just time and we are in no rush.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Head shots

How about this Glamor Shot?! I mean, really???
I have to get this printed and framed and a Tshirt made, and a button, and maybe wrap my car with this image.  Seriously-what a handsome boy.  What a classic TB face.
Again, thanks to my sister for her talents! It's so fun going through all my images slowly.
Classic beauty

And these are like Horse polaroids, lol!
He look almost cartoon like
"who's there?"
"Why are you down there making clicking noises, girl who looks like my Mom?"
"Have I shown you my Llama impression?"

And back to reality.  I was able to do more Parelli games with Laz but it was a quick session, I've been so busy with work, but he was great and is really learning fast!!!
 I intend to spend some goood QT with this Bay this weekend.
My BO texted me these pictures right after I left
"Clean side"  
"Dirty side"
This boy LOVES the mud.  Thank god he's not a Grey...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunset with Pony
We worked on some of our Parelli work and boy does it freak me out how FAST Laz learns!!!
This is where I need to be a step ahead of him and can't always be, lol.
He did things so quickly and accurately I had my jaw literally open.
Yikes...I need to make sure I'm asking correctly for things because he's tuned in, big time!
Its fun seeing him process what I'm asking and taking it in.  Lots of head shaking, licking and sighing.
My hope is that this will make us a stronger team and more confident
So far, it's fun!
 Then there was a Horse Expo this weekend that I stopped at on my way home from the barn
What Brumby does like remind you of? ;)
I love horse statues...and if my future girl wants one in her bedroom...done! If I had a bigger house, I would have a big white horse that I would have friends sign when they came to visit. What cool artwork would that be?!
 So cute..little dwarfkins
 This lovely Oldenburg (one of my FAVE breeds) was HUGE!!! Thick legs and huge, huge feet.  I can't help but feel bad for the horses at the Expo's though.  I can't stand being in an Expo for more than an hour with that horrible lighting, I can't imagine a full weekend of it.
So cool...I wish our saddle pad said this
A lady doing a bodywork demo, this mare was yawning up a storm

So the prices on stuff were NOT great so the only thing I bought was this TB ornament from Breyer 2010 that reminded me of Laz, sort of...and there's a pretty galloping chestnut on the backside too.  Not a great Expo by any means but always worth walking through especially because I had free tickets.

And at a random outing to Costco with my cousin, we saw THIS lit beauty!
and these stuffed horses that when you squeeze their ears, they whinny and make galloping noises.
This cute little girl's Mom, kept saying "Use your legs!" lol!
She's bitten...

Fun horse filled weekend :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New skills

Oh summer pony...love this picture from the summer where he's happy, calm and stretchy.
Anyway, lately I've been wanting to meet our new challenges of growth head on.  I don't want to ignore or let the 'scary' parts of where we lack, intimidate me.  Last week, we had some great rides and some that he showed lack of confidence and spooked and feared things.  That in turn of course, rocks my confidence and then I feel I'm failing my boy.
So, on Tuesday, I was talking to my BO and was  telling her my frustration in where we are.  I feel and know there is a disconnect in our training sometimes where we are stuck and Laz is showing me his concern and frustration because I've reached certain limits with him.   So, she offered to help us.  It was nice to have her watch us ride and give us pointers and things for me to fix (support, proper leg, rein, etc) and wouldn't you know it...Laz started calming down and working better.  Good boy!  It was a HUGE relief for me, knowing it's me and not him.  Still lots to work on, which we'll continue but we love constantly learning and it will build our trust together, and skill!
Today, we had our first Parelli lesson which went great.  The instructor was around my age, very sweet and had a strong yet calming demeanor about her.  Laz was mouthing her and she said she too loves mouthy geldings...shows confidence and play, yea! :)
She walked us through the beginning games, which like many other natural horsemanship training is all about small askings, and rewarding, your safety and communication with your horse as a partner.
It was cool.  I wanted help with Laz was he's being defiant, or scared in which he RUNS/bolts, space respect, etc.  She helped me tweak some body language and how to ask for certain things properly.  There were issues with me (see a trend) acting too much like a predator and/or in his face too much.  Ha, and I'm the one always coddling him...or so I thought.
She also told me that I can ask for his crazy behavior (referred to when he's being a right brain extrovert) to be much more controlled and over time he will be less aggressive and big with that behavior, and the time frame he may need to be frantic will lessen as well.  We worked on that, and when I asked for him (on the ground) to lead in figure 8's, he immediately went to this panicky, scared state and started bucking and throwing out his front legs, and started racing racing racing racing.  So I said to her..."Ok, here's where i get scared of him." and she gently encouraged me with literally telling me what to do instead of just taking over.  She had me match his energy which was a "right..DUH" moment for me. Why I never thought of that is beyond me...but it makes sense. When he got big, fast and crazy it caused me to shrink back.  Now, when I matched his energy and stood up and moved my feet faster and asked stronger, Laz was like "OH you are still here...ok, THANK YOU..where were you when I needed you!!?" and it took about 10 turns for him to calm down.  During that exercise, he was sweaty and it was a surge of anxiety in him.  After, he was licking and calm.  She said those figure 8's are our homework and will eventually be what I can ask him to do, the next time he panics...ie the day that foal walked by, or any certain issue that may arise.  It will help him focus when he's scared and be his cue to calm down.  Hopefully ;)
Overall, it was a great two hours...I learned a lot and look forward to the next time, in a couple of months.  In the meantime, I'll practice what I learned and see how it hopefully helps us....and me, because it's not him.  His acting up is his way of saying "what the hell are you asking me?"  Laz is awesome.  Even the Parelli trainer said, he'll be so fun to learn with because he's a fast learner and eager.  

And...a HAPPY 27th Bday to my beautiful, talented, soul connected SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was born on 11/11/83 (which you add up 8+3 to get what...yes, 11)
Next year will be 11/11/11...COOL right!!!!
She's the best..I love you!
Kisses and Hugs from Detroit to Cape town......xo

Monday, November 8, 2010

Putting on our coats

Oh...Fall  back...anyone else missing the sun already and SUMMER!!!??
I am, so I wanted to look at how crazy amazing it is to see the coat differences in just a few months!
Below is from July..a thin metallic coat that lightly glazes over muscles like honey poured over rocks.
This is when I think he looks the most majestic and true Thoroughbred.
I also miss giving him relief from the heat, in the form of a bath.
When I first got Laz he was sooo anxious during his baths. This summer, he loved them.
The sun brings out his blood bay coloring!
Cinnamon hues with orange flecking sparking through.
A common Bay?! Puh-lease
I love this image (captured by my talented sister) of Laz's tail thrown over my shoulder while I clean his hooves.  He has his Mamma's hair coloring :)
What's funny, is my younger sister, while visiting asked me "why are all your furried babies boys and brown or black?" lol!  
I don't know, not planned but surely LOVED.

Now back to normal non amazing photos via me and my crackberry.
Sweet water drinking Laz (goooood boy) in his still growing darker cocoa powdered rabbit furred coat that he's donning.  It's soooo warm and fuzzy but makes for static shock zone! I had to wet down a towel and lightly wet him before our grooming, but it helped!
Can you stand that cute pink tongue?!
Still dribbling water, this was almost a great shot but of course one ear had to listen behind him

And for fun...two random photos.
This one of Mason is from 4 years ago, and was one of the many photos of him that we used at our wedding as our table numbered cards.  It was a big hit.  It was also before we had Pudgie or Laz, so Mason was the only star :)
And this is from my house (sorry for dark light) of some rearranging and designing I did.
I took off the dust jackets to my favorite childhood horse books and put them out on display.
I think it looks awesome!!

Thanks for reading and WELCOME to my new readers...so glad you joined!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 year anniversary

This photo is from October 2008....and on November 3rd, 2008 my husband and I rescued and purchased Lycius Two, aka Lazarus, our mighty OTTB and my first horse!

Little did Laz know (or maybe he did) all the years of "Can I have a pony PUHLEASE?!!" of love was going into him...

Look at this handsome beast...and my handsome horse too! ;)
What fun we've had these past two years, and lots of learning (eesh!)...and we will continue to have for YEARS to come!
We love you Lazarus!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Electric kisses

Funny Mason getting stuck in the farm frisbee
 Below was the snark face I got, rightly so, because on Saturday and today, when I went to kiss Laz or hand feed him a carrot...I STATIC SHOCKED his sweet lips!!!!!!!!! 
Now, he's developing (quickly might I add...jeez my horse is brilliant) a new fear of shock.  He comes close to my hand and then jumps back anticipating a shock.  He tried to come again, and nibbled his lead line and POP, he got static shocked again.
 How do I eliminate static?! 
I noticed when currying him and brushing him in the sand arena, there were pop pop pops sounds of static on his fur.  Do I rub a dryer sheet on my brushes?!  I do not want a head shy horse or one that is afraid of my kisses! Now, I know it's just static shock, not a big deal, but to my OVERLY sensitive OTTB, it's like I'm strapping him in the electric chair.  
I can't bear looking in those chocolaty eyes when he looks and says "Why are you doing that to me? What did I do?" (sniff)..ok, so there's no sniff, but I feel awful.
I had to spend 15 minutes rubbing him, shoving carrots in his mouth (after I wet my hands to eliminate shock) and convincing him he wasn't being punished for something.  Poor guy, must have been confusing.

I am happy to say, we did have a great little hack in the arena.  We did a few minutes of trotting and did mostly power walking.  No spooks, happy perked ears and good solid forward movement.  We worked on our "Whoa's" and standing still, and our backing ups which he aced like a pro. 

Little video clip of Laz and I trying to convince Mason that we won't bite....or won't we?!
Ignore my voice (gag!!!)

Mason is sooooo respectful of the arena and will only come in when I BEG him to.  What  a wonder dog he is.
Mason looking away because he's embarrassed of his big brother, Laz's god awful-growing-out-for-winter-hair-cut.  Oh well, at least it's thick and luxurious!
Also, a quick update on Holistic meds.  Laz has been taking them quite well.  Every other day, I hand feed two different meds to him which he used to able to spit out the teeeeny tiny granules but now he eats them fine with some of his L/S feed.  He also takes his dailies well in his feed. Whoo hoo.